No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1545

“Hmmm… the number of casualties is actually bearable, after all, we have two hundred thousand of us. But we don’t know how far are we from the deepest part of the forest, and how many fierce monster beasts are there. We don’t know any of that, so we can’t afford to be careless; we must stay alert all the time!”

Jack bobbed his head. The men that they lost were all of the demi-god levels. Those with higher martial levels were able to cope with the previous battle easily.

But it was also because they were able to spot the beasts early and be prepared. If they did not notice the presence of those black eagles earlier, they would have suffered greater loss! If they only figured it out after the black eagles launched an attack, the number of casualties would be more.

“Thanks to our plan; we joined all our forces and that’s why we were powerful enough to fend off the eagles!”

The head of a third-class family expressed his thoughts in a tone full of emotions. “If we act and explore the place separately, especially for a family like us, a third-class family, we will suffer a great loss in the black eagle’s situation, even worse, completely annihilated by those eagles.”

Many third-class families bobbed their heads in agreement. Some third-class families could only fork out around ten thousand men for this risky expedition, and these ten thousand men were considered top-notch fighters in their families. If they were to encounter ten thousand black eagles alone, the outcome would truly be abysmal. The situation would be even worse if they did not notice the black eagles in advance, and more than half of them would die.

“He’s right about this! I’m so grateful for the agreement and plan proposed by Young Master Jack. We’re indeed much safer if we join forces and explore the place together!”

Even some people from the second-class families nodded along. The hazardous situation inside this Black Windy Island had somewhat exceeded their expectations.

The crowd continued to fly forward, and after less than an hour, several men came into their sight.

“Some of the corpses here are still warm to touch. Looks like we’re getting closer to them. They’re not far ahead of us!”

Elder Lock from the Hall of Divine Royal touched the bodies on the ground and studied the corpses of the flying monster beasts all over the ground. “This group of people, they’re strong and united! Even if the combat level of these flying beasts were not high, there were more than ten thousand beasts here, moreover, they were flying beasts! This is even harder to deal with! But these beasts actually only managed to kill a few dozen of them.”

“Indeed, they’re strong. If our men truly need to fight against them, I’m afraid that the casualties will be great even if we manage to grab the treasure!”

Another middle-aged man chimed in and agreed with a gloomy face.

“Hmmm…the Divine Royal Hall and the islands under it are united. That’s why, all along, none of the forces and families within the circle of ten thousand miles of our maritime territory dare to fight against us.”

Elder Lock nodded in consent. “But, I didn’t expect that this time, this group of people who are obviously from twenty or more different families, are so united! They joined forces and entered the sea area. If this continues like that, it would cause a huge problem!” He then added.

“Heh! They’re united? I think their unity is only temporary! After they discover the treasure that can help them to break through to the ultimate god realm, the unity among them will shatter in an instant! They will definitely start to loot from each other!”

Another wise old man said in an indifferent tone and his face was icy-cold. “Let’s leave a note here for the hall master so that when they arrive here, they’ll know that the other group of people is not far ahead from us. As long as we speed up for a little while, we’ll be able to catch up with them in the afternoon. After that, we only have to tail behind them silently.”

Jack and the others continued to move forward ceaselessly. Since they had not stopped and rested for some time, that very night they simply found a hill and rested. Hundreds of people took turns to patrol, while the remaining sat down to take a rest and to restore the Chi energy in their bodies.

The next morning came. At this time, the people of the Hall of Divine Royal were only a few miles away from Jack and the group, and they were just trailing behind the group closely

A cacophony of the deafening fighting sound traveled through the air once again. Jack and the group encountered a group of powerful monster beasts; the battling sound was incessant.

“Haha, it looks like they encountered another group of monster beasts again! And this time, it will make them lose some people again!”

Elder Hartman flew onto the top of the tree and looked from far away at Jack and the group. He then hopped onto the ground after observing the situation and said with his face full of excitement.

“Since we are trailing behind them, they will kill the monster beasts making it easier for us! Even if we were to run into some monster beasts, it would only be those single beasts or weak beasts that won’t cause any harm to us at all!”

The Master of the Hall of Divine Royal sneered sinisterly.” Hahaha! They are destined to be our cat’s paw!”


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