Dragon King’s Son In Law Chapter 142: ‘Data’ Cultivation Method

After lunch, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were very interested in touring Hao Ren’s bedroom. Yue Yang wasn’t fond of these sisters, but she didn’t say anything because Grandma liked them.

Hao Ren couldn’t stand the harassment of the Lu sisters and could only bring them to his bedroom. Xie Yujia also followed them because she still had some things left in Hao Ren’s bedroom.

Every time Hao Ren entered, he would see this jar. Little Carrot collected the shells inside the jar.

The moment the group walked into the room, Hao Ren’s and Xie Yujia’s eyes landed on the glass jar. Hao Ren suddenly discovered that the shells were moved from their original positions; he guessed that when Xie Yujia stayed over in this bedroom last night, she opened the jar, poured the shells out, and counted them one by one.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili set up a small invisible Five Elemental Array Formation while Hao Ren and Xie Yujia were talking. This array formation could help Hao Ren sense and absorb the five elements.

“It is very normal,” Lu Linlin stuck her tongue out.

“Why don’t Yujia and Ren go to the beach and reminisce about your childhoods?” Grandma didn’t want Xie Yujia to go back so early, so she made a suggestion.

“That’s true. Your dad rarely comes back, and you guys haven’t visited relatives yet. Fine, spend some time with your dad first! We’re a family from now on. Grandma will always think about you, Little Carrot!” Grandma said.

“Mom, I’ll drop them off back in the city,” Hao Zhonghua said.

“If I don’t send them back, who knows if they will stay here or not?” he thought.

Seeing Hao Zhonghua’s white Ford driving away, Hao Ren went back inside the house. Yue Yang stood at the door, faced Grandma, and tried to advise her, “Mom, you shouldn’t treat every girl so nicely. Ren won’t know where to stand.”

“That’s right! If an old woman like me doesn’t find a few companions, won’t I be bored to death?” Grandma walked inside the house and said again, “These two young girls, Linlin and Lili, are pretty nice. Besides, their parents aren’t with them, and they usually stay with their grandpa. Isn’t that pitiful?”

It was a calm and tranquil weekend, and it passed by promptly. Hao Ren had been going for walks on the beach every morning and every evening for the past two days. Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua thought that something might be bothering him, and they didn’t ask since they didn’t want to make him feel more anxious.

They didn’t know that Hao Ren was trying to feel the earth elements and increase the earth element ratio in his body.

It was even difficult for a master like Su Han to achieve this. For example, adding one type of drink into a cup was easy, but adding five types of drink into a cup with the exact same ratio would be difficult.

This was just the same as mathematics’ ‘interval algorithm’. By continually measuring and valuing, one could reach the most precise value.

Carrying a bag full of snacks and returning to the dorm, it was already eight o’clock on Sunday night. Hao Ren sent Zhao Yanzi a text message to make sure she arrived in East Ocean City. Then, he urged her to do her homework and most certainly got a reply of ‘stop nagging”.

“Old-fashioned! Why do you need cell phones to contact the twin sisters? They will appear immediately in front of me if I shake the bell and think about them,” Hao Ren thought.

Suddenly, shouts came from the other Dorm Buildings.

“What does this Qin Shaoyang look like…” Hao Ren was busy cultivating during the weekend and completely forgot to look his picture up online.

Half a day’s classes were over.

As he opened the door, he heard Su Han yell, “Get out!”

Hao Ren grabbed the wall, barely able to stand on the ground. Then, he found Su Han standing beside the window. She was holding a sword single-handedly as she pointed it at another person in the office!

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