No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1507

“Indeed, it’s strange. There’s been no news from Cloud Sky Sect as well. Logically speaking, Lily Lagorio must have married their master to attack the White family. Even an idiot would figure that out!”

Alejandro furrowed his brows. The two quickly flew down the mountain.

Not long after, the other seven first-class families slowly arrived.

When Master Hunt spotted Jack and the others, his expression darkened. He had the urge to skin Jack alive.

“Master White, I didn’t think that your son would be so capable. It isn’t an exaggeration to call him a master, right?

Old Master Hunt commented after seeing Nash.

“Heh. I don’t know what you mean, Old Master Hunt!”

Nash chuckled after he heard that. Before, he would have been worried by the old man’s words. Now though, he had no reason to fear the Hunt family.

“Oh, it’s nothing. We just heard rumors that your son killed both of my grandsons!”

Old Master Hunt gave a frosty smile. “With that fighting power, your son is truly the Number One Genius among the younger generation. Who else has the right to that title?”

When he heard this, Nash did not think that it was anything out of the ordinary. After all, plenty of people knew what had happened. Although the Tudor Family and the Cabello family members had promised that they would not speak of it, there were far too many people in the two families. Coupled with the White family members, someone might have accidentally leaked the information while they were idly chatting among themselves.

That was why so long as the Hunt family investigated and observed intently-perhaps even catching and interrogating a few Tudor or Cabello family members—they would certainly find a few rumors.

“No way! The young master of the White family killed them? My God. His talent is amazing.”

The Church family members took a sharp intake of breath after they heard this. They were evidently shocked.

However, after Master Church and his Elders recollected themselves, hatred sprang in their hearts once more.

They had allied with the Lagorio and Hunt families at first, ready to take down the masters from the other families. That way, they would obtain benefits, and the Hunt family’s position would be solidified.

They did not expect the two young masters of the Hunt family would be killed during the competition. Meanwhile, the three families had sent over four hundred masters, and only a few dozen of them had emerged alive. It was a colossal loss.

If Jack had killed the two young masters of the Hunt family, he had no way to clear himself of a connection to the other masters of the families.

“All right. I had suspected that Helena and Jack had worked together to do this. You even told us to stop making baseless accusations, since there’s no evidence. Nash White, it seems like Old Master Hunt and the others have found something. How are you going to defend yourself?”

The master of the Lagorio family, Trenton, was delighted when he heard this. He immediately stood up and glared at Nash.

Joel was embarrassed by the incident that had happened to Cloud Sky Sect. If a word that six of their fighters at the peak of the true god status had died, their position would definitely plummet. Until now, the Cloud Sky Sect has yet to declare anything. Even Trenton did not know what was happening in Cloud Sky Sect.

Now, aside from the White family, only the Cloud Sky Sect knew that they had suffered such a great loss. The other families and Ancient Clans had no idea of that incident. They still assumed that the Cloud Sky Sect had plenty of fighters among their ranks.

“Heh. I had no idea. Besides, it doesn’t matter who killed them?”

Nash chuckled and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

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