No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1510

Trenton knew very well in his heart that he could not admit that his daughter told the four ancient clans about the Seven Dangers. If these hidden families knew about it, they would blame the Lagorio family, and that would be a huge problem for the Lagorio family.

Old Master Hunt sank into deep thought with a solemn expression on his face. “It doesn’t matter who snitched. We’re here today to discuss how we should approach the Seven Dangers. Each of the places in the Seven Dangers is extremely hazardous and risky, none of us have been there before, not to mention the deepest site of the Seven Dangers. We don’t know the situation there, and even if each shadow family sent one elite master and joined forces together, I still think it’d be dangerous!” He expressed his thoughts and opinion about the plan.

“I wonder what the seven bright spots on the map mean… Hmmm… Moreover, if the four ancient clans have already sent men out to explore the Seven Dangers, we’re not sure which of the Seven Dangers they’ve been and if they put their men there to guard the place.”

The head of a second-class family spoke his mind after giving the matter some thoughts.

“In the past, the ancient clans, perhaps, would not make a move against our people of hidden families. But now the situation has changed, it involves some clues about the ultimate god level. Thus, if our men meet their people in any of the Seven Dangers, I’m afraid that they’ll strike at us for the sake of treasure and clues. This would be the most worrying problem of all!”

The head of the Tudor Family had her brows puckered together as she spoke. If it was not because of the sudden intervention from the four ancient clans, the hidden families only had to divide the forces equally and send their men out to all the Seven dangers; there would be no problem with such a plan.

All of a sudden, at this time, in the distance, a large crowd of men in black was seen gliding through the wide sky.

“Everyone, look! Why is there a group of people heading in our direction? Are there any other families coming to the meeting?”

Someone noticed the situation and immediately exclaimed.

“No, there shouldn’t be anyone else! The eight first-class shadow families are all here. There are at least forty thousand people in that crowd that is coming over, right? It can’t be any family!”

Quentin’s face sank into the deepest, with a sense of foreboding.

“It’s people from the Cloud Sky Sect! Damn it! Why are they here?”

Alejandro soon recognized the other party; he cursed at the situation and his face turned unsightly.

Dread and irritation gnawed within the other heads of families as well; all their expressions were solemn and unsightly. Although they knew that they were right about Lily snitching on them, telling everything to the people from Cloud Sky Sect, they were still upset when they saw the other party appear.

“Wow! There are quite a lot of people here!

Joel Collins commented as he and his men stopped in the sky, not too far from the square where the hidden families gathered. They looked at the crowd from above.

“Hey, my lovely son-in-law, what brings you here?

Trenton immediately felt relieved and somewhat confident at the arrival of Joel. He immediately approached Joel with the gentlest smile on his face.

“Greetings, Master Lagorio. I heard from your daughter that you guys have some clues about the ultimate god realm, saying that it is related to the Seven Dangers. How could I not come for such important information?”

Joel replied, chuckling.

“Lily Lagorio, that woman didn’t come along? Is she afraid of us bashing and criticizing her?”

Out of everyone’s expectation, Jack stood out at this moment and asked Joel directly. His arms clasped in front of his chest and stared at Joel as though he was the master and Joel was his servant.

“My goodness, did I hear it wrong? This brat is so bold! How could he talk to the Master of Cloud Sky Sect in that manner?”


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