No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1543

Elder Hartman’s face fell upon hearing Elder Mosley’s words. Nevertheless, he was stubborn enough, refusing to admit his defeat. “Breakthrough to the ultimate god level? Do you think it’s that easy? It took me two to three years to break through to the peak stage of True God Realm, what’s more, I failed several times in between. Besides, within our territory, a lot of people indeed broke through to the peak stage, but it’s almost impossible for one to break through to the peak stage of True God Realm in one go, am I right? Not to mention that the ultimate god realm is colossal.”

“No matter what, we can’t afford to take the risk, we should advance faster. What if the thing that could help us to break through to the ultimate god level is actually some spiritual fruit, and only a few of them exist? They might take and consume everything without leaving some to us! In that case, we won’t stand a chance to get to the ultimate god realm at all!”

The Master of the Hall of Divine Royal pondered on the matter, then again he turned to an old man, “How about this, Elder Lock, you take a few men with the strength of the late stage of True God Realm and scout around for the situation. If there is something strange, return and inform us immediately! You must not delay any second and move fast! We have too many people with us, and the risk of us being discovered by the other party is high. So, it’d be better for you to go in smaller numbers and scout around for us!”

“Roger that, Hall Master!”

Elder Lock arched his hand and bowed to his hall master. He then went and got four to five men with the strength of the late stage of True God Realm to go ahead of the group to explore the situation.

“I remember that the sect master of the Divine King Sect told us before that the strange stone ball is located on top of a powerful tree, and in that tree is inside a very deep place in the dangerous land! The master of the Divine King Sect is generous enough to help us by providing this information. With this piece of information, we can save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary troubles!”

Jack said as he flew with his men.

The sky above the island had always been covered with dark clouds even during the daytime. And because of the dark clouds, the sunlight was dim, and the place did not look any different from the night

Furthermore, the monster beasts had seemed to be completely adapted to the poor-light situation. their visions were good even with minimum lights. Therefore, Jack and his men did not dare to fly at full speed even though they were all strong fighters. They could only carefully travel through the sky.

A terrifying sound shot through the sky. Jack and the others looked toward the direction of the sound and realised that there were pairs of eyes staring at them from the front.

“Guys, look! My goodness! If we don’t look carefully, we can’t even see that they are right in front of us! Black feathered monster beasts and they look like they belong to the family Accipitridae-eagles!”

One man spotted the black feathered beasts in front of them; he could not help but gulped and ceased flying immediately.

This time it seemed like there were many monster beasts like this appearing in their journey to the middle of Black Windy Island.

“Judging from the situation, I think there are thousands of them, right? Dammit! This kind of eagle-type of the monster beast is very annoying, they are extremely fast, even worse, they are black feathered! It makes it hard to see and track them, especially when the dark clouds above us are like camouflage for them. Not only that, they are also powerful beasts!”

An old man who possessed the strength of the early stage of True God Realm-said in a gloomy tone after seeing the beasts in front of him.

“I think they have more than a few thousand; looking at the situation, I’m afraid that there are more than ten thousand, and many more of them hiding in the dark clouds, which is even more difficult for us to locate them!”

Jack looked at the dark sky and his expression turned solemn. He heard that the Black Windy Island was the most hazardous and most dangerous place of all Seven Dangers. Now it made sense that the Divine King Sect went to the other three dangerous places but not this island and the same went to the other ancient clans-they refused to explore this island. The dark clouds here were already a huge problem for the explorers, not to mention the beasts here.


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