No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1547

The man from before nodded his head and then expressed, “So the fighters they lost are mostly of demi-god level, and they only lost two or at most three fighters of true god level. That’s why their overall combat power is not reduced by much!”

“Heh, we don’t have to worry too much. Although we don’t have many fighters of true god level, our total number of men is definitely more than them. Not to mention, Black Windy Island is not an ordinary place. We, the Hall of Divine Royal, did not want to risk venturing into Black Windy Island before. My father has said before, there are powerful beasts inside this forest, and their combat prowess is at another level; they are not beasts that fighters of true god-level can easily deal with.

The Master of the Hall of Divine laughed as he spoke. “We’ll just continue like this, tailing carefully behind them. We’ll know soon once they start to fight each other for treasure, and those treasures are likely materials and tools to break through to the ultimate god level. At that time, Elder Lock will inform us of the situation immediately!”

Another three days passed by quickly. During these three days, Jack and his alliances had suffered greater losses compared to a few days ago. They encountered more and more monster beasts, and the combat prowess of these monster beasts were getting stronger and stronger. The series of battles and fights have cost the group the lives of more than ten thousand men. Adding up to the previous death, it made up to a total of twenty thousand casualties.

On the other hand, the Hall of Divine Royal lost many lives as well, although the number of casualties were not as high as Jack and the group, they suffered a total of four to five thousand casualties too.

As the number of casualties kept on increasing, those people from second and third-class families felt even more grateful that they agreed to explore the place together with several first-class prominent families. They now truly felt that the plan and arrangement that Jack had proposed and made was perfect! What a wise choice they have made!

If they had chosen to enter the forest alone and fight these beasts, they would have lost a lot of fighters, not to mention they might even need to fight against Jack and the other first-class families for the treasure when they find it. Some weaker families might not even reach up to this point, they most likely would retreat halfway.

“My goodness! Another horde of monster beasts in front!”

Just as the crowd defeated a group of monster beasts, they found that there were thousands of colossal ferocious tigers charging toward them from the front.

“These tigers look like their spiritual strength and power are not low at all. And they’re intelligent! They sensed that we intruded into this forest, so they actually gathered together and then ambushed us!”

Kevin peeked to the front and his face turned unsightly. Everyone had been fighting incessantly for quite a while now. Just when they wanted to take a break, another horde of monster beasts appeared before them again.

“We’re like intruders to them. They see us as intruders who came in to steal their martial resources away. Of course, they want us dead!”

A bitter smile plastered on Nash’s face as he spoke.

“They’re here! Everyone, stay focused!”

With his palm flipped, the topnotch sword appeared in Jack’s grip. He injected Chi energy into it and the sword immediately emitted a deafening sound, and then a sword attack was blasted out toward the tigers.

A frightening combination of sword aura and Chi energy flew out toward the tigers, and in a blink of an eye, several colossal ferocious tigers plopped onto the ground, lying lifelessly.


The others, too, immediately joined in the battle, putting their martial skills into play and attacking the ferocious tigers.

“Hahaha! Did they encounter another horde of monster beasts again? That’s amazing!”

Not far away from Jack and the group, the people of the Hall of Divine Royal commented on the situation, each of them laughed sarcastically and sinister smiles were hanging on their faces.


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