Super Saiyan Student Chapter 2899 tease

Xia Yurou gave him a white look with a look of disgust, and didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and continued to eat and chat with Shen Yuelan.

   At this moment, under the table, a small foot stretched out from the opposite side and rubbed it gently on Goku Tian’s leg. The teasing meant it was self-evident.

   Goku Tian looked at Xia Yurou’s face, and couldn’t help but curl up a lewd smile, woman, woman, that’s it. On the surface, he didn’t give him a good face, but secretly, he secretly and him!

   “What are you doing with such a wretched smile! Don’t keep staring at me while you are finished eating, so that I can’t eat anymore!” Xia Yurou couldn’t help but see him not only staring at herself, but also smiling so deeply.

   “Hehehehe~~” Goku Tian didn’t say a word, but he smiled at her, raised his eyebrows, as if you knew it.

   Xia Yurou felt inexplicably strange. There shouldn’t be a problem with the steak this guy eats. Why does it feel that people are a little abnormal…

   Under the table, the feet that rubbed Goku Tian’s calves have changed from one to two, rubbing them provocatively on Goku Tian’s legs.

   It seems that he has a feather in his heart sweeping his heart. Don’t want itchy!

   “Little fairy, just tease me like this now, and see how I will clean up you when I go back tonight!” Goku Tian thought to himself.

   Xia Yurou has teased him so much. It seems that she will definitely not take the initiative to leave Shen Yuelan in their room tonight, so that she can live a nightlife that belongs to only the two of them!


   Thinking of what would happen in the evening, the spring sentiment on Goku Tian’s face couldn’t stop rippling.

   His mind was rippling, and suddenly he felt as if something was wrong…

  Because he is wearing shorts and his calf skin is exposed, he can really feel that the pair of feet rubbing his calf is wearing silky silk stockings.


   Xia Yurou today, although she wore a skirt, she didn’t wear stockings at all!

   Could it be!

   Goku Tian suddenly felt aroused and reacted fiercely. The pair of stockings under the table that had teased him for a long time was not Xia Yurou’s at all, but Shen Yuelan’s! !

   He was still bubbling in that beauty just now, after all, Xia Yurou was in front of others, and she hadn’t teased him so boldly.

   And now, after reacting, he looked embarrassed and afraid.

   If Xia Yurou finds out that he and Shen Yuelan are carrying her on his back, there is something unspeakable relationship between him and Shen Yuelan, that would be really wronged!

   Thinking of this, Goku Tian quickly retracted his leg, his expression a little nervous.

   Shen Yuelan just glanced at Goku Tian, ​​her face remained unchanged, and she continued to talk and laugh with Xia Yurou.

   Goku Tian really did not expect that Shen Yuelan would do this kind of thing, combined with what happened in the hotel before, it seems that this girl really has a good impression of him, and she has begun to constantly test his attitude.

   It seems that he has to find an opportunity to make it clear to Shen Yuelan, after all, he has no other thoughts about Shen Yuelan, so as not to misunderstand her, that would only waste her feelings.

   “Ah! My **** hurts while sitting, I’ll lie down on the sofa over there!”

   Goku Tian stood up, stretched, and found an excuse to hide on the sofa so as not to repeat Shen Yuelan’s old tricks.

   Not long after, the two women finished their steaks, and soon a waiter brought some desserts and coffee.

   Goku Tian didn’t have much interest in sweets, lying on the sofa playing with his mobile phone, too lazy to get up, so Shen Yuelan and Xia Yurou ate some.

   After eating, they took a break. About half an hour later, the three of them left the western restaurant together.

“Yuelan, it’s too early, we are going back to the hotel, let’s send you back to school by the way.” Goku Tian said first, whether it is to spend the night with Xia Yurou in the two-person world or stay with Shen Yuelan Goku Tian wanted to send her back to school quickly.

   Before Shen Yuelan said anything, Xia Yurou first said “Because of Yuelan, you offended that gang. They must be angry now. What if you bring someone back to school to find Yuelan for revenge!”

Goku Tian did not think about this, so she changed her words and said, “That’s true, my wife is still smart! Then Yuelan will stay at the hotel during this time. Anyway, the rooms on that floor are covered by me, she thought You can live anywhere.”

“Yuelan will still sleep with me tonight. For the past few days, you can continue to sleep on the sofa. If you have any complaints, find a place to sleep on your own, and I won’t bother to care about you.” Xia Yurou took Shen Yuelan’s arm, and couldn’t help but say command.

   The leaders have spoken, Goku Tian is also completely speechless, and can only take one step at a time, just love it.

   The three people came to the side of the road, took a taxi and returned to the hotel. After playing for a while, they took a shower and fell asleep, and soon fell asleep.

   But tonight, someone is destined to lose sleep all night.

   In the hospital ward, Xiao Fang was sitting next to the bed, with a bandage on his face, holding his brother’s hand, and silently weeping.

   And Xiao Fan lying on the hospital bed, wearing a respirator, his eyes closed, as if he was asleep.

   In fact, Xiao Fan fainted when he was taken to the ambulance and sent to the hospital for treatment.

   After a detailed diagnosis in the hospital, the doctor told Xiao Fang to be psychologically Her brother was shocked because of a strong head hit and was currently in shock.

   is very likely to be in a coma, unable to wake up, and become a vegetable.

  Everyone who came with them, including Xiao Fang, no matter how uncomfortable they were, their face and mouth were severely injured, as long as they were treated well, they would gradually recover.

  Only Xiao Fan, the situation is obviously more serious than expected. From the doctor’s words, Xiao Fang has heard that this is the same for his brother in this life. If he is not saved, he can only wait for death.

   She is definitely the most sad moment of being vulnerable in her life.

   In the ward, there were only three people, Xiao Fan lying on the bed, Xiao Fang crying silently beside the bed, and a tall man with a fierce face standing silently by the side.

   After a long time, Xiao Fang finally wiped away her tears and stood up, because she knew that her brother would not get better just because she was crying here.

   And now, there are more important things waiting for her to do!

   “That person, I must kill him!!” Xiao Fang’s face was full of shabby, every word was eaten, and his teeth rattled.

   Xiao Fang at this moment is also the most angry time in his life.

   “Xiao Fan has become like this, I am also sad, but you have to cheer up. Don’t worry, with me, I will definitely take revenge for you and Xiao Fan!!!”

   The man’s face was also full of frost, and in front of Xiao Fang, he took out a pistol and loaded it with two clicks.

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