Super Saiyan Student Chapter 2900 Do something good for the body and mind and entertain others

“Tomorrow, I want him to die in front of me with that bitch!”

   Xiao Fang stepped forward and hugged him tightly.

   “Well, just tomorrow, I will bring my best men, let’s get rid of them together!” The man also hugged Xiao Fang and said in a very firm tone.

   Although Xiao Fang found so many elder brothers to be backers by his looks, he still has a set of options for men.

   Even if her face becomes like this now, it is uncertain whether she can completely restore her original beauty in the future.

   But the man in front of her still has a sincere affection for her, so that she can meet all her requirements, including murder!

   The next morning, Goku Tian got up early, but did not get his wish last night, although it is regrettable.

   But Shen Yuelan still has to go to school after all, even if he has to come to sleep these nights, but at least, he and Xia Yurou can spend time alone during the day.

   “Morning, two beauties!” Goku Tian finished washing, dressed neatly, sitting on the sofa, and greeted the two women who had just come out of the bedroom and were still yawning.

   “Morning!” Shen Yuelan responded with a smile, but Xia Yurou didn’t bother to care about him at all. This guy got up so early today and smiled so diligently, surely he was not at ease!

   Sure enough, when the two girls finished washing, Goku Tian hurriedly pulled the two girls out for breakfast, and when they finished breakfast, he hurriedly took a taxi to send Shen Yuelan back to school.

On the side of the road at the school entrance, Goku Tian sat in the taxi and did not get down. He poked his head out and told Shen Yuelan “The few people yesterday should still be in the hospital. These few days are definitely not good. I can’t personally. I’m bothering you, but maybe someone will be found to deal with you.”

   “You have to be more careful. I can’t stay by your side all the time. If you encounter trouble or feel something is wrong, please contact me immediately and I will be there as soon as possible!”

   Shen Yuelan stroked her hair, nodded to Goku Tian, ​​and said, “I understand. Then I’m in school, so have fun.”

   After speaking, she looked at Goku Tian reluctantly, then turned and walked towards the school gate.

   Seeing that Shen Yuelan had left, Goku Tian retracted his head and immediately shouted to the driver’s master “Drive!”

   While starting the car, the driver looked back at him and asked, “Where are you going?”

   “Where did they come back?” Goku Tian said, and the place where they took a taxi when they came was near the hotel where they were staying.

   “Okay!” The driver agreed, gave a gas pedal, immediately turned a corner, and returned to the direction he came.

   “We just came out, what are we going to do now?” Xia Yurou was wondering where to take Goku Tian to play next, and when she heard that she was going back the same way, she immediately looked at Goku Tian with an inexplicable expression.

“Well… I forgot to bring my mobile phone out of the room after I lost it. If I go out without a mobile phone, what should I do if Yuelan has trouble calling me, but I can’t receive it.” Goku Tian’s eyes rolled. Turned around, said.

   “You, I lost everything.” Xia Yurou said casually without saying anything, and began to discuss with Goku Tian where he should go to play later.

After all, no matter how big Longhai City is and no matter how many interesting places, Goku Tian has been here for so long, and almost all the places that should be taken him go. There is no need to waste time in other places where every city has similarities. Up.

   So where to go next, there are really not many places to choose from.

   Goku Tian continued to say that he didn’t have a match, and his mind was not on where to go, because what he planned to do next was much more important than where to go to play such trivial things!

   Not long after, the taxi stopped outside the hotel as requested by Goku Tian.

   After paying the car, Goku Tian opened the car door and reached out to pull Xia Yurou to get off the car.

   “Go up and get your mobile phone by yourself. I’ll just wait for you here, why let me go up too!” Xia Yurou was dragged out of the car by Goku Tian, ​​asking strangely.

“I forgot where I put my mobile phone. We live in a presidential suite. How big it is. It must be hard to find one person. Wouldn’t it be faster for two people!” Goku Tian gave the reason and Xia Yurou really couldn’t refute it. , Had to follow him, entered the hotel with him, and came to the door of the room.

   opened the door with his room key. As soon as he entered, Goku Tian didn’t even bother to change his shoes, so he pulled Xia Yurou and walked to the bedroom hurriedly.

   “The sofa you slept on last night, no matter how you lose your mobile phone, you can’t lose it in your bedroom.” Xia Yurou looked at Goku Tian with an idiot look, why this guy’s brain is so bad!

   Goku Tian didn’t say anything, and dragged Xia Yurou directly to the bed, hugged her by the waist, and threw her on the soft big bed.

   “You… in broad daylight, what are you doing…” No matter how stupid Xia Yurou was, she realized that something was wrong, and she looked at Goku Tian with a vigilant face, and involuntarily covered her chest.

   At this moment, Goku Tian looked at her, like a hungry wolf looking at a fat and tender little sheep. Not only his eyes were red, but the halazi was almost on the ground!

“The thing I’m looking for is not a cell phone, but you!” Goku Tian was talking, and quickly took off his underwear only left, and directly rushed towards Xia Hold Xia Yurou ‘S arm, sighed gently in her ear, and smiled frivolously

   “As for what I want to do…hehehe, of course it is to do something good for the body and mind and entertain others!!”

   After speaking, Xia Yurou didn’t give Xia Yurou any chance to resist and say no, Dang Even kissed deeply.

   At the beginning, Xia Yurou resisted symbolically, but later, not only did she lose the strength to resist, she also responded fiercely.

   The two were tangled together, and the clothes on Xia Yurou’s body seemed to be magical, unknowingly less and less.

   However, when Goku Tian stretched out his hand to Xia Yurou’s last clothes, Xia Yurou, who had responded fiercely, suddenly woke up and held Goku Tian’s hand with a firm attitude.

   “Goku Tian, ​​no!” Xia Yurou said.

   “What’s the matter, don’t you want to really become my woman? Or are you still angry with me?” Goku Tian raised his head and asked.

Xia Yurou pulled him to the side, hugged him, gently rubbed his face, and said softly “Why don’t I want to be your woman? From the moment I met you, I was destined for life. It’s all yours.”

   “As for being angry…I can’t remember why I got angry with you.”

“Then why are you stopping me? We haven’t slept together in the past few days, and now we are finally in the same bed again, do you have the heart to treat me this way?” Xia Yurou touched her smooth thighs downward.


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