No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1532

Fernando’s status weighed Jack’ s heart with guilt. Jack swore he would do whatever it took to save him.

It was not just because Fernando was his disciple, nor was it because Fernando killed numerous of their country’s enemies and contributed immensely to Daxia.

Above all, the reason Fernando was in this situation was that Jack tasked him to search for information regarding the dragon scale’s whereabouts, and that led to Fernando’s downfall to his current state.

Of course, Jack’s body was completely consummated because they retrieved the dragon scale. That was why he could transform into a dragon after he broke through into the true god-level.

Jack’s gaze averted to the lower half of the ancient tome and started looking through it page by page. It was only after some time that he spotted records of the three precious items Kevin mentioned

One of these items was a fourth-grade elementary pill known as the resurrection pill. The other two were the spirited fruit with the name ‘psychic fruit’ and the thousand-year-thrive grass. Both of these precious items were of high grading and were third-grade premium items.

Jack recorded the features of these two precious items and copied down the resurrection pill’s remedy before he returned the ancient tome to Kevin.

“First Elder, the three items you mentioned must be these three. It looks to be a difficult feat to rescue my disciple. Two third-grade premium spirited grass and a fourth-grade elementary pill; do these things truly exist in this world? Only those in the ultimate god-level would dare use such things, no? My disciple is only in the demi-god level, can he use it?” Jack frowned. Although he had a place to start, he lacked the confidence.

Kevin looked at the items Jack recorded on the paper he held and nodded. “Since the ultimate god-level might truly exist, I believe these precious items exist as well. We didn’t truly enter the dangerous areas-only a small group of people did. There might be some third or fourth-grade items in there, don’ t you think? Apart from that, did you realize that although these precious items have high grading, they aren’t spirited grass or pills for breaking through? Instead, these are precious items used to treat a human body or greatly benefit the soul and life energy. I’m sure it can be used!”

Jack’s eyes lit up after he heard this. “Thank you for answering my questions, First Elder. It’s true that this precious item is used to cure diseases and has nothing to do with breaking through. It contains an energy level that isn’t very high and is slightly mild, even.”

“Why did you return the ancient tome to me so quickly? Won’t you pretend as if you can’t search for the things you want, recording pill remedies of the other third-grade pills instead? There are a few fourth-grade pills here, and they’re of the elementary level! They’re all invaluable, yet you don’t even want to read up on them?” Kevin glanced at Jack and thought highly of him. Jack, instead of writing down other things apart from those that he needed, merely took a brief look and wrote down the things he said he wanted. Such an honest person was hard to come by.

“Haha! This ancient tome belongs to you, and I’m already satisfied that you’ve allowed me to read up on ways to save my disciple,” confessed Jack as he chuckled.

Unexpectedly, Kevin threw the ancient tome back to Jack. “We’ve got time to spare during the upcoming journey, so you can have it for a few days. Just return it to me once we get to Black Windy Island. I didn’t even allow the alchemists of the Four Ancient Clans to read them when they asked, yet I feel good about you, so I’ll lend it to you for a couple of days.”

“Are you sure?” Jack’s eyes lit up when he heard this, elated at his offer. True, he hesitated to read it for a longer period, and he merely skimmed quickly to memorize some of the third-grade pill remedies.


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