No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1540

“There are many fighters? And they’re still moving forward?”

That night, the master of the Hall of Divine Royal called the other Elders to gather. He told everyone about the report he had received.

After he told them the report, he said, “Judging from their line, of course, they’re heading for Black Windy Island!”

“No way. They’re really going to Black Windy Island? There are plenty of forces there. They’re no match for us either, but if those people are heading straight to Black Windy Island to look for something, heh, those forces will probably attack them!”

Elder Hartman chuckled and said.

“That’s a danger zone and that many people are heading into a danger zone? Black Windy Island is extremely dangerous, we can’t even enter easily. Why are they going there? Unless it so happens that they are able to find the clue to break into the ultimate god status there.”

Elder Mosley frowned and began to consider the matter seriously.

“What are we afraid of? The Hall of Divine Royal is so powerful. Conversely, those families are just a motley crew who only banded together recently. A group like that can be easily broken up. Once they enter, they might try to kill each other for some kind of treasure! Heh, Won’t it be easy for us to get what we want then?”

Elder Hartman had a nonchalant expression.

“I hope what you said is true. If that group of people is still united after entering Black Windy Island, then they’ll be extremely strong for us to attack. With such powerful forces and so many people, they’ll definitely be able to venture deep into Black Windy Island!”

Elder Mosley frowned in worry.

“Never mind. We’ll inform the people on the other islands about this tomorrow morning. The people on the few dozen islands around here must prepare themselves adequately. We’ll gather and head for Black Windy Island! This time, if there is truly a treasure that enables one to break into the ultimate god status, we must get it at all costs!”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal could not wait to head out. He clapped his hands and decided on the matter promptly.

The next morning, the forces inhabiting the few dozen surrounding islands that submitted to the Hall of Divine Royal all gathered together. They quickly went toward Black Windy Island

Another day went by. Black Windy Island finally appeared before Jack and the others.

“Is that Black Windy Island? What a strange place!”

The eyes of Jack and the others brightened as they watched the island.

Last night, Jack had finished reading the contents of the ancient tome, and he memorized everything. Only then did he pass it back to Kevin Cabello.

“It’s truly a strange island!”

Daniella stood beside Jack and could not help but be surprised.

The island before them was far larger than the islands that they had seen before. More importantly, a dark, swirling vortex of dark clouds hung over the island at a low altitude. It gave off an ominous atmosphere.

“Jack, there are many forces on the island. We’ll probably run into a few obstacles if we are headed straight there, right?”

Master Lucas asked Jack after thinking about it, “See now, why don’t we head for this island here first and let everyone replenish their Chi? Once it’s dark at night, we’ll sneak onto the island and enter the forest there.”


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