No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1524

“Nonsense. Can we choose not to? It looks like your soul followed him! Don’t think I don’t know about this: you’re the one who’s head over heels for Jack while your sister is fake-dating him!” Alejandro grumbled as he glared at Daniella before flying toward Jack and his company.

“How’s that possible? Don’t the Cabellos harbor grudges against the White family? How did they become friends so soon?” Some from the shadow families muttered and gossiped among themselves when they saw this scene.

“Haha… Those grudges were something that happened long ago. What grudges can’t we let go of after so many years? Apart from that, the Eldest Young Mistress Cabello is in a relationship with Jack. They’re dating one another, which implies wedding bells might happen in the future. It looks like these two families have completely reconciled!”

Another family master smiled and said, “Those from the White family and the Cabello family aren’t weak in combat power despite being genial. We won’t be able to get anything good if we follow the Hunts, so let’s just follow the White family!”

The family master went and stood at Jack’s side with his people.

Without much thought, the Tudors went to follow the White and the Cabellos. Apart from that, the Ximenes family also stood at Jack’s side.

The remaining Norman family and the Zachary family from the first-class shadow families chose to fly toward the Hunt family. It was obvious they did not want to risk themselves in a place like Black Windy Island.

The people from the other second-class aristocratic families and third-class aristocratic families also knew how awful Black Windy Island was. Not only would it incur a long journey, but all sorts of dangers were on the road, let alone risking everything in a place like Black Windy Island.

Hence, 60-percent of those from the second-class and third-class aristocratic families went with the Hunts, choosing to go to Bright Snow Mountain. Only 4 0-percent of those people chose to go to Black Windy Island,

Nash’s gaze swept across everyone present as everyone was separated into two. He waved as he spoke, “Alright, if that’s the case, let’s go!”

Everybody set out and went southeast.

After Jack and the others left, Trenton curiously asked Quentin, “Master Hunt, Jack had killed both your sons, and he has admitted to it. Don’t you want to get your revenge?”

“Nonsense. How can I not think about revenge?” Quentin gazed at the direction where Jack and the others left before adding, “I want to exact my revenge, but is getting revenge a simple thing? Didn’t you see that young man’s combat power? He has an impressively powerful combat power, and those two sect masters were no match for him-they failed before him. Do you think I can win against that young man under such circumstances?”

Trenton immediately said,” Those two sect masters might’ve underestimated him, though, so the young man had taken advantage of them. Had they not underestimated him, they might not-”

Quentin shot him a cold glare.” It can still be explained if you’re saying that the first sect master underestimated him, but the second sect master obviously didn’t. He only took action after his elder was wounded. He must’ve given his everything in that strike, but he was still blasted away!”


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