No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1519

The First Elder of the Divine King Sect came forward at that moment and said, “I’m sure that everyone here doesn’t believe in us, so you can all try it yourself. We were kind enough to inform you, but we won’t stop you if you don’t believe us and want more people to die in the process.”

“I believe in you, masters!” Jack once again gestured with his hands and, still bent in a slight bow, asked, “I hope that Master Harry and honorable masters can tell us which three dangerous areas you went to.”

“This young man is a well-mannered person indeed.” The First Elder of the Divine King Sect nodded. “We went to the three dangerous areas nearest to the Divine King Sect. The other four places that we haven’t visited include the Night Forest, Dragon Head Black Mountain, Bright Snow Mountain, and Black Windy Island. Help yourselves.”

“Alright, we’ve said everything we needed to say. I hope that everyone will contact and communicate with us when you notice anything after obtaining weird balls like these. We’ll be taking our leave now.” Master Harry of the Divine King Sect kept away the stone ball in his hand before leaving with his subordinates.

After the people from the Divine King Sect left, everybody exchanged glances, wondering what arrangements should follow suit. As there were four unvisited dangerous areas, it was difficult to plan things out as there were so many families and three ancient clans.

Joel thought about it before he smilingly suggested, “Everybody, now that there are four dangerous areas left, it means that there are four balls left, and everyone knows the dangerous areas are filled with all sorts of dangers. How about this: To protect the safety of the aristocratic families, the members of our ancient clans shall go to one dangerous area each while all members of the families go to the remaining dangerous area. It’ll obviously be much safer for you guys with this arrangement.”

“That sounds perfect!” The eyes of Griffin from the Flying Eagle Sect immediately lit up as he stepped forward, grinning as he agreed, “We made such arrangements while putting your safety as a priority. Apart from that, your rate of success would be much higher when so many of you enter one dangerous area. If too many people die, we, the ancient clan, fear you might not be able to cope with the loss.”

The people from the Supreme Clarity Sect stood there without saying anything, but they were obviously agreeing in silence.

The people from the shadow families glowered at their suggestion. They felt that the ancient clans were overbearing when only four balls left and wanted to take three of them. So many families were expected to take one ball? A fight for the balls would ensure in that case, what more being killed by the monster beasts.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Quentin eventually voiced his disagreement. Unable to accept such a suggestion, his expression soured as he spoke, “There are only three ancient clans, but each of you wants to take up one dangerous area, leaving over a dozen families here to kill and fight for the remaining area? Haha! That’ll only lead to more bloodshed!”

“That’s right! This is too much. How can you do this?” Several elders or family masters of first-class aristocratic families mustered their courage when Quentin stepped forward, and they immediately protested as well.

An old man from the Flying Eagle Sect stepped forward and smiled coldly with an arrogant temperament. “Overboard? Haha…! You people are only shadow families! How can you compare with us, the ancient clans? We’re already honoring you by giving up one dangerous area and allowing you to take one of the balls. Don’t fail to appreciate our kindness!”


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