No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1555

However, this time, Jack cast out a more powerful attack than before. He used a martial technique-Burning Chop.


Elder Hartman did not dare to slack in the slightest. He immediately performed a more powerful martial technique of his.

However, his martial technique was like a fly buzzing around the head, weak and poor. The technique was unable to resist the attack of Jack at all and was completely wrecked. Meanwhile, Jack’s Burning Chop still carried a lot of remaining strength, heading straight at him.

Elder Hartman, who had no time to execute the second technique in time, immediately cast an aura shield to enclose himself in the center for protection.

However, this thin and shaky aura shield could not withstand the frightening attack at all. It only lasted for a second before the shield was destroyed, and the attack landed directly on his chest, throwing him a few meters away.


Elder Hartman flew backward recklessly like a kite with a broken string before hitting the ground heavily and spurting out mouthfuls of blood. With his legs straightened and muscle stiffed, he died just like that.

“No f*cking way! Elder…Elder Hartman died…died just like that…”

Several fighters of true god level, who stood nearby and witnessed the disastrous death of Elder Hartman, were frightened down to the soles of their shoes. Fear and terror reared up within them that they could barely speak properly.

After all, in the Hall of Divine Royal, apart from the hall master, Elder Hartman, Elder Mosley, and Elder Lock were considered as the strongest martial practitioners among them.

However, a strong and powerful fighter like Elder Hartman did not last more than half a minute in the battle, and was killed by the other party. The gap of strength and combat ability between them and the other party-Jack and the group-was enormously wide.

Jack flew toward Elder Hartman’s body, took off his martial ring, and kept the upper-grade sword into his own martial ring.

That treasure sword was a rare weapon and since Jack and the alliances did not discuss the distribution of the treasure and goods after obtaining the stone ball, he intended to keep this rare weapon first.


With another flicker, Jack went straight for Elder Lock.

Just as Elder Lock blasted a fighter of late true god level, he saw Jack flying toward him. He did not even manage to enjoy the brief victorious moment, yet Jack was already coming at him. He was taken aback.

Was this brat not fighting Elder Hartman just a moment ago? Why did this brat come to his side now? Elder Lock pondered hard.

When he wheeled his head around and found that Elder Hartman was lying on the ground lifelessly, his face instantly fell. He gasped at the newly learned fact.

Elder Hartman was killed by this brat? In such a short time? Furthermore, his combat prowess and strength were almost the same as Elder Hartman’s, so how could he be a match for this brat?

“Elder Mosley, come and help me! This brat is extremely strong! I’m not confident in dealing with him by myself! Let’s fight him together and kill him!”

Elder Lock yelled in the direction of Elder Mosley. His eyes fixated at Jack with a gloomy expression written all over his face.

“Motherf*cker! I can’t even hold on! They have too many true god level fighters on their side! Two of them are fighting against me right now!”

Elder Mosley was sweating profusely. He was surrounded by Nash and Kenneth. He was about to collapse.

Elder Lock immediately looked over to Elder Mosley’s side as soon as he heard his cry. He was rendered speechless. They were clearly no match for them in terms of true god realm cultivation. Moreover, the battles between the others obviously showed that their men could not hold up any longer, and the speed of their men falling and dying was so much faster than that of Jack and his group’s.

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