No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1553

“What makes you think that we’re not united punk? You guys are merely a rabble of several families. Although we have men from other powerhouses within this sea territory, they are under the Hall of Royal Divine and have been working together with us. We’re like one big family. So, which party do you think is more united in this case? Us or you?” Elder Mosley intercepted and responded gruffly.

“Ya! Brat, think about it carefully. If you hand the stone ball over to us, you can avoid unnecessary deaths but if you don’t. Humph! You’re inviting trouble to your group!”

After giving the matter some thought, the Master of the Hall of Divine Royal intentionally sowed discord among Jack and his allies by saying, “Listen, families other than this brat with the stone can leave this place; we’ll let you go because you did not obtain the treasure anyway. You don’t have to risk your life to stay with this brat. Of course, if the family of this brat would like to leave as well, you may, we’ll let you go too!”

“Right, right. Other families can leave this place, you guys didn’t get the treasure anyway. Those who didn’t get the treasure can leave, you don’t have to die here together with this brat!”

Elder Lock chimed in and supported his master immediately.

He believed that once they affirmed the other families and gave them a chance to live, the unity among them would definitely be affected. After all, they were not from the same family and most of the time when people encounter such a situation like this, they would rather choose to stay alive.

As for the family of that brat, there were not many of them. Hence, it did not matter if they let them go or not, because they would die anyway-whether killed by them or by the monster beasts in the forest.

However, they were not aware of the agreement between Jack and these families. If there were no such agreement, those families would have left Jack and his family behind.

Due to the prior agreement that Jack had with the other families, which was, if there was any method or technique from the treasure, the person who got the treasure would share it with others. In this way, everyone could have a taste of the benefit; it also implied that every family had the opportunity to get the benefits of the stone ball!

So, how could they give up such a great opportunity?

“What the heIl? None of them are leaving?”

After some time had passed, not one person of the other party had any intention to leave, all of them stood still and none left the scene. The situation puzzled the people of the Hall of Divine Royal.

“Heh, I’m afraid that we’ll have to let you guys down today!”

Jack chuckled smugly; he gripped the sword in his hand tightly and pointed it to the front. “Everyone, listen! Since they refuse to get out of our way, we’ll fight them, beat them, and kill them, until they understand that we’re not to be messed with!”


All the alliances yelled in unison, as though they were motivated by the fervent and enthusiastic aura emitted by Jack.

“Kill them all!”

The Master of the Hall of Divine Royal gritted his teeth and commanded his men aloud. He was reluctant to fight against the other party, after all, even if he won the battle, the loss would be too great to bear. But when he thought of the stone ball being the only way to break through to the ultimate god level, that temptation made him clench his teeth and give out the order.

Both parties rushed towards each other and fought fiercely. Frightening battling sound, once again, pierced through the eerie Black Windy Island.


With the fine sword in his hand, Jack flew to the front of Elder Hartman in a flash.

Through the series of shouting and yelling a moment ago, Jack could tell which of these people from the Hall of Divine Royal held important and authoritative positions among them. If he managed to kill a few people with the strength of the peak of true god level, the other people on the other hand would naturally be frightened.

By that time, their morale would be impacted. Moreover, they did not have a lot of people with the strength of true god level. thus, in the end, they would be defeated completely. It was useless to have more people than a few with true strength and power!


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