No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1511

Some people in the crowd gasped at the situation, worrying for Jack.

“Why didn’t the head of the White family remind his son of his manners? Aren’t they afraid that Master Collins would get angry and kill his son on the spot? Even worse, Master Collins might end the entire White family!

A family head of a third-class family was surprised at how bold Jack was and exclaimed the same thoughts as the others.

Although everyone felt upset at what Lily had done-snitching on them, they certainly did not dare to spill such things to Joel, the sect master of Cloud Sky Sect

However, what the crowd did not know was that the other party knew what Jack got up his sleeve when Jack and the other two attended Lily and Joel’s marriage ceremony at the Cloud Sky Sect. If Jack did not reveal his hidden card, the other party would have long killed Jack and the other two. And if the three of them had died, the existence of the White family would be impacted grievously—the White might become extinct.

When Jack thought about the day the Cloud Sky Sect sent out six elite fighters to besiege and kill the three of them, raw anger flowed through him like lava.

“Jack, you do have courage, don’t you? Do you know who he is? He is the Master of the Cloud Sky Sect! You’re merely a young master, a junior! How dare you speak to Master Joel in such a tone, what a rude lad you are! I think you’re looking down on our Master Joel of the Cloud Sky Sect and being disrespectful to him!”

Happiness bloomed inside Trenton; he had not been able to find an opportunity for his son-in-law to make a move against the White family, but Jack dug the grave for himself. If the Master of the Cloud Sky Sect could strike at Jack right then and there to kill him, would not that be awesome?

Was it not Jack digging his own grave right now? Such a good opportunity to eliminate Jack was too rare to come by!

Sure enough, Joel’s face instantly turned dull and solemn; he felt that Jack was being disrespectful toward him.

However, he soon understood why Jack would talk to him in that manner; it must be due to Jack and the other two having encountered the six corpses of the elders from the Cloud Sky Sect that day and guessed that they were sent to assassinate Jack and the group.

But, this brat had no evidence about the assassination at all, how could he speak to him in such a disrespectful manner? Was he not looking for death? Such a good opportunity was presented in front of Joel; Naturally he would not miss it.

“Brat, you do have guts, don’t you? You don’t even try to respect an elder like me. How dare you call Lily ‘that woman’! She is my ninth wife and she’s older than you! Don’t you even understand the basics of being respectful toward the elders?” Joel smiled coldly and stared at Jack angrily.

“Well, she is that woman’ in my eyes. What to do? Humph! That woman was bent on causing trouble and eliminating my White family, why do I have to be respectful to her?”

Jack snorted coldly in return. “You humiliated my father at your wedding, and I haven’t forgotten about that matter yet. Now, old man, tell me, do you think you deserve my respect? Do you think I’m afraid of you?” Jack added.

“Master Collins, I have some doubts. On the day of your wedding, when we were on our way home, we encountered six elite elders from Cloud Sky Sect! Hehe, it can’t be that they were trying to protect us while sending us off, right? No such coincidence, right? Cloud Sky Sect has several elite fighters at peak stages of true god status, and we actually met six of them!”

Nash stepped in and supported Jack. He looked at Joel with an icy-cold smile plastered on his face.

“What? The Cloud Sky Sect made a move against the people from the hidden families? It’s so abominable! How could they break the tacit agreement that has been in place?”

Shelby immediately took a stance at Nash’s side and said with a surprised expression. “In that case, didn’t the Cloud Sky Sect break the silent agreement and did not at all respect the hidden families and the agreement? If they can strike at the White family, meaning they would strike at any of the hidden families in the future! Which of our families can resist their attack by then?” She added agitatedly.

“Master Tudor is right! What a shameless act! The White family went to their wedding to give blessings, but the Cloud Sky Sect actually repaid the blessing with evils by sending people to assassinate them on their way back home? What logic is that? How abominable!”

The people of other families huffed and expressed their opinions in anger. The crowd was taking the side of the White family.

“What the hell? Something like that happened?”

Some of the White family members who were still unaware of the episode were feeling shocked, at the same time, furious about the newly learned information. Their faces turned unsightly. After all, only several elders of the White family knew about that incident.

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