No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1531

“They’re pill clouds, alright. A pill this guy studied and cultivated on his own can achieve such a level?” An old man gulped as he gazed at Jack in shock.

Kevin eyed the pill for a long while before he turned to Jack and hesitantly asked, “Are you truly willing to give me such a pill?”

Jack nodded. “Didn’t we have an agreement?”

“Yes, yes!” Kevin nodded. No longer was there doubt that Jack was not a second-grade intermediate alchemist. He believed that Jack was the one who cultivated such a pill.

Jack flipped his hand again and revealed a pill remedy for the second-grade intermediate pill before giving it to Kevin.

Only then did Kevin take out the ancient tome discolored in yellow out and passed it to Jack.

“Thank you, First Elder!” thanked the beaming Jack courteously.

“No need to be so polite. I’ve thought about it, and this ancient tome isn’t that important. I’ve studied it for so long and it doesn’t carry any use. I used to think that it had something to do with breaking through to the ultimate god level.” Kevin smiled bitterly.” This ancient tome doesn’t mean much to others, truly, but it’s important to people who know how to cultivate pills like us.”

Jack looked at the ancient tome and said to Kevin,” Truthfully, what I wish to learn from this ancient tome is information regarding diseases. I’d like to see if there are any pills that can help rescue a person who only has a thin breath of life left.”

Kevin had understood this ancient tome since long ago. Frowning at Jack’s confession, he then replied, “I recall such information is documented at more later pages in this ancient tome; you can read them. There’s A pill and two other special items that can help save such a person.”

Jack’s eyes lit up after he heard this. “Thank you, First Elder Cabello, I’ll read that later. I wonder if there are any precious items that can make an incredibly stiff body turn somewhat softer?”

“An incredibly stiff body, you say?” Kevin’s interest grew when he heard this and he started thinking about it. “How peculiar. Don’t we martial artists like it when our bodies get sturdier and firm? It shows our capability of resisting attacks is stronger! You wish to become softer instead?”

Jack wore a bitter smile as he explained, “That’s not my intention. My eldest disciple’s body is at the brink of being honed into a puppet, and he only has a thin breath of life left. His body is lifeless and stiff like he’s a rock.”

Kevin paused the moment he heard Jack’s confession, and it was only after a while that he spoke, “I don’t think there’s a way to change such a situation on a human’s body. I remember not encountering such items to aid it in the ancient tome.”

However, he soon added, “Don’t be defeated. You can take a look at the pill and the two other precious items first. As for the precious item that you mentioned regarding changing the hardness of a person’s body, I believe we’ll come across the information in the future, even though it’s not recorded in the ancient tome. The world is a vast place, after all.”

Jack felt somewhat dispirited to hear his words. After all, the Cyro Pill was capable of freezing Fernando’s body only for a limited time, and they had 20 months left. If he failed to find the precious item to resolve the issue with Fernando’ s body, Fernando would die.

“I’ll find it; mark my words,” promised Jack, fists tightening as the fire in his eyes were ignited.


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