No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1512

“Young man, don’t accuse us without any proof!”

An old man from the Cloud Sky Sect immediately stood out and defended loudly. “We learned that a terrifying monster beast was appearing in that forest, so we sent our people to kill it. This is to prevent the beast from entering the village or town nearby and harm the innocent people there! But we did not expect that the beast was that powerful and had extremely sharp claws! It killed all the six elders of the Cloud Sky Sect!”

“No way! There is such a powerful monster beast in that forest?”

“My goodness! Six elders! Those who can become elders of the Cloud Sky Sect must have broken through to the peak stage of True God Realm! With such combat strength and prowess, they were killed by the beast?”

Many people gasped upon hearing the words. They were shocked by this news.

“Monster beast?”

Jack and Nash exchanged glances and their expressions turned strange. The Cloud Sky Sect did not believe that their elders were killed by the three of the White family, and they thought that the six elders had encountered some powerful monster and were killed by it!

But their reasoning was not completely wrong, after all, Jack did transform into a green dragon. He used his sharp claws to grab and crush the elders, and some were even crushed into meat paste. Looking at the wounds of the corpses, it was reasonable and logical for the Cloud Sky Sect to think that it was the work of some kind of powerful beast!

As expected, at this time, another elder of the Cloud Sky Sect stepped forward and chimed in, “Humph! You just happened to pass by the scene and encountered the corpses of the elders. How dare you accuse us based on that? You’re simply slandering the Cloud Sky Sect!”

“Nash White, your son is being disrespectful toward us; he did not at all put the Cloud Sky Sect in his eyes! Never mind that he humiliated my ninth wife, he actually dares to slander our clan!” Joel was furious. “Today, I’ll teach you and your son a good lesson!”

Seeing that majority of the crowd seemed to believe his words, Joel was actually happy inside. He then took a huge step toward Nash, emitting his high and mighty aura to pressure him.

A terrifying sense of oppression came right at Nash as Joel released his domineering aura.

“What an overwhelming tension! He’s truly a veteran in the peak stage of True God Realm. Although their marital status stops at the peak stage of True God Realm. in terms of releasing a sense of tension and pressure, they are truly good at that. Their mighty aura will only get stronger and stronger!”

Several people from the White family had obviously felt the overwhelming tension emitted by Joel. They could not help but worry for Nash.

Joel flashed in an instant, clenched his fist, and bolted straight at Nash. Apparently, he wanted to give Nash a good beating, so that these hidden families would recognize the mighty majesty of the four ancient clans! The ancient clans must not be trampled on nor be desecrated at all!

“Come at me!”

However, at this time, Jack jumped and appeared in front of Nash in a flash. He, too, clenched his fist and blasted straight ahead at Joel.

“Brat, are you looking for death? Do you think you’re worthy of being my opponent?”

Joel’s fury sprang to life when he saw that Jack came forward for his father.

In his eyes, Jack was at most a junior, a rising star among the younger generation. Even if he was an elite fighter in the intermediate stage or even late stage of True God Realm, Jack’s overall strength and power were still inferior to his! So when Jack dashed out for his father, Jack had indirectly insulted Joel, implying that Joel was on the same level with him!


Just as Joel’s last syllabus of words fell, two huge fists collided, and a deafening sound of collision rang out. Waves of Chi energy emitted from the blast, shaking the ground.


What happened in the next second had everyone completely dumbfounded. Jack stood firmly in place, while Joel was blown away by Jack’s fist.

“No f*cking way!”

Almost everyone cried out in shock. their eyes were widened as large as saucers and their jaws dropped to the ground. The fighting outcome before them was completely beyond their expectation.


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