No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1520

At this moment, another old lady from the Flying Eagle Sect came forward and, with a smirk on her face, sneered, “You shadow families aren’t qualified to discuss conditions with us. Let’s just agree with it. You guys will still have an opportunity, though it’s somewhat smaller, as we’re giving all of you one of the areas. Putting other things aside, which of your families dare to compete with us on the number of masters in the peak stage of the true god-level?”

Jack smiled coldly after he heard this. He stood forward and said to the old lady,” Honorable elder, what you say doesn’t sound right. If we compare individually, the number of our masters in the peak stage of the true god-level surely can’t compare with your so-called ancient clans, but what if we compare the total number? There are so many families here, and some of our second-class aristocratic families also have masters in the peak stage of the true god-level. What do you think if we add them all up? Are we still so few to you then?”

Jack paused momentarily before he continued, “Apart from that, isn’t it somewhat unsuitable for you to only give us one dangerous area when there are so many families here? If you insist on your suggestion, I can’t assure that our people won’t enter the other areas and take the balls from you. By then, things won’t happen as smoothly as you wanted it to, don’t you think?”

“That’s right. To heck with this, then. Why do we need to distribute the areas? Let’s just enter the areas altogether and see how it goes based on our individual strength!” growled one of the family masters from a second-class aristocratic family, who was also in the peak stage of the true god-level. If that was the case, their people could be distributed to two or even three dangerous areas. With that arrangement, the possibility of them obtaining the balls would greatly increase

“Young man, do you think we need to discuss this with you? Who do you think you are?” The old lady was furious and glared at Jack angrily

“Who am I? Haha… No matter what, I’m entirely against such a distribution from you people!” Jack smiled coldly. Many members of the White family, Cabello family, and even the Tudor Family also started to make a scene as they shouted their refusal loudly.

As the situation grew restless and chaotic, the old lady from the Flying Eagle Sect narrowed her gaze and came rushing toward Jack in a flash. She tightened her fists as horrendous Chi came surging out from them.

“Young man, since you don’t know how to respect your elders, let me show you what I mean when I say there’s a great difference between us!” The old lady rushed up to Jack as her gaze was set ablaze, fully intending to punish Jack activated her Chi. Scoffing at her, he tightened his fist before he threw it to intercept her attack

“This young man dares to stand his ground still, forcefully resisting me?’ The old lady’s heart dropped when she saw how Jack still stood up bravely against her.

However, a smirk soon appeared at the corners of her mouth. Since this young man was so insensible, this punch would surely wound him badly. It might not be able to kill him, but it would be enough to display their strength. This would put enough pressure on the so-called shadow families to change their minds in the End.

“This young man is being ridiculous. He dares go against our Third Elder?” Many elders from the Flying Eagle Sect looked at the scene in front of them as if seeing the joke of the town, smirking coldly at them.

Something unexpected happened just a mere minute later…


What they saw, to their horror, was not the body of the young man zipping across the air due to the impact. Instead, the Third Elder of their ancient clan was sent flying backward.

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