No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1515

“The Supreme Clarity Sect will definitely come, but I’m not sure about the Divine King Sect.”

Shelby sneered with a distant smile. “The Divine King Sect has already dispatched some elite fighters into the Seven Dangers. I only found out about this a few days ago!”

The Master of the Flying Eagle Sect choked at the news; the corners of his mouth twitched involuntarily several times. “Humph! The Divine King Sect, they’re too sneaky! Lily informed us about the date and the venue of the meeting, saying that all families will gather in the Cabello estate before entering the Seven Dangers. How could they just go ahead with their own plans?”

The master of the Flying Eagle Sect hesitated for quite a while, but in the end, he gave up a similar idea, afraid of causing public anger. If he had known that the Divine King Sect had already acted, he would not have hesitated and instantly sent out his men to explore the Seven Dangers!

After several minutes, the Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect also arrived with a large group of people. “It looks like we’re not the latest! The Divine King Sect is not here yet!”

“Oh, they won’t come. They have already sent their men into the Seven Dangers. And I don’t know what’s the latest situation there.”

The Master of Flying Eagle Sect said huffily. He was upset; he was very upset. If the Master of the Divine King Sect had broken through to the ultimate god-level earlier than the other masters of the ancient clans, then it would be a huge problem. The other three ancient clans would have to listen to him in the future!

Sure enough, when the Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect heard the news, her face sank, and raw rage seared through her. “Master Whiteager, Harry Yeager, what an abominable man! He actually acted in advance, huh? Seven Dangers are not some common forests or caves, aren’t they afraid that the Seven Dangers are beyond their own ability? And in the end, the loss will be greater than gain!”

“I don’t think they are that bold to explore all seven places at the same time. Because then their strength and power will be scattered, and the death rate will be higher!”

Joel scoffed indifferently. “I think they’ve gone on for some days, and if they have found the way to break through to the ultimate god realm, it will be troublesome! And it will be more tedious and cumbersome if several of them break through to the ultimate god realm! By that time, even though we are elite fighters in the peak. Stage of True God Realm, in front of the Divine King Sect, we could only bow down!” he continued.

The Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect carefully scanned through the men beside Joel, and said, “Joel, what are your plans then? Also, I remember there are several elite martial artists with power of the peak stage of true god level in your sect. Why are they not here today?” She asked in a skeptical god-level tone and with her forehead puckered together. “Logically, this meeting is about finding a way to break through to the ultimate god realm, and those who are already at the peak stage of the True God Realm should be eager to know the way, right? Could it be that you have some other plans?” she added.

The words of the middle-aged woman stirred up some fear in the crowd. The people of the Flying Eagle Sect exchanged glances, evaluating her words. All of them were afraid of the real reason for the Cloud Sky Sect leaving so many elite fighters behind; they feared that the Cloud Sky Sect had another arrangement. What if the elite fighters were sent to attack their sects? It would be a big headache for them. After all, all families and sects had brought along all their elite fighters for the expedition to the Seven Dangers!

“Dead. They’re dead!”

Joel initially did not plan to spread this news, but since the other sects had noticed the missing of his elders, he had no choice but to explain. “They encountered a powerful monster beast and were killed by it. What’s worse, I don’t even know what kind of monster beast it is!”

“What? No freaking way! What kind of monster beast could be so powerful that it actually killed all the six elders who were at the peak of the true god level?”

The Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect was called Aureole Hoffman, a middle-aged woman. She gasped at Joel’s words. If such a terrifying monster beast truly existed in this world, it would be horrendous.

“Could it be…could it be that the beast is from the Seven Dangers? Only Seven Dangers could have nurtured such a powerful monster beast! Other than Seven Dangers, I don’t think it’s possible to find such a beast in any other place!”

Griffin Langley, the Master of the Flying Eagle Sect, furrowed and speculated.

“How do I know? Anyway, that monster beast has very sharp claws! Very, very sharp, and powerful!”

Gloominess was all over Joel’s face; he looked at the crowd and said, “But, don’t worry about us, as the saying goes; no matter what a starved camel is still bigger than a horse. Although the Cloud Sky Sect has suffered a great loss, six experts from the peak stage of True God Realm, two people managed to break through to the peak of True God Realm lately! So, at worst, the status of the Cloud Sky Sect has dropped among the four ancient clans, but we’re still a lot stronger than the first-class families!”


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