No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1523

The other two also nodded.

Jack and the others could only nod after they looked at each other. “Alright, then we’ll be going to Bright Snow Mountain and Black Windy Island.”

“Let’s move out.” The people from the three ancient clans left the area as they waved.

After they left, Quentin said angrily, “Those foxes just want to oppress everyone here!”

“That’s right. Among the four dangerous areas, the Night Forest and the Dragon Head Black Mountain aren’t as dangerous as the Bright Snow Mountain and the Black Windy Island. Those wretched people left two hauntingly dangerous areas for us!” Another elder from the Hunt family looked just as livid.

“Be content. If it wasn’t for Brother Jack’s strong combat power and fighting for two dangerous areas, we’d only be getting one!” interjected Master Ximenes with a bitter smile.” How should we divide the places among ourselves next?”

“What about this? Everyone had witnessed the White family’s prodigies’ combat power just now and the White family is even developing at an impressive rate, so I think it’s best if the White family go to the Black Windy Island. The other families can go there if you want, too,” suggested the smiling Quentin after pondering over the matter.

“Master Hunt, your family said nothing when we were fighting for others’ rights, even though your family is publicly known as the most powerful family among the shadow families. Jack was the one who stepped forward to fight the sect master or elder. Haha… Now that we’ve succeeded, you actually want us, the White family, to go to the Black Windy Island?”

Kenneth came forward and said with a cold smile, “I think you guys know that it’s not only dangerous in the seas of the Black Windy Island, but the seas are filled with numerous monster beasts. You wanted us to go because the journey won’t be smooth-sailing, don’t you? Aren’t you being a little shameless?”

“You…” Quentin was enraged at his claim, though his hands remained clasped behind him.” You’re overthinking it-I’m just thinking of what’s best for everybody. After all, we won’t easily get the stone ball after landing on Black Windy Island as it’s too dangerous. Jack has a high combat power and the White family is developing so nicely. Wouldn’t it be great if capable people do more work and help ease the burden of others?”

“If that’s the case, Master Hunt, does that mean the Hunts plan on going to Bright Snow Mountain?” Jack looked as if he did not care. He smiled calmly with his hands behind his back.

The flustered Quentin coughed and said, “Us Hunts will indeed be going to Bright Snow Mountain since we’re closer to the area! Isn’t that quite normal?”

Trenton then smilingly spoke,” The Lagorios naturally want to tag along and take a look at Bright Snow Mountain.”

“We’re going to Bright Snow Mountain, too!” The family master of the Church family also chimed in. Those three families worked together and cornered the other families previously, and many families knew about it. If they went to Black Windy Island on their own, who knew how many families would pinpoint on their Church family.

Obviously, being with the Hunts and the Lagorios would be the safest.

“Alright, then our White family will go to Black Windy Island!” Jack nodded and directly flew to the other side as he spoke,” Those going to Black Windy Island should come along. Those going to Bright Snow Mountain can stand with the Master Hunt.”

Daniella looked at Alejandro, who was next to her, and asked with a smile, “Father, shall… Shall we go to Black Windy Island?”


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