No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1544

“Ten thousand of them? Crazy! If they fly into the dark clouds, descend toward us at full speed and attack us, it’d be hard for us to deal with!”

Nash, who stood beside Jack, fully trusted Jack’s analysis. After all, Jack was a second grade intermediate alchemist, his ability to focus and his patience were much stronger than any one of them. So, Jack naturally could sense the situation, the number of beasts, and the fluctuation of Chi energy in the cloud more accurately than all of them.

“Everyone, please be careful. The flying beasts are hovering orderly in the dark clouds above us; obviously, they prepare to attack us. We have many strong fighters, but we can’t be careless at all! We must strive to reduce our losses.”

Jack stared at the sky above him and said to the crowd.

Another sound of roars descended from above; waves of black figures charged toward Jack and the group like black rain pouring heavily onto the ground.

“Stay focused! Here they come!”

Once Jack noticed the beasts initiated the attack, he waved his hand, and a huge palm-shaped Chi attack flew toward the sky at once!

“Kill them all!”

The other people immediately controlled the Chi energy in their bodies and cast out a few blasts against the flying beasts who were bolting down toward them.

Those black eagle beasts were extremely fast, with the advantage of their speed and agility, several of them managed to dodge Jack and his men’s attack and directly rushed into the crowd. The beasts used their sharp claws and grabbed a few people.

A man of the level of the early stage of the demi-god realm could not dodge the claw attack. His head was grabbed and crushed by the sharp claws, bursting into minced meat. He died instantly on the spot.

However, many black eagles were hit by everyone’s attacks as well, and they were blown away, falling down onto the ground, lifeless.

Those black eagles, who were in the dark clouds, bolted down toward Jack and the crowd as well. Some of the black eagles flapped their colossal wings and in an instant, Chi attacks in the form of wind blades were shot out of their colossal wings, flying toward Jack and the group.

“These beasts can actually perform martial technique?”

One of the elders gasped at the situation before his eyes. He could not help but his face immediately turned unsightly.

Alejandro, who stood aside, explained patiently, “Some monster beasts are more spiritually intelligent, and their bloodlines are more noble and precious. This bloodline allows them to inherit martial techniques. Now, look at the two black eagles over there. They’re obviously at the middle stage of True God Realm, and have probably killed more than a dozen elite fighters!”

Gruesome and terrifying roars pierced through the sky incessantly when the black-feathered beasts were killed. Only a few of the higher combat prowess managed to survive. They soon flew away into the distance when they noticed that the odds were not in their favor.

“We lost more than thirty men in this battle and hundreds of us are injured!”

Kenneth reported to Jack and others after looking at the overall situation.


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