No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1518

Stunned momentarily, Joel then turned to Harry as he smilingly spoke. “Master Harry, can I have a closer look at it? This is the first time I’ve seen such a thing!”

Harry, however, smiled coldly. It’s nice enough that I came here and relayed information about some things, but you want me to show it to you? Haha … I’ve sacrificed so many of my people to get this. What if you don’t return it to me after inspecting it up close? Now that so many of the masters from our clan are dead, do you want me to fight you if you don’t return it to me?”

“Err… There’s really no need for you to worry about this. Our clan was struck with bad luck as we encountered a frightening monster beast, causing the deaths of six masters in the peak stage of the true god-level.” Harry baffled Joel. Well, there was no need to keep this hidden as other forces knew about this as well.

“Six of your people died?” Harry took a careful look at the people from the Cloud Sky Sect side, and it did seem like several powerful elders were missing.

Nonetheless, he denied his request smilingly, “That won’t work either. We obtained this with much difficulty, and I didn’ t get anything out of it even after studying it the entire night yesterday. I still need to go back and study it well!”

Another Elder from the Divine King Sect stepped forward and addressed everyone, “Our sect master is here today for everybody’s benefit, and we wish not to instigate any fights among the people here. If there’s a way to break through into the ultimate god-level, we hope that everybody can get along in peace. It’ll be best if we can break through together. We hope that all of us can share if it’s a martial art technique. Of course, there’s nothing we can do if it’s some edible item and there’s a limit in number.”

“Thank you, Master of the Divine King Sect.” Jack stepped forward and gestured to the other party with his hands. “It looks like Master Harry came here with your people to inform us of something, right?”

Harry nodded. “I’m here to tell everyone which areas we’ve traversed so none of you need to repeat those areas. With this, no trips will be wasted nor any deaths to occur. I won’t be heading for the four other dangerous areas, but it’ll be fine if you guys go into the areas. As for the secrets of these balls, you can slowly study them after you obtain them.”

“Thank you, Master Harry!” Jack gestured with his hands sincerely as he looked at the old man with white hair in front of him. Of course, it was somewhat wrong of him to act without everyone else in his hurry to search for the way to break through into the ultimate god-level.

Nonetheless, it was good for everybody that he came forward and informed everybody about the news he obtained. At least, they would not sacrifice many people in vain.

Joel, however, was wary as he examined the matter before he questioned, “Master Harry, how can you be sure we’d be able to search for the way to break through into the ultimate godlevel via these three balls? What if you’re mistaken? What if it’s some other precious item?”

Harry smiled coldly when he heard this. “You can try it if you don’t believe me. No matter what, our men came across an ominous ancient tree when they reached the deepest part of the dangerous area. This ball is placed in the middle of the ancient tree, and there’s one in each area; I’m assuming it’s the same for the remaining four dangerous areas. There should be a total of seven balls.”

“Apart from that, we didn’t see any other precious items, and we obtained all these items with our lives. Apart from this weird ball, there were other spirited grass and spirited fruits in the areas, but they have nothing to do with the ultimate god-level.”


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