No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1552

“Everyone gather together, don’ t panic! There aren’t many of them that are of the true god level!”

Jack pointed out aloud when he noticed that some people were panicking

After hearing Jack, many fighters of the alliances breathed out a sigh of relief, and they began to gather together as fast as possible.

The battle went on for a while and the number of casualties went up to a few thousand. The other party suffered several thousand deaths.

After several minutes, the Master of the Hall of Divine Royal realized the biggest issue in his group after fighting against Jack and his people. Although they outnumbered the other party, Jack and his groups had more fighters in the late stage and peak stage of the True God Realm!

Most of his men were only at the demi-god level.

He then waved his hand, gesturing to his men to cease the attack, and to surround Jack and his groups.

“You people from the mainland, how dare you intrude into our sea territory! Even worse, into the Black Windy Island! Are you guys wishing for death? Whatever treasure or stone you have obtained just now, hand it over!”

An elder of a big clan from the Black Windy Island stood out and pointed at Jack and the others with a fine sword in his hand. His tone was arrogant and aggressive.

“He’s right! You only have at most 180 thousand men left, and we have almost 300 thousand men with us! How are you gonna fight us, huh? Now, hand those treasures over, then we might consider letting you all go! Otherwise, we don’t mind shedding some blood and killing every one of you damn intruders here!”

Elder Hartman laughed sinisterly.

The Master of the Divine Royal Hall, on the other hand frowned. He truly could not understand these barbaric people from the mainland at all. Merely a moment ago, they were desperately trying to snatch the stone from each other, but ended up joining forces to fight against them. Furthermore, these barbarians dared to stare at them angrily for intruding on their island! What logic was that?

Why? Why did they not think of killing that young man who got the stone?

But from the way the other party madly attacked the ancient tree just to get the stone ball, he could say with certainty in his heart that the stone ball was closely related to breaking through to the ultimate god realm.

“Oh, in fact, I’ve long known that several dogs are tailing behind us secretly!”

To everyone’s surprise, Jack was not the least bit nervous even though he and the group were surrounded by so many fighters. He smiled gently and then said in a calm tone, “But, it must be out of your expectation that we would be so united for so many days and that we did not lose many men. Moreover, you wouldn’t have thought that after I’ve obtained the treasure not only did the others stop attacking, but we are also very united to fight against you, right?”

The corners of the other party’s mouth twitched involuntarily upon hearing Jack’s words. “So what if it is? You guys are now surrounded by so many of us, do you think you can run away?”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal retorted in a deep voice.

“Hahaha! Funny! Well. Let me give you a piece of advice, you and your men better get out of the way! You indeed have the number, but the unison and the overall combat prowess are way too weak compared to ours! You don’t have as many strong fighters as us. Now, tell me, do you think you can beat us?”

However, Jack chuckled in return. “We must return to our land, so we will fight hard for our lives. Don’t tell me you’ll fight us to death solely for an object that you don’t even know if it’s a treasure?”

“That’s right! We’ll fight for our lives! Don’t underestimate us! It’s not easy for you to defeat us!”

Daniella and the others shouted in unison, tone sharp and aggressive.

After all, if they could make the other party give way to them, it would naturally be a better idea, because they would not have to pay an unnecessary price of losing their men.

“Heh? Let you go? Sure!”

The Master of the Hall of Divine Royal laughed out loud.” However, you must hand over that object to us, otherwise, that’s no way for us to let you go. We’ll have to snatch it from you!”


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