No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1554

“Hahaha! Young man, I’m our master’s right-hand man! Do you think you can kill me just because you say so? Dream on, punk!”

Elder Hartman sneered at Jack sassily. Would it not be funny for an unknown brat like Jack to strike at him? Not to forget that Jack was so much younger than him. Hence, not only was he not afraid of Jack, but he also laughed at him for being naïve.

He was even bursting with joy and excitement in his heart. That strange stone ball was in that brat’s hand, if he managed to kill this brat and take over his martial ring, then the stone ball would be his! What a great opportunity!

No one would notice that he has taken Jack’s martial ring after he killed him because everyone would be busy fighting and fending off the opponents; no one would be free to watch his every step! And he only needed to kill that brat, keep his ring, and pretend to fight for a little while, then escape from the battle to the outside of the forest. He planned to then find a secret cave and study the strange stone ball.

What if he was fortunate enough to discover the method to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, and because of that, he broke through to the ultimate god realm? Then he would be the Master of the Hall of Divine Royal!

Of course, if he was unable to discover anything from the stone ball, he would then return to the Hall of Divine Royal and tell everybody that he was afraid that the other party would pursue after him and snatch the martial ring back, thus he could only leave the battlefield with the ring and hide somewhere else first. This sounded reasonable and logical!

Elder Hartman’s eyes could barely conceal his delight and excitement as he thought. With a flip of his palm, a sword appeared in his hand and he injected Chi energy into his sword.

“An upper-grade spiritual tool?

Jack’s eyes immediately shined bright the moment he saw the sword in the elder’s hand. His mood lightened. If he was able to snatch this sword from his hand, then he would obtain another incredible treasure!

And he would let his father use that fine sword. That should be able to increase the overall combat prowess and strength of his group.

“Oh, brat, are you thinking of snatching my upper-grade spiritual weapon? Well, I’m sorry that you can’t do that, instead, I’ll be getting the spiritual weapon that’s in your hand!”

Elder Hartman laughed sarcastically. Clenching the hilt of his sword, he chopped forward toward Jack.

As he chopped toward the front with his sword, a huge amount of Chi energy condensed and formed a big fish. The big fish then charged toward Jack at full speed.

“Wow, it’s my first time seeing such martial technique!”

The big fish Chi attack did not seem powerful at all. But because it was colossal, the impact of collision would be huge too. If one was to be hit by this giant fish, severe injury was definitely unavoidable.


Jack, too, chopped toward the front with his sword. In a blink of an eye, a sword aura within a thick chi aura casing was formed, creating a frightening attack. It slashed out as though it were an arc of light.

“You don’t even want to use any martial technique? Do you think such a slashing attack would do any damage to the giant fish? What a naïve brat you are!”

Elder Hartman sneered upon seeing Jack’s seemingly weak attack. He was not happy in the slightest! How could this brat look down on him by casting such a frail attack?


However, in the next second, Elder Hartman was completely tongue-tied. The big fish that he cast out was absolutely destroyed by Jack’s attack. Moreover, Jack’s attack was not worn off at all by his big fish; the remaining residual of Jack’s attack was heading straight at him.

“No freaking way! My…my fish is destroyed…just like that? And…”

Elder Hartman could feel nothing but blind shock and terror right now; his eyes widened, and his jaw dropped to the ground. Jack did not even use any martial skill; it was just a casual attack of his! How could a casual attack like that destroy his big fish?

Elder Hartman punched towards the front once again, only then did he manage to destroy the residual power of Jack’s attack. Hints of solemness and gloominess appeared in his eyes as he stared at the young man before him.

“Well. It seems like the right-hand man of the Master of Divine Royal Hall is not as strong as he claimed.”

Jack, who already grasped the situation, knowing the level of combat prowess of the elder, once again swung his sword and blasted towards the elder, his smile cold and sinister.


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