No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1533

Jack eventually dropped the plan as he felt guilty in just doing that.

However, he did not expect he would impress Kevin with his honesty that eventually made him lend the ancient tome for a couple more days.

“Haha! Yes, I’m sure about it. As the First Elder of the Cabello family, would I lie to you? Of course, I hope you’ll continue to share whatever insights you have concerning pill cultivation!” Kevin laughed heartily; it was the first time he realized being generous would bring him great happiness.

“That’s for sure, haha!” Jack chuckled with mirth as well. He started reading through the ancient tome as he maneuvered the flying sword.

“First Elder, aren’t you being unfair? I asked you to lend me the ancient tome for a short while before, and not only did you ask me to go through it in front of you, but you even set a timer for me to read it. You set an alarm for me as if afraid I’d spend an extra minute on it!

“Now you gave it to Jack and allowed him to have several days with it? Dear me… I wonder if you’re the Cabello family’s First Elder. I suspect that you’ve become the White family’s First Elder!” said Alejandro, who was beside them, between laughter and tears.

“Nonsense! I am the First Elder of the Cabello family. You won’t be able to understand a thing, even if I allowed you to read up on it. You’re wasting your time just looking at it, seeing as you don’t know how to cultivate pills. Allowing Jack to study it will truly bring out the item’s value!” Kevin rolled his eyes at Alejandro, his words rendering the latter speechless.

The group slowly walked forward, and Kevin’s claim held true after all. Although there were many sea monster beasts in the seas underneath them, they could not fly up and attack them as they had low fighting prowess.

Occasionally, a few monster beasts in the demi-god level or elementary stage of the true god

Level flew up from the seas to attack them, but as the group was large in number and had masters among them, they slew the monster beasts mere seconds after they flew up.

That went especially for William Nash, Joseph Smith, Sam Johnson, Adam McCarthy, Riley Blackwell, and others who broke through into the elementary stage of the true god-level. To familiarize themselves with the newly obtained strength, they intentionally went to the frontlines.

At that moment, Ethan Hays, Lana Zechs, and Christopher Yates had already achieved the peak stage in the demi-god level’s fighting prowess. They were only one step away from becoming a master in the elementary stage of the true god level.

Nash was elated over Jack’s disciples and held great expectations toward them.

Nash knew these people were like Jack and trained the True Dragon Claw technique. Once they would break through into the true godlevel’s elementary stage, they would have the same last resort as Jack and can transform into true dragons. At that stage, their combat power would be much stronger compared to those with the same fighting prowess. Killing enemies of higher status than them would not be much of a struggle for them.

Although Joseph, William, and the others were only in the true god-level’s elementary stage, it would not be much of a struggle for them to kill someone in the intermediate stage of the true god-level.

With that, Nash was filled with sheer confidence in the White family’s future development.


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