Dragon King’s Son In Law Chapter 139: A Talented Artist?!

“Then… I’ll sleep with you?” Hao Ren thought for a bit and asked.

Seeing Hao Ren’s reaction, Zhao Yanzi’s eyes widened. “Who wants you… To sleep with me!”

Zhao Yanzi held the pillow and walked in front of Hao Ren. She thought for a bit, sat on the sofa, and curled up her legs. “There’s a way I can fall asleep.”

“I can fall asleep if you lecture me,” Zhao Yanzi said.

“Just talk about anything.” She put the pillow behind her head, raised up her legs, and hesitated for a bit before laid them on Hao Ren’s thighs.

“Okay, then I’ll talk about anything randomly. The way to calculate definite integral is to utilize the simple formula of calculus…”

Zhao Yanzi opened her eyes and leaned her head on the pillow as she listened to Hao Ren’s lecture, but she obviously didn’t understand.

Suddenly, Hao Ren asked her, “Do you understand?”

“My *ss! There’s no way that I understand!” Zhao Yanzi gave him a ferocious glare.

“Why are you so nervous?” Zhao Yanzi asked.

“You like her, right?” Zhao Yanzi sat up suddenly and asked.

Zhao Yanzi glanced at him and said, “Lies.”

“Not telling you!” Zhao Yanzi raised her head. “You can go ask her yourself!”

Hao Ren grabbed her small feet and put them on his thighs. He had a headache when he talked to her about the content of Advanced Mathematics as well, so he switched to history and said, “Speaking of the big traitor in history, Yan Song, he was actually a man of honor as well. Historical records said that he was huge and tall, had great facial features, and was talented. However, he was actually trained to be a traitor by Emperor Jiajing. First……”

“This Uncle seems somewhat knowledgeable……” Zhao Yanzi listened and thought at the same time.

When he checked the clock, he realized that it went from ten o’clock to eleven o’clock. Hao Ren was thirsty from talking, so he turned around to look at Zhao Yanzi and found that she had fallen asleep.

He pinched her feet with his hand, and she still didn’t wake up. This made Hao Ren certain that she definitely fell asleep.

Zhao Yanzi, who was already a middle-schooler, wasn’t light in weight. However, for Hao Ren, who already broke through the Spirit Concentration Scroll, had strengthened his body. Especially since he had to wear the Mount Tai Bracelets that were now about 200 kilograms, even three to four Zhao Yanzi wouldn’t be too heavy for him to hold on.

He left the room quietly, and the whole apartment was already silent. Hao Ren looked at the clock, and it was already past midnight. Hao Ren then thought that his dad and mom should probably be home already.

Hao Ren sighed slightly and could only curl up on the sofa for the night.

The apartment gradually became livelier. Even though Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were pretty, they didn’t know how to make breakfast, and Lu Qing couldn’t cook either. Hao Ren could cook, but it didn’t taste that good, so he didn’t want to embarrass himself, and Zhao Yanzi was definitely out of the question.

There were dozens of Elders assisting Zhao Guang in the city, and Zhao Yanzi grew up in their care. No one would dare to provoke any of the Elders, so it wouldn’t be too much to call Zhao Yanzi a princess of a super big boss.

Hao Ren looked at the road outside and felt somewhat strange; he slept over at the Vice Principal’s home and took the Vice Principal’s car to school.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili wore wavy British-style dresses and pink jackets, and they looked lively and charming.

They were so perfect that it seemed like they had walked out of an anime, and their hairstyles were now also very special. Hao Ren thought that the guys in their class must be very excited.

Besides, they were wearing the glasses that made them even cuter. By the time they entered the classroom, they would cause a big scene for sure.

If anyone found out that he came to school in Lu Qing’s car with the Lu sisters, he didn’t know what kind of ‘bloodstorm’ it would cause.

“Where’s Zhao Jiayi?” Hao Ren asked them.

Hao Ren nodded and grabbed his textbooks. “Let’s go to class.”

“Hey, you’re too calm!” Zhao Liren dragged onto Hao Ren and asked, “Be honest with us, who are the two beauties beside the Vice Principal?”

“All the guys at school were asking about them after the basketball game! Their dance video has become the most viewed video on our school’s blog!” Zhou Liren said and turned on his cell phone. “Look here!”

“It’s not that revealing,” Hao Ren said.

“Can there be two most popular girls?” Hao Ren frowned. For a long time, he never thought that Lin Li was good-looking, and her temperament wasn’t as good as Xie Yujia’s either.

Hao Ren was speechless towards him. If he could put half of the enthusiasm towards his studies, his grades would probably be the first or second in the faculty.

Cao Ronghua followed behind them as well. He couldn’t understand Hao Ren anymore! He used to think that Hao Ren couldn’t even find a girlfriend. But unexpectedly, all the girls Hao Ren was interacting with recently were all on the goddess-level.

Hao Ren nibbled on the Youtiao 1 , walked to the Academic Building, and asked Zhou Liren, “Who’s Qin Shaoyang?”

Seeing Hao Ren becoming somewhat interested, Zhou Liren continued, “He’s coming here for an exhibition next week. I heard that the girls from the art faculty are super into him. They’ve been excited for the past two days when they heard that he is coming. They’ve been yelling and screaming in the dorm building next to ours all day long. Sigh……”

Hao Ren hadn’t been living in the dorm lately. Besides, he wouldn’t pay as much attention to the activities going on in the girls’ Dorm Building as Zhou Liren.

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