No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1537

“Master, we can’t alert them before we make a move, but I think that we can’t just leave them alone either!”

No one thought that Elder Mosley would speak up again at that moment.

“What do you mean? Didn’t you say that we can’t just attack them? If that’s the case, why would you say we can’t leave them alone? What are you talking about?”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal frowned and asked.

“We can quietly investigate and see how strong they are! Or check to see if they’re truly here for the ultimate god status!”

Elder Mosley replied, smiling.

“How are we supposed to check what their motives are? We won’ t be able to do so if we don’t take action!”

Elder Hartman waved his arm. He felt that Elder Mosley was joking around

“It is simple enough. We just need to send a small group of fighters to attack them. We’ll tell them to get out of the ocean and not think about taking our resources. It’ll be enough so long as we threaten them. If they insist on moving forward and are not afraid of offending us, this means that they’re definitely here for the ultimate god status. After all, the land has plenty of martial resources too. There’s no reason for them to risk their lives to come here!”

Elder Mosley revealed his thoughts.

“We’ll get the people from White Sands Island to test them. They brought plenty of people here-over ten thousand of them. And there are four or five fighters at the peak of the true god status. Our forces will be enough to test them!”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal gave the order after thinking about it.

“All right. We’ll pass your orders along!”

Elder Mosley did a fist-topalm salute. The crowd quickly dissipated.

At that moment, Jack and the others were drawing closer and closer to Black Windy Island. When the sky darkened, everyone searched for an uninhabited island and stayed there temporarily to replenish their Chi, just like before.

Meanwhile, Jack was deeply engrossed in the ancient tome. He was completely focused and tried his best to remember all the alchemical methods and the ingredients to create pills.

“First Young Mistress Cabello, isn’t Jack your boyfriend? Why aren’t you going over to talk to him? I noticed that the two of you barely exchanged a word throughout the journey!”

A young master from a second-class family came before Helena, Daniella, and the others and asked, grinning.

“He’s focused on reading the ancient tome. I won’t disturb him!”

Helena smiled, but she heaved an internal sigh. After all, such a wonderful man was not her boyfriend. She felt like she had missed an opportunity.

She looked at Daniella beside her. Admiration sprang in her heart again.

“That’s true. That ancient tome is pretty famous, and it’s very precious. It’s a blessing to just be able to lay your eyes on it!”

The young man smiled and added, “First Young Mistress Cabello, you and Young Master White are truly a match made in heaven. We’re all waiting for the day of your wedding!”


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