Dragon King’s Son In Law Chapter 140: An Evident Swank

Friday’s classes were probably the most relaxing classes of the week. Hao Ren and the guys only needed to take two fundamental courses in the morning and could go back home after lunch.

When Hao Ren, Cao Ronghua, and Zhou Liren arrived in the classroom, it was almost full. However, Yu Rong saved them a few seats at the back.

It was a minute before class starts, but Xie Yujia was absent.

After the lecture started, Yu Rong came up to him. “Ren! You did great in yesterday’s basketball game!”

“Get lost!” Hao Ren waved his hand and shooed him away.

Yu Rong finally used his final move when he saw that Hao Ren was still doing his own things and didn’t bother to talk to him. “I have important news. Do you want to know?”

“It seems like Huang Xujie wants to pursue the twin girls,” Yu Rong said.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were both Kun-level Masters, and their existences were something Inspector Su Han dreaded. They could kill Huang Xujie just by pinching a finger, and he didn’t need to worry about this at all.

Yu Rong was surprised when he saw Hao Ren ignoring this news.

“Sigh, you guys know that the girls have been excited lately. The legendarily handsome Qin Shaoyang is hosting a personal exhibition at our school next week!” the guys, who were on the other side of the table, chatted at a low volume since the lecture was too dull.

“Golden eyes?” Hao Ren stopped moving the pen in his hand and concentrated.

“I heard that Qin Shaoyang is really good-looking! Don’t know how he looks in person though!”

“His oil paintings received many awards internationally. I heard that his traditional Chinese painting is also very good. This exhibition is his first time showcasing his traditional Chinese paintings! Many well-known figures from the art community are coming too!”

“Even these girls in this faculty have heard of this Qin Shaoyang. It seems that this Qing Shaoyang is indeed handsome and talented,” Hao Ren thought.

“Golden? From wearing colored contact lenses?”

Hao Ren could only obtain this much information after listening to their conversations. Therefore, he began paying attention to the lecture and continued to organize the tutoring material.

There were only two weeks left until Zhao Yanzi’s birthday party.

The two lectures in the morning ended.

“Wow! Glasses! Sooooo cute!” Yu Rong, who already walked out of the classroom, suddenly covered his eyes and jumped back into the classroom as if he saw something very dazzling.

Hao Ren felt like his scalp became numb, and his spine turned chilly from the guys’ intense jealous gazes.

However, the guys wanted to stomp Hao Ren to death when they heard his tone.

“To go home with Gongzi!” they answered.

If Su Han was the superior beauty who one couldn’t get to see often, then these two were actual beauties who lived in the real world.

Seeing Hao Ren leading the two girls to the stairs, all the guys began yelling together in their minds, “It’s too despicable and too shameful!”

Walking out of the Academic Building, Hao Ren still felt like many eyes were on him. Yet, it didn’t feel like people were surrounding him anymore.

“We said last time; it’s to visit Taijun!” Lu Linlin said.

Grandma already had Zhao Yanzi and Little Carrot. She probably couldn’t take it if little Linlin and little Lili were added.

“Hao Ren!”

Hao Ren turned his head and saw Su Han, who was dressed in white, standing underneath the shade of a tree not so far away.

“What’s the matter, Su Han?”

“Yeah.” Hao Ren nodded. “Ah, I have been too busy for the past two days and didn’t have time to come to see you.”

“I’m not changing. This cultivation technique is slower, but it’s stable,” Hao Ren replied.

“Okay!” Hao Ren accepted right away.

“Li-level?” Hao Ren was slightly surprised because that was one level higher than Kan-level.

Hao Ren nodded.

A cold wind blew.

Su Han turned around and walked towards her office.

“Linlin, Lili, don’t follow me on Zi’s birthday. There will be many hidden masters appearing. You guys won’t be safe following me around,” Hao Ren walked towards the entrance of the school and said.

From her perspective, it seemed like cultivating to Kan-level was a very easy thing to do.

Beautifully dressed Lu Linlin and Lu Lili waited downstairs. If those guys saw this scene, they would stomp Hao Ren to death due to jealousy.

“Such a glorious Sophomore!” When Hao Ren walked to the bus stop, Huang Xujie’s voice suddenly sounded.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili felt the hostility, walked up two steps spontaneously, and blocked Huang Xujie.

He was wearing an athletic vest that showed off his solid muscles. After all, he has practiced rock climbing for a few years.

He was worried that if they fought without knowing the consequences, Huang Xujie would be knocked into the sky.

Huang Xujie indeed endured a week of anger. However, before the basketball game, Hao Ren was still a member of the Basketball Team, and Huang Xujie didn’t dare to provoke Xie Wanjun.

Huang Xujie wasn’t scared to reveal his motive. He was jealous! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were the Vice Principal’s granddaughters; other people didn’t dare to pursue them, but he was not afraid!

No matter what methods he had to use, he had to get to know them and approach them! They were beauties who would make people’s hearts skip a beat! If he got to date them, his university life would be complete!

Huang Xujie pinched his wrist and squatted down.

They locked hands.

Pa! Almost immediately, Huang Xujie’s hand was pressed underneath Hao Ren’s.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili didn’t even look at Huang Xujie; they followed Hao Ren tightly and hopped on the bus!

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