Super Saiyan Student Chapter 2898 Little rich woman and little white face

Soon, the two came to the door of that high-end western restaurant, and a Miss Yingbin immediately opened the door for them and politely invited in.

   After all, it is the service staff of the hotel, who greet and **** you every day, and you have seen any kind of people.

   Therefore, when they saw Shen Yuelan’s appearance, they didn’t show any strangeness like others, or even looked down upon them.

   It’s just that they looked at Goku Tian who was with them, but they were full of playfulness. The look in Goku Tian’s eyes was obviously like looking at a little white face eating soft rice, maybe even a duck.

   Although Shen Yuelan is extremely ugly, but the whole body is full of famous brands, very showing the aura. The first thought of outsiders is that this must be the daughter of some wealthy family, or the little rich woman who made her own business.

   After all, just like Shen Yuelan, the wear on her body can’t be given away by godfather.

   And Goku Tian, ​​although not too badly dressed, he would not be regarded as a low-level toiling public.

   But the clothes on the whole body are very ordinary, it belongs to the kind of people who are lost on the street.

   Standing with Shen Yuelan in a Chinese dress, they became more ordinary, and the gap between the rich and the poor between the two became more obvious.

Feeling the welcoming guests around him and the waitresses’ eyes all focused on him, Goku Tian is still secretly proud, thinking that his charm has increased recently, but he doesn’t know that others are using him as the face of a rich young woman. .

   Xia Yurou had already booked a seat and had been waiting for a long time. Goku Tian reported her name. A waiter immediately led the way and took the two of them to the private room on the second floor.

   Soon, the two drove to the door of the private room where Xia Yurou was.

   The waiter politely knocked on the door, while Goku Tian stretched out his hand and went straight to pull the door, and by the way, Shen Yuelan held the hand of her arm, naturally throwing it off.

   “We are here, wait and be anxious.” As soon as Goku Tian walked in, he saw Xia Yurou sitting on the sofa playing with her mobile phone.

   “It’s okay, it’s not particularly hungry, but you are not there, I am too bored by myself.” Xia Yurou put her phone away, stood up, and let the waiter at the door start serving dishes.

   The waiter responded and took the door to prepare to serve the dishes, while Goku Tian and the three people came to the table and sat separately, Xia Yu and Shen Yuelan sat next to each other, and Goku Tian sat opposite them.

“Yuelan, you look so good in this body, your body is really good, if I can also have such a good body, but I feel that you are completely natural, and I can’t be like you no matter how I practice. “Xia Yurou praised.

“The clothes you gave me are good, and the people who put them on are of good figure. My figure is not as good as you said. Your figure is also very good, and the person is so beautiful.” Shen Yuelan naturally also Boasting Xia Yurou.

   “That… Yurou, I’m sorry, the bag you gave me…” At this point, Shen Yuelan’s expression suddenly went dark.

   She likes Goku Tian, ​​and I heard Xia Yurou inadvertently mentioned that Goku Tian is not only her girlfriend, there are three at all, and they all know each other and get along very well.

   After knowing this, she strengthened her idea, that is to be with Goku Tian.

   She didn’t intend to grab a man with Xia Yurou, but she simply liked someone and wanted to be with him, not to mention that the people he liked already had several girlfriends. They didn’t mind, and she wouldn’t care.

   But in her heart, Shen Yuelan would not be hostile to Xia Yurou because of this, instead she regarded her as a close sister.

  If she and Goku Tian are really together in the future, then the relationship between them will definitely go further, so they must have a good relationship regardless of emotion and reason.

   Although it is not her responsibility, the things that only good friends gave were destroyed. She still felt guilty in her heart and felt that she had failed to protect them.

   “I’ve heard Goku Tian say it, it’s okay, it wasn’t your fault originally, if you don’t have anything, it’s gone, you are the most important thing.”

   “Isn’t it just a bag, yours is gone, I don’t need this anymore, next time we go shopping, we can buy other models with girlfriends. Everything is dead, people are alive.”

“Anyway, remember, if you dare to make trouble for you in the future, you can find Goku Tian and ask him to clean up those people. He, he is only useful for fighting with people!” Xia Yurou pulled Shen Yuelan. ‘S hand, said.

   “It sounds like I am a professional thug…” Goku Tian whispered while drinking tea.

   “I didn’t say that closing the door and letting the dog is already very polite to you!” Xia Yurou’s ears were so clever, Goku Tian gave a white look and said.

   She hates fighting and killing the most. She thinks that everyone should talk calmly and calmly about everything, so that the world can be more warm and loving, and it would be great if there are not so many unnecessary fights.

   But she also knows that some things can really only be solved by force. Fist is also one of the reasonable ways, so now she is used to it. She has always closed one eye to what Goku Tian does.

   It’s just that occasionally I can’t help but chant a few words.

   Goku Tian didn’t dare to speak again, and continued to drink while Shen Yuelan and Xia Yurou were chatting.

   It didn’t take long for Xia Yurou’s food to be delivered one after another.

   deserves to be a high-end western restaurant, but it is much more elaborate than the average western restaurant, strictly in accordance with the dining order of those nobles, there should be quite a few.

   There are many appetizers, soups, and side dishes, and the one made is better than the other.

   However, Goku Tian is not interested in these bells and whistles. Although he is considered a successful person, his understanding of Western food is only to eat steak.

   So, he just tasted the ones on the front. After the steak was delivered, he started eating with a smile.

   Xia Yu and Shen Yuelan used a knife and fork to cut the steak into small pieces and tasted it slowly, but he couldn’t wait to tear it directly with his hands. It tasted quite heroic.

   Fortunately, everyone here is his own, but no one cares how he eats. Anyway, he eats happily, and how he feels comfortable.

   It didn’t take long for Goku Tian’s steak to be eaten. His share was Xia Yurou’s order to take care of a carnivore of his standard, and he ordered the extra large portion, which was completely swept away by Goku Tian.

   And Xia Yu and Shen Yuelan’s steak on the plate, no matter how small it is, it is only half of the steak.

   Goku Tian is also full, and has nothing to do in his spare time, holding his head, staring at Xia Yurou’s face.

   I don’t know why, he still likes to watch women, especially beautiful women who eat, and they look cute when they eat.

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