No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1522

The master of the Flying Eagle Sect managed to stabilize himself with great difficulty before waving his slightly numbing hands forcefully. His expression seemed dark, hardened.

Despite using his Chi back there, he was still flung in the air. This proved how much Chi Jack had in him, and his energy was also overpoweringly scary.

In the end, Griffin softened temporarily. He smiled at Jack indifferently and said, “Then let us know what sort of arrangement will be more suitable in this case, young man. There are so many forces here, and it’ll be difficult to make divisions. We suggested the plan with consideration for you shadow families in mind, so don’t say I didn’t warn you people when you incur too many deaths upon entering the dangerous areas guys, just because you didn’t recognize our effort.”

Many members from the shadow families were puzzled. Jack was incredibly strong, and it was somewhat terrifying. The sect master of the Cloud Sky Sect and the sect master of the Flying Eagle Sect could only back away as they gained no benefit in their fight.

Everybody turned to Jack, knowing that it was not an easy feat to make divisions and arrangements. After all, there were too many forces and it was difficult to make average arrangements.

Jack thought about it before he smiled at his opponent. “I have something in mind. It’s unfair for us to get one while you get three of the remaining four dangerous areas. I’m sure you won’t agree if we get three and you get one. In that case, let’s divide equally. You three ancient clans can choose two of the dangerous areas and the remaining two belong to the shadow families!”

“Alright, this can work. Let’s just separate it as such!” Quentin immediately stood forward and agreed to it.

To him, Jack was a young man with extremely strong combat power, and he would not be able to assassinate him on his own. On the other hand, having a few hands to help him out would do the trick.

First and foremost, he needed to stop considering revenge for the time being and fight for two dangerous areas. At least they would have the chance of obtaining one stone ball.

If they only had one dangerous area with one ball, he might not be able to win if he had to fight with Jack to get them.

“I agree as well!” The Tudors’ family master, Karima, also raised her hand to show her agreement

“Yes, I agree as well!” The members of the other shadow families also agreed loudly.

On the other hand, members of the three ancient clans glowered at the suggestion. What should they do when there were two dangerous areas with three ancient clans?

However, the losses would be unbearable if both parties started fighting

“Let’s get on with it, then!” Joel was the first one to compromise. He sighed as he looked at Aureole and Griffin. “What do you two think?”

Both parties nodded. “Alright, let’s make the arrangement as such. However, we get to choose from the remaining four dangerous areas first!”

“Sure!” Jack nodded. Although he looked like he was not afraid of them, he could not act too forcefully toward the people from the ancient clans. After all, the other party had a deep background, and many members of the White family would die if a battle broke out.

On top of that, the shadow families were not as united as they seemed to be.

“We choose the Night Forest and the Dragon Head Black Mountain since our disciples are more familiar with these two dangerous areas. These places are also nearer to the position of us three ancient clans.” Joel thought about it and asked the other two sect masters, “What do you two think about it?”

“Yes, that’ll work just fine!”


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