No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1551

Nevertheless, what he did not foresee was the roots burrowing out of the ground below him at that time. The roots were sharp like spears and fast like lighting; they penetrated through his body from below.

The elder of the Lucas Family gazed at his punctured body, blood gushing out of his mouth. He took one last look at the strange stone ball that was just a short distance away from him and exhaled his last breath.

“What sh*t?! The Second Elder…the Second Elder died!”

The head of Lucas Family could not believe what he had just witnessed, his eyes widened as big as saucers and his face blanched.

“Stall these people!”

At this time, the people from the Hall of Divine Royal were not far away from Jack and the group, and they started launching attacks at Jack and the group.

“Kill them all!”

Two parties instantly engaged in battles; it was chaotic.

Jack flickered several times with his unbelievably fast speed. The sword in his grip, coupled with his lightning speed became sharper and more powerful. With a few swings, the tree branches before him were chopped off.

However, the ancient tree seemed to be spiritually intelligent. After knowing Jack’s power and strength, the ancient tree shot out more branches toward Jack, attacking him.

Jack snorted coldly, and then he injected more Chi energy into the sword, which then became even more colossal, and the Chi energy surrounding it became more intense and more aggressive.

“Blade Wave!”

With a swing of his arm, waves of Chi attacks in sword form were cast out, and like waves, they flowed fiercely and violently toward the front.

The branches were densely packed, yet they were cut off by Jack’s attack. The view in front of Jack immediately brightened up as branches were no longer blocking the view.

Jack was extremely fast. He rushed toward the front, while branches came from all directions, attacking Jack from every possible angle.

“Blade Wave!”

Jack did not stop in the slightest. Another wave of sword aura attack was shot out. The surrounding area was once again emptied by the attack. Jack flickered a few more times and finally, he came before the huge stone ball and grabbed it with his hand.

“What the f*ck! This brat’s strength and combat prowess are too powerful! A lot of true god realm elite fighters can’t even get near the stone because of the ancient tree, not to mention to even grab the stone! I didn’t expect Jack to be this strong and managed to get the stone!”

After witnessing Jack’s true strength and power, Alejandro was in a complete state of surprise. He then led his men to fend off the people from the Hall of Divine Royal.

With a flip of his palm, Jack kept the stone ball into his martial ring, and then with another swing of his sword, he blasted at the center of the ancient tree.

A loud explosion echoed the forest; the ancient tree was halved by Jack’s frightening attack. The ancient tree was split into half and fell onto the ground, lifeless along with the branches and roots.

Although the ancient tree was finally dead, a few seconds before its death, several thousands of elite fighters died under its branches and roots. And among them, there were many elite people with the strength of true god level.

“Jack had already put away the stone ball into his martial ring! Everyone shall cease fighting to get the stone ball according to the agreement! Now, let’s join our forces and fight against these enemies in front of us!”

As soon as Nash saw that Jack had obtained the stone ball, he quickly gave the command to the alliances. But, inside, he was bursting with joy.

Some alliances were upset in their hearts, but they understood that they had to be united then. After all, their situation was not great then they were surrounded by tons of people.


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