No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1560

“Mommy, why isn’t Daddy back yet? I have broken through to the next level again. He’ll definitely be happy to know when he comes back!”

In one of the courtyards of the White family, Kylie, who had been playing for a while, ran to Selena and whined with a pouty face.

“Really? My little Kylie is so amazing!”

Selena’s eyes immediately lit up after hearing her daughter’s words. “Your Daddy has been away for ten days; he should be back soon. And if he knew that our little Kylie had broken through to the ninth-grade martial practitioner, he would be delighted!”

Kylie was incredibly talented, and Selena was happy about it. Kylie was so young and yet she was already at ninth-grade martial level and was about to break through to the grandmaster level! She would definitely be able to attain good achievements if she trained hard!

“Hehe, Mommy is amazing too!”

Kylie chuckled in return. Then she ran away to have fun with some other kids in the courtyard.

“Sigh, I wonder how Jack and the others are doing. Sigh! That is an extremely dangerous place!”


Selena gazed upward at the sky and sighed out loud.

Just as her words fell not long after, she saw a group of people riding on a flying sword in the distant sky heading toward her.

It was Jack’s flying sword! This sight before Selena cheered her soul instantly. She shot up from her chair and said to Kylie, who was playing on the side, “Kylie, look! It’s Daddy! He’s back!”

Sunshine flooded Kylie’s big and beautiful eyes the moment she heard Selena’s words. She immediately ran over and yelled, “Yay! Daddy is back! Daddy is back!”

The others from the White family also turned their heads toward the sky and saw Jack’s flying sword heading toward them. Their spirits were flying high and they were jumping excitedly as though Jack was the Santa Claus who brought them gifts!

There’s a lot of people on the flying swords! Looks like our White family did not lose a lot of people this time!”

Someone from the crowd said with a relieved face.

At this time, Jack’s flying sword stopped midair, slightly above the courtyard of the White family residence. Everyone on the sword hopped off and landed on the ground

“Master White, how was it? What happened there?”

Lancelot and the others immediately approached Nash and surrounded him in the center with immense excitement written over their faces.

“Hahaha! Oh my…we gained a lot this time! We went to the Black Windy Island, and we did not suffer a lot of casualties, only around one thousand or so. We’re satisfied with the outcome!”

Nash laughed wholeheartedly as he spoke. “Also, Jack is so amazing! He grabbed the stone ball!” he added.

“The stone ball?”

Lancelot exchanges puzzled glances with the others. They were confused.

Nash then told the crowd everything.

“Oh, so there’s a stone ball inside every Seven Dangerous Place, hmmm. This stone ball must have a lot to do with being able to break through to the ultimate god realm!”

An old man from the crowd frowned and fell into contemplation.

“Tch! The Hunt family is truly sleazy and cunning. They knew that the Black Windy Island is the most dangerous place out of the Seven Dangers, yet they as a strong family chose to go to Bright Snow Mountain and made you guys go to Black Windy Island! How unfair!”

On the other hand, Lancelot was huffing and puffing at the situation, clenching his fist and face burning with anger as he spoke.


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