Super Saiyan Student Chapter 2897 The Killer

Shen Yuelan said that it was naturally the middle of the night a few days ago that Goku Tian came back and touched the bedroom. It was Xia Yurou who was already in bed.

“That was just a misunderstanding. I really didn’t know it was you. Besides, you were still wearing underwear at that time, pink with a cat pattern on it. But that time was completely different from the current situation, OK! “Seeing that Shen Yuelan’s old incident was brought up again, Goku Tian’s face turned a little red, and he quickly explained.

   “So you remember it so clearly…” Shen Yuelan couldn’t help but snickered, and she couldn’t imagine Goku Tian remembered so clearly what kind of underwear she wore that night.

   Goku Tian felt even more embarrassed. If he continued to say this to Shen Yuelan, then he would really have jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it.

   So, without making a sound, she broke away from Shen Yuelan’s hand, walked out quickly, and closed the bedroom door.

   He just didn’t want Shen Yuelan to continue to misunderstand and make things even more embarrassing, but in Shen Yuelan’s view, his escape from wasteland was obviously a manifestation of a guilty conscience.

   Shen Yuelan has a sweet smile on her face, feeling that after today’s events, her relationship with Goku Tian is one step closer.

   happily turned around gently in place, Shen Yuelan hummed a song, began to put on clothes and combed her hair.

   And Goku Tian sat on the sofa in the living room, lit a cigarette and took a deep sip, feeling a bit complicated.

   He recalled for a moment, and Shen Yuelan had realized everything they had experienced together now.

   Although they have known each other only for more than a week, the two have really experienced a lot together, and the memories they had are still quite rich.

   Goku Tian couldn’t help wondering if some of her attitude towards Shen Yuelan caused her a misunderstanding.

   He felt that the relationship between the two of them nowadays is no longer just like ordinary friends, and it has actually become quite ambiguous.

   Goku Tian pondered and smoked. When the third cigarette was smoked, Shen Yuelan was dressed again, opened the door and walked out.

   “Goku Tian, ​​do I look good in this suit?” Shen Yuelan asked, with an unconcealable expectation in her voice.

   Goku Tian put out the cigarette butt, turned around, and saw Shen Yuelan carrying the skirt, turning around twice, couldn’t help but shine.

   At this moment, Shen Yuelan puts on a fiery red split dress, a pair of black stilettos on her feet, high-end black pantyhose on her legs, and her neck and wrists are decorated with simple and elegant jewelry.

   This outfit not only looks very comfortable and gives people a very generous and noble feeling, but also fully demonstrates Shen Yuelan’s perfect figure, which is extraordinarily **** and attractive.

   Of course, this is the case without looking at the face.

   This is the first time Goku Tian has seen Shen Yuelan dressed like this, and can’t help but want to compliment a few words.

   But when I thought that I had to keep a certain distance from her, so as not to be misunderstood, I just nodded and said something good.

   “Yu Rou is still waiting for us, let’s get out.” Goku Tian said, and walked towards the door.

   Shen Yuelan was originally looking forward to it. This was the first time she wore high heels and such a **** skirt in her life. Originally, she wanted to hear Goku Tian’s praise and gain Goku Tian’s favor.

   But seeing Goku Tian’s somewhat indifferent attitude, I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed, but soon, the corners of her mouth turned up again, stepping on high heels, and carefully following Goku Tian.

   She wouldn’t give up easily, and she knew that Goku Tian had just brightened her eyes, she must have deliberately not praised her, but she must feel that she is so beautiful in her heart.

   may have happened before. Goku Tian still felt too embarrassed and embarrassed to face her. That’s why.

   It’s okay, as long as you give her more time, she believes in herself, she must have a chance!

   Goku Tian and Shen Yuelan left the hotel and took a taxi to the western restaurant where Xia Yurou was.

   Originally, Shen Yuelan wanted to continue sitting in the back seat with Goku Tian, ​​and she could still rest her head on Goku Tian’s shoulder, and even further physical contact.

   But Goku Tian rushed to get in the co-pilot and didn’t leave her a chance.

   Ten minutes later, Goku Tian and Shen Yuelan finally arrived near the restaurant Xia Yurou said.

   got out of the car, the two of them walked straight across the square, towards the restaurant.

   This area is also a commercial area. It’s time for meals. There are still a lot of people coming and going in the square.

  Many men’s eyes were attracted by Shen Yuelan. There was no way, because she was so good, especially when viewed from behind.

   When I got out of the car, Goku Tian walked in front, deliberately trying to separate from Shen Yuelan, lest the two are close together again, appearing too close, making her think.

   But Shen Yuelan didn’t take a few steps, so she shouted for Goku Tian to wait for her, saying that she was wearing high heels for the first time, and she was not walking fast and was afraid of losing her.

   Goku Tian sighed, but she had no choice but to walk back, letting Shen Yuelan take her arm and walk side by side together, like a couple.

   If Goku Tian hadn’t noticed that the relationship between the two was getting more and more ambiguous before, he wouldn’t think too much, but now, it feels weird.

   When the two were shuttled in the square, men kept passing by from behind, and then pretending to inadvertently turned their heads to look back, just to see what the goddess looks so perfect from the back.

   What a man who is qualified to be held by him looks like.

   Originally viewed from They were full of fantasy and coveting for Shen Yuelan, but full of envy and hatred for Goku Tian.

   But after rushing to the front, she turned her head to see Shen Yuelan’s face, she was instantly disappointed, she was disappointed to grandma’s house.

  Back view killer, these four words are simply tailor-made for Shen Yuelan. Both the back view and the face are 100% lethal!

   At this time, the eyes they looked at Goku Tian were much calmer.

   In their thoughts, no matter how good a woman’s body is, her face is not good, especially if she is not good enough, it is really choking.

   Every time this guy doesn’t just turn off the lights, he also has to blindfold his eyes, maybe he has to put something to ward off evil spirits. They secretly speculated.

   Regarding the small movements of these people and the changes in their eyes before and after, Goku Tian didn’t notice at all. He was thinking about what to eat later. After all, after a day of tossing, he is very hungry now.

   However, Shen Yuelan, who is as careful as a hair, can see the attitude and eyes of these people clearly.

   If it was before, she would definitely feel embarrassed, would feel inferior about it, and would not dare to look up at people.

   But now, she is holding Goku Tian’s arm and raising her head, like a different person, much more confident than before.

   When confronted with Xiao Fang and others, a certain emotion she had accumulated over the years was released for the first time, which made her character more cheerful than before.

   Now, she really doesn’t care how anyone looks at her anymore, as long as Goku Tian can look at her directly, it is more meaningful than anything!

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