No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1556

“Damn, the true god level fighters on their side are just too powerful!”

Matthew-the master of the Divine Royal Hall-looked at the situation and his face turned unsightly. Lana, William, and Ethan, although they were only at the early stage of True God Realm, their combat strength and ability were enough to defeat several early-stage true god level fighters! It was just tough to behead these three people.


On the other side, Jack decimated Elder Lock in no time. The Hall of Divine Royal lost another strong elite fighter.

“Dammit! We’ve lost almost fifty thousand men, and what the f*ck?! The other party’s casualties are less than ten thousand! If this continues, the speed of people dying on our side will only increase!”

Elder Mosley studied the current situation and realized that although they outnumbered them by a hundred thousand at the beginning, the gap was getting smaller and smaller. Their advantage in this battle was fading fast. They have even lost many strong fighters like Elder Hartman and Elder Lock. The situation would worsen for them when the true god level fighters on Jack’s side were not occupied anymore. They would turn their targets on their demi-god level fighters! In this case, Divine Royal Hall would suffer greater and more severe loss than before!

“Master, this is not good at all! Run, we have to run away! They’re simply overwhelmingly strong! There must be several extremely strong fighters in their team. Besides that brat, he is crazily powerful! Even Elder Hartman and Elder Lock were killed by him just like that!”

Elder Mosley gritted his teeth, swallowed his pride, and flew a long distance away from the battlefield before he warned Matthew.

“Dammit, dammit!”

Matthew was reluctant to give up, but what else could he do? In such a situation, he knew that if he persisted, he would lose the entire hall! It was an absolute defeat.

Furthermore, that young man, that b*stard, killed both Elder Hartman and Elder Lock within minutes, and if that b*stard came at him, he was definitely no match for him.

“Retreat! Everyone, retreat!”

Matthew waved his hand, gesturing everyone to retreat. He then threw out a wisp of Chi, wheeled around and turned into a shadow, fleeing into the distance.


Even their Hall Master ran away, what about the underlings of the Hall of Divine Royal? They were not motivated to fight anymore. One by one, they fled the scene like ants running away from a water droplet-messy and scattered.

Swoosh, shoo, swoosh!

Jack flickered in succession, killing several elite fighters of the true god level from the Hall of Divine Royal, only then did he cease the attack.


Jack’s team pursued and killed another ten thousand men when they saw these people start fleeing. They chased after the escapees for some distance.

“Stop chasing!”

Jack yelled. The other party had too many people. They successfully killed a lot of them, but they would suffer great casualties too if they continued to pursue after them, even though they would win in the end.

Besides, now that Jack and the others had killed many people, especially the strong fighters on the other side; the other party had suffered heavy losses. Since their goal was already accomplished, there was no need for them to pursue after the other party.

“Hahaha! Young Master Jack, you’re truly amazingly powerful! You killed several strong fighters of true god level alone! How cool is that!”

Kevin teased Jack as he flew over to him.

“Let’s clean up the battlefield! Then we’ll distribute the spoils according to merit. Jack contributed the most, so I suggest letting him distribute them later. What do you all think?”


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