No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1559

Another few days passed by quickly. Jack and the others have finally left the sea territory and arrived at the continent in the southeast of Daxia.

After resting for a short while, the group went on a discussion about how they should distribute the spoils, then they distributed all the spoils they had gotten throughout the trip.

Those people from the second and third class families were grateful for the expedition to the Black Windy Forest. The journey to the Black Windy Island was not only treacherous but also full of traps and monster beats, and if it were not for Jack and the others, they were afraid that not many of them would have come back alive, and they would not even have the chance to share the martial materials and resources from the spoils.

“Although we lost more than ten thousand men, the outcome is better than what we expected. Hmmm. I wonder how the other teams are doing, especially the team of the Hunt family. They were assigned with Bright Snow Mountain, and it’s a lot nearer than Black Windy Island, perhaps, they have already returned to Daxia. I wonder what’s the result!”

Nash spoke his mind as he pondered.

“Well, based on what I have observed and understood about the Hunt family’s style of doing things, it’s true that they have a lot of men, and they are strong, but they would certainly act separately after entering the mountain together. They might even fight and kill each other for the treasure. Although Black Windy Forest is more dangerous than Bright Snow Mountain, their number of casualties might be higher than ours!”

The First Elder of the White family, Kenneth White, laughed as he analyzed the Hunt family’s temperament. In the dangerous excursion to the Black Windy Forest, the White family contributed a lot and naturally, they received more resources and benefits. What was more delightful was that the stone ball was with Jack! Therefore, throughout their journey back to Daxia, happiness, and excitement were hanging on their faces; they were bursting with joy and could barely conceal their delight.

“He’s right! This is the best and the wisest decision I’ve ever made for my family to follow the White family, Cabello family, Lucas Family, and Tudor Family to the hazardous Black Windy Forest! Best decision ever!”

The head of a second-class family exclaimed with a smiley face; he arched his hand and bowed to Jack and the other prominent families. “Well. We shall bid you adieu now. Young Master Jack, thank you very much and I hope you’ll deliver good news to us very soon!”

“Young Master Jack, we’re leaving too. Looking forward to the good news!”

The people from the other families also took off after saying goodbyes to Jack and others.

Jack’s strength, power, and combat ability had completely convinced these families and powerhouses, and many of them even started to flatter the White family, hoping the White family would take care of them in the future.

“Master White, Jack, we’re leaving too!”

When most of the crowd were almost gone, Alejandro, too, arched his hand and saluted Jack and others. “Hopefully you manage to examine this stone ball and discover the way to break through to the ultimate god realm. It’d be really worrying and problematic if we can’t find a way to break through to the ultimate god realm through this stone ball. We finally got some clue about the ultimate god realm, and if this stone ball…sigh!”

“Master Cabello, don’t be preoccupied with it. That ancient formation was left behind by someone in the past. Now that the ancient formation has been activated, the location of the seven points appearing on the screen is pointing toward the Seven Dangers. I believe that this is not a coincidence. And there is a stone ball in every seven dangerous places! It’s certainly not a coincidence I believe.”

Jack responded confidently.” What I’m suspecting is that the ancient formation might have been destroyed by someone deliberately…could it be that someone does not want us to know about the clue? Or, perhaps, the ancient formation was ruined because of the long period of time? I’m not too sure.”

“All right. Then we’ll wait for your good news!”

Alejandro nodded his head, and only then took Daniella and Helena—who was somewhat reluctant to leave Jack, and the others and left together.

After the other families had left, Jack summoned his flying sword and took the White family member home.


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