No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1550

“Oh my god!”

Alejandro and the others immediately stopped, although they heard Jack’s admonition, one by one, they were all a little more careful and flew a little bit behind. but the temptation of the stone ball still made them all red-eyed, since they were considered as belonging to the second group of people.

Looking ahead, hundreds of people were killed in just a second, defencelessly, so abruptly, which made them all terrified, and some of them were so terrified that they immediately retreated hundreds of metres away, which made them stop, and then looked ahead with awe.

“My god, this ancient tree is too terrifying, several strong people with True God realm cultivations have died too!”

Some people with demi-god realm cultivations looked at the blood there, and they, who had also been overwhelmed by the treasures, were temporarily sobered up.

At this time, the ancient tree’s branches shrank back, and the cultivators who had been stabbed to death by the ancient tree before, one by one, just fell to the ground.

“It’s not good, all the house masters, look over there, there are too many people. What should we do? It looks like we are being watched by the great powers in the middle of this sea!”

There was a family head of a third-class family, who looked at the people over at the Divine King Hall who were getting closer and closer to this place, and exclaimed with an ugly face.

“What are you afraid of, I think they have a few forces combined as well, I don’t believe they won’t desperately try to grab this stone ball! I’ll take this stone ball first, and after snatching it, I’ll escape alone, so I won’t be easily targeted!”

One of the Lucas Family’s elders, at the peak cultivation of the True God Realm, held a precious sword in his hand and directly charged forward.

Jack looked at the crowd and likewise quickly headed straight for that ancient tree, he also felt that the old man was right, those people, although many, were not very united, the most crucial thing now was to snatch this stone ball first, if it was snatched by the strong people from the other side, it would not be that easy to snatch it back.

At that time, if the other party wanted to escape and split up and escape, with so many people, someone to help delay the situation, that strong person would definitely be able to escape with the item.


Many people from other clans, one by one, also rushed out again, but this time they didn’t dare to be careless, each holding martial skills in their hands, fighting that ancient tree in passing at any time.

The branches of that ancient tree once again reached out. The black ancient tree was like a tree monster at that moment as if these humans had entered its territory. Therefore, it had to kill all these humans.

A terrifying branch, like a sharp sword, like a spike, flew out straight ahead, still able to change direction at any time.


There was a man, who chopped out with his sword, instantly cutting off several branches.

However, there were too many branches. several other branches like slithering spirit snakes, stabbed over from another direction, the man was caught off guard got directly pierced through his body and died.

People kept attacking the branches, but the branches were so dense that after they were cut off, they actually managed to continue growing as if they were longer again, and then continued to attack at the front.

That one elder of the Lucas family at the peak of the True God Realm from before flung out his sword, a terrifying chopping blow that flew straight out and cut off a large portion of those tree branches in front of him.

Seeing that quite a few branches had been cleared, the old man flashed once again and flew forward some distance again, much closer to the huge ancient tree.


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