No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1508

“Does it matter who killed them? Nash White, they were Master Hunt’s sons, two master sons! They’re now dead! And you think that it’s not a big deal?”

An elder of the Hunt family stepped forward and snarled at Nash; his tone was full of malice and hatred, and his face was so red as though he was burning with anger. How could this old fella before him speak In such a nonchalant tone? Did the old fella forget the status of the Hunt family in this martial world?

Another elder of the Hunt family chimed in and sneered, “Nash White, it looks like you’re unaware of the power of the Hunt family, aren’t you? Let me tell you, another Elder In the Hunt family has broken through to the peak of True God Realm lately!”

The elder raised his head higher as he bragged; his face was full of pride as though the Hunt family had conquered the world. After all, the strength of a family depended on the number of elite fighters one had. There was an addition of strength at the peak of True God Realm in the Hunt family, the top position of the Hunt family among the hidden families was definitely more stable than before.

“What? Another one? The Hunt family is really something!”

“Yes, that is so cool! It’s only been a while! The Hunt family is very talented in training people, and the other hidden families like us can’t even be on par with them!”

“Five, tsk tsk tsk. They have five elite fighters at the peak of True God Realm! Other first class families only have two or three, right?”

Animated discussions soon arose among the people of second-class and third-class families upon hearing the news. All of a sudden, the Hunt family was once again under the spotlight.

“Haha, Mr. Elder of the Hunt family, you look so proud of the mentioned elder. Hmmm. The elder that broke through to the peak stage of True God Realm…is you, right?”

Jack noticed the prideful look on the other party and pointed it out nonchalantly. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what my father said. No matter how many elite fighters at the peak stage of True God Realm the Hunt family had, it has nothing to do with the White family. Secondly, they were indeed killed by me, but so what? At the beginning of the competition, didn’t you, the Hunt family, say that life or death didn’t matter in the competition?”

“Oh my goodness! It was only a rumor that he killed them. But today he actually admitted the deed!”

Some people gasped at the fact that Jack admitted to the killing deed. Jack was bold and dauntless.

“This brat actually dares to admit it? So the rumor is true! But isn’t he afraid of death?”

Helena and Daniella exchanged glances; both of them were rendered speechless.

The old man of the Hunt family trembled with rage; his resentment grew inside him like a tumor. The death of his two beloved grandsons had been a pain in his heart.

In the past few weeks, he even secretly sent people to investigate and inquire about the death of his grandsons, and until three days ago, only did they learn that the one who killed his grandsons was Jack White. The newly learned information made them want to tear Jack apart with their own hands.

The Hunt family members did not expect that Jack would actually dare to admit his deed in front of them.

“Haha! Great! It’s so great!”

Old Master Hunt was so angry that he burst into laughter instead. “Master White, this son of yours is not only a talented master, but he is also the most courageous man in the world! He admitted his deed and is not afraid to offend our Hunt family at all. Such courage, I don’t think anyone else in this world possesses the courage he has!”


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