Dragon King’s Son In Law Chapter 141: Touched the Immortal Essence…

The bus slowly began to move. Hao Ren opened the window, and the warm breeze blew in from outside.

Many students inside the bus kept on glancing at them. Now that the two gorgeous girls always followed him around, Hao Ren couldn’t be low key even if he wanted to.

“Are you at the airport?” Hao Ren asked her.

“Still have half an hour until boarding,” Zhao Yanzi replied over the phone.

“Fine, I’m being fake,” Hao Ren was a bit helpless, “Are you coming back on Sunday?”

“Remember to come back and do your assignments,” Hao Ren said.

“Uh…” Hao Ren put down his cell phone. “What did I say wrong?”

He absorbed water elements without any obstacles, but it was difficult for him to sense the other elements and absorb them.

The more anxious he was, the more chaotic his mood became. Soon, the five elements mingled around him, and he couldn’t even tell where the water-elements were.

Hao Ren opened his eyes and smiled. “This earth element is indeed hard to feel.”

That’s it! Hao Ren understood completely. When he cultivated the Spirit Concentration Scroll, he absorbed pure but mixed energy of five elements with more water within. If he wanted to absorb a single elemental essence, he had to go to the specific places to cultivate.

Hao Ren touched the little accessory that Zhao Yanzi gave him and nodded.

“Fluctuation of array formation?” Hao Ren was confused.

“Hehe, we forgot that Gongzi isn’t at Kan-level yet.” Lu Linlin grabbed Hao Ren’s palm, and pure energy of the five elements entered into Hao Ren’s body from his arm.

Pa! Hao Ren suddenly felt he had broken through to the Kan-level and his body became light.

He couldn’t hear the sounds but could see icy rain flash and a white sword swing inside the dark red sphere. It seemed to be very intense.

“Yeah,” Lu Linlin let go of Hao Ren’s palm, “Elder Lu mentioned that in the regulations of the Dragon Tribe, a dark red zone means a practice battle, and a white zone symbolizes a battle of life and death.”

“After a while will be the little Zhumu’s birthday. It seems like some seniors already brought playful juniors and arrived early in East Ocean City,” Lu Lili said.

“It’s fine…” Hao Ren waved. Lu Linlin saying “I forgot that Gongzi isn’t at the Kan-level yet” struck him hard.

“I believe that Gongzi will be very strong in the future!” Lu Lili also said with comfort.

“Gongzi, you actually have your own merits, like English, Advanced Mathematics, university physics, um, you also play basketball too!” Lu Lili said again immediately.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili covered their mouth and smiled sweetly like two flowers.

Mortals could also be this interesting.

The bus stopped at the bus stop near the beach resorts in Seafront District.

Hao Ren carried his bag and walked to the small villa near the sea. Lu Linlin and Lu Lili followed Hao Ren under the scorching sun. This part of the road would take half an hour to walk. However, the Lu sisters weren’t as weak as they seemed. Their stamina was better than Hao Ren.

“Ah?” They were both surprised when they saw each other.

“Why… are you here?” Hao Ren asked foolishly.

“You’re back, Ren?” Hao Zhonghua walked out of his room when he heard Hao Ren’s voice, “Yujia was a bit drunk yesterday, so she slept over at our house and didn’t go to school today either… Hmm? Who are they?”

“Hello, Uncle!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili said sweetly to Hao Zhonghua.

“Yes, Uncle.” Xie Yujia nodded, brought the fish and walked into the kitchen without looking at Hao Ren.

She looked like a great wife and wise mother when she tied her hair up and wore an apron.

“Hello, Auntie!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili called Yue Yang sweetly again.

Xie Yujia drank quite a bit of alcohol last night and spoke some gibberish at the end. Yue Yang felt sorry for her and had her stay over. She also made Xie Yujia stayed at her place to comfort her. Who knew Hao Ren would bring two girls home?

“Have your classmates sit down. Lunch will be ready soon,” Yue Yang turned after she finished speaking and went to help Xie Yujia in the kitchen.

Hao Ren got snubbed and felt his mind was in a turmoil because he didn’t expect Xie Yujia to be at home. He pointed at the sofa in the living room, “Linlin, Lili, find a place to sit.”

Hao Ren put down his bag and walked into the smoky kitchen.

Hao Ren got snubbed and could only ask Yue Yang, “Mom, did the Class President live at our house yesterday?”

“Alright… mom, did Yujia live at our house yesterday?” Hao Ren could only repeat the question.

“The Class President stayed over in my bedroom…” Hao Ren felt weird.

“Auntie!” Xie Yujia, who seemed to be concentrating on cooking the braised pork, suddenly interrupted Yue Yang and corrected her, “I’m cooking for you guys, not just for him.”

“Okay okay okay…” Yue Yang nodded continuously and looked at Hao Ren. “Anyhow, why don’t you thank Yujia?”

After he finished saying this, he thought it felt slightly awkward again and shut his mouth. Changing from calling her ‘Class President’ to the intimate ‘Yujia’ was something he was still not used to it. Yet, they used to be childhood sweethearts a long time ago. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong addressing her this way either.

When she smiled, she looked like a secretly blooming flower. She wasn’t as beautiful as the Lu sisters, but she was more charming.

He returned to the living room and found that grandmother had appeared magically, grabbed the Lu sisters’ hands magically, and was chitchatting with them magically…

“Um, I saw them yesterday. Such delicate girls,” grandma smiled and said at the same time.

Hao Ren couldn’t stand his grandmother. “As long as they are beautiful girls, she would take them all. What kind of attitude was this…”

“Ren, these two little girls, Linlin and Lili, are so nice. After chatting with them for a while, I feel a lot better,” grandmother stood up and said.

This result was way more effective than Zhao Hongyu’s way of utilizing ingredients, elixirs, and pills.

“You little girls are great and know so much more than little Zi. Visit here often during the weekends from now on,” grandmother looked at them pleasantly and said.

Hao Ren could only sigh when he saw Grandma, Linlin, and Lili smiling at each other. “Whatever, grandma is at this age already. As long as she’s happy, she can do whatever she wants.”

Xie Yujia also followed her from the kitchen. She already took off the apron and let her hair down. This made her look tranquil and gentle.

The table was set with lots of dishes, and every single one seemed to be delicious in its color, flavor, and taste. It was obvious Xie Yujia put lots of effort into cooking this lunch.

Hao Ren didn’t expect that the normally hard-working Xie Yujia, who also studied when she was at home, would be so good at cooking. At a young age, her cooking skills were on par with Zhao Hongyu’s.

“Uncle! It’s what I should do!” Xie Yujia smiled refreshingly and elegantly.

However, she also had little Zi in mind. That’s why she was indecisive.

” I have turned my heart to the moon, but the moon shines upon the ditch 1 .”

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