No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1516

“Is that so? Congratulations to you for having two breakthroughs into the peak stage of the true god-level during this period!” congratulated Aureole Hoffman from Supreme Clarity Sect as a small smirk graced her features. “Sigh… Our clan also had fourteen in the peak stage of the true god-level previously. Just like your clan, we recently had one who broke through into the peak stage, so we have fifteen right now!”

It was obvious Aureole flaunted the fact as if she was telling the other party that their Supreme Clarity Sect had grown stronger while the Cloud Sky Sect had recessed instead of improved, so they would need to back off a little in the future.

Not wanting to be overshadowed, Griffin Langley chimed in, announcing the strength of their clan, “Haha… Coincidentally, our clan also has two who successfully broke through and achieved the peak stage of the true god-level, and with that, we’ve grown from fourteen to sixteen. It looks like our clan has more masters in the peak stage of the true god-level!”

Joel’s expression grew dark before he changed the subject of the conversation, commenting, “What’s the use of having so many masters in the peak stage of the true god level? I think the monster beasts might be in the ultimate god-level, or they wouldn’t have been so strong. This means that the Seven Dangers definitely contain the secret of breaking through into the fighting prowess of the ultimate god level. It might be something like a spirited fruit or spirited grass!”

Quentin frowned as he theorized, “Everybody, I have a bold assumption. Does everyone think it’s possible that the monster beasts came out because members from the Divine King Sect offended the powerful monster beasts after they entered the Seven Dangers? These monster beasts might have quite a high spiritual intelligence if they’re almost, or already are, in the ultimate god-level. Is it not possible that they’re out here to exact vengeance against humans?”

“There’s a huge possibility of the assumption you just made. Otherwise, our six elders wouldn‘t have died!” Joel still felt heartbroken when he remembered his six elders; it was a big blow indeed.

The elders of the White family, Nash, felt off on the matter as their weirded-out expression showed. It seemed that Jack had been misunderstood as an extremely strong monster beast.

“Since everybody is here, let’s make our arrangements for entering the Seven Dangers,” suggested Quentin to the crowd after deliberating his thoughts.” If we don’t take action now and members from the Divine King Sect break through into the ultimate god-level, we’ ll be struggling if they want to suppress us.”

“That’s right. If several of their members had broken through into the ultimate god-level, it’ll be easy to topple us, the three other ancient clans!” fretted an elder from the Flying Eagle Sect.

Just as they had this exchange, however, an old man from the White family pointed at a direction and exclaimed, “We have a situation, everyone. Look over there! Why are the people from the Divine King Sect here?”

“What? The people from the Divine King Sect are here?” Everybody inhaled sharply at the old man’s exclamation as their expressions darkened.

“Quite a number of people are here. Could it be possible that they have returned? Have their members broken through into the ultimate god-level already? If that’s the case, would they hurt us?” A family master of a third-class aristocratic family was so frightened that his face alternated between paleness and being flushed, in fear of being killed.

“I don’t think we need to worry. It might be easy if they want to defeat each of us individually, but there are so many of us here as there are eight first-rate aristocratic families and three ancient clans. They won’t dare to act recklessly even if there are two to three members in the ultimate god-level, right? That is, of course, unless they have one to two dozen members in the ultimate god-level,” opinionated a man from a second-class aristocratic family, frowning as he did.

Nash and Jack exchanged glances, rather worried. They did not understand why members from the Divine King Sect would come to them at this moment.

The sacred lady of the Supreme Clarity Sect thought about it and said to the people present,” Could it be that their members have yet to return and they, thinking we don’t know that they’ve entered the dangerous areas, pretend to come to us to enter the Seven Dangers with us?”


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