No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1529

“Our current altitude is at least one thousand meters away above sea level. Ordinary monster beasts won’t find us so easily while monster beasts with low fighting prowess can’t fly up here, so everyone should rest assured,” said the First Elder of the Cabello family, Kevin Cabello, to the people as he looked beneath them. “I’ve traveled to some of the islands in these seas a couple of times now, searching for materials used in cultivating pills, and I’m quite familiar with a few things about these seas!”

Jack looked at the First Elder standing on the flying carpet and said, “First Elder Cabello, I’m interested in your ancient tome. Since we have time to spare and a long journey before we get to Black Windy Island, may I look at your ancient tome?”

The smile on Kevin’s face froze as the corners of his lips quavered. This young man was daring enough to make such a request!

Did he not know that even their family master had to discuss with him if he wanted to take a look at his ancient tome, and he could only read it for a limited period?

He was momentarily stunned before he recovered a few seconds later, saying, “Haha! Young Brother Jack, there’s nothing interesting in my ancient tome as there are only introductions to some pill materials and pill remedies, apart from some information about medicine and other miscellaneous things.”

Kevin paused for a short moment before he lamented, “Sigh… I used to think that I’d find ways to break through into the ultimate god-level from my ancient tome. yet I find myself disappointed in not finding anything no matter how much I studied it. It was Then I understood that this is just a tome recording pill remedies and other medical skills with absolutely no regard toward our capability in breaking through into the ultimate god-level.”

Jack understood what Kevin was trying to say.

This old man’s reply was absolutely intelligent. As Jack had a high fighting prowess now and everyone held him in high regards, the old man would seem to be dishonoring Jack if he rejected the request. The old man also feared offending him.

It was why the old man said a lot but did not mention if he would lend Jack the ancient tome or let him look at them. The underlying meaning of his words, however, translated into his refusal to lend Jack the ancient tome.

Jack, instead of being enraged, smiled indifferently at Kevin and said slowly, “Don’t worry, First Elder Cabello. I won’t read your tome with nothing in exchange. As long as you promise to let me take a look at the ancient tome, I promise to exchange a second grade intermediate pill remedy with you. I can even teach you how to cultivate pills. What do you say?”

“A second-grade intermediate pill remedy?” Kevin’s eyes lit up when he heard these words. This could be considered a precious item that they seldom saw.

Although he had many second and third-grade pill remedies in his ancient tome, who would not want more? As a person who knew how to cultivate pills, he craved to have such items.

Nonetheless, he glowered at the fact that Jack mentioned he could teach him to cultivate pills.

Kevin coldly teased, “Haha! Who would’ve thought you knew how to cultivate pills, young man. It looks like you’re quite talented.

An alchemist who only has a small amount of knowledge like you plans to teach a second grade elementary alchemist like me how to cultivate pills? Aren’t you over-exaggerating your abilities?”

He smirked as he continued to speak with contempt, “Tell me then: what pills do you plan to teach me? First-grade elementary, or first-grade intermediate?”

“Haha! This young man thinks of teaching our elder how to cultivate pills. Is he dreaming! Does he truly think having a high fighting prowess means he’s also good at cultivating pills?” Many youths of the Cabello family also started laughing, though they spoke with faint envy. Jack’s talents were enough to make them jealous.

Jack smiled indifferently. “Second-grade intermediate, how about that?”

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