Super Saiyan Student Chapter 2901 inconvenient

“Don’t do this…” Xia Yurou grasped his hand tightly, placed it on her chest, bit her lip, her cheeks flushed, “I’m not rejecting you, but today… It’s really inconvenient!” “

   Goku Tian, ​​as an old driver, immediately understood, he was instantly discouraged, and couldn’t help but mutter No wonder I haven’t given me a good face these days, it turned out that it was the one here!

   For a woman a month, there are always so few days inconvenience. Naturally, the temper during that time is not very good. After all, whoever is bleeding, the mood cannot be any better!

   “It’s okay, if you are not convenient, I will definitely not force it. Let’s not do it. Anyway, there will be opportunities in the future.” Goku Tian hugged Xia Yurou and hugged her in his arms, and said.

   “So be patient and wait a few more days. Today is the first day. After a few days, I will give myself to you, okay?” Xia Yurou raised her head and looked at Goku Tian affectionately.

   “It’s okay, your health matters. No matter how many days you are here, I will wait for you even if it is a hundred days!” Goku Tian said affectionately.

   “You’re going to die! It’s not you that hurts, right? I can’t stand it after a few days, and I have to come for a hundred days, curse me!” Xia Yurou beat Goku Tian several times, Jiao Jiao.

   “Baby, do you feel uncomfortable now, do you want me to boil some brown sugar water for you, or find a hot water bottle?” Goku Tian got up and was about to prepare.

“No, it doesn’t hurt so much now.” Xia Yurou pulled him back, nestled in his arms, with a sweet smile on her face “Just let me hold it like this, just hold you , I don’t feel so painful and feel much more comfortable.”

   “Well, let’s hold it, as long as you like it, you can do anything to me!” Goku Tian hugged her and kissed her on the forehead.

   The two cuddled together and fell asleep unconsciously, and didn’t wake up until almost noon.

   After the two woke up one after another, they both felt a little hungry, but they didn’t get up right away, but stuck together and hugged them. They both enjoyed the moment.

   “Yurou, in two days, Yuelan’s disease can be completely treated, and it will be cured in a long time.”

   “When her disease is cured, let’s go back to Wu’an together.”

   “You have been out for so long, Qianqian and the others also miss you very much. Last time I called them and asked when you can go back to be company with them!” Goku Tian said softly.

   “Okay. When Yuelan’s illness is cured by you, we will go back. I will go wherever you go!” Xia Yurou agreed without hesitation.

   After all, the reason why she will come back this time is because she learned about the illness of Mr. Song.

   Now that Mr. Song’s illness has been cured by Goku Tian, ​​for her, the only thing she cares about now is when will the illness of Shen Yuelan, who she regards as a good sister, be cured.

  Although she didn’t understand the disease, Goku Tian didn’t explain it to her, but since it is a disease, she must be cured.

   As a good sister, if Shen Yuelan’s illness is not completely cured, she will not be relieved.

   I had to deal with Shen Yuelan’s affairs. For Xia Yurou, there was no need to stay here anyway, and the current Song family didn’t need her to worry.

   The two hugged for a while, and then they got up and got dressed together, and went out to find a restaurant for dinner.

   After lunch, the two returned to the hotel again. Xia Yurou was not feeling well today. Naturally, Goku Tian wanted to stay with her and take care of her.

   One afternoon, quickly passed.

   “It’s almost time for Yuelan to leave school. You should go early this time, and wait at the school gate in advance so that no one will trouble her again.”

   Checking the time, Xia Yurou reminded Goku Tian and asked him to pick up Shen Yuelan earlier.

   Goku Tian nodded, hugged Xia Yurou, and made a few big mouthfuls on her face, looking reluctant.

   “Alright, alright! Go ahead!” Xia Yurou gently grabbed him and wiped the saliva on his face.

“I’m leaving.”

   After Goku Tian finished speaking, he left the room, walked out of the hotel quickly, and took a taxi to Shen Yuelan’s school.

   And at this moment, in the school, in Shen Yuelan’s class, there is a girl sitting in the last row, covering her entire face and leaving only a pair of eyes.

   was staring at Shen Yuelan’s back with spiteful eyes.

   Needless to say, that person is naturally Xiao Fang who was only broken by Goku Tian yesterday.

   When I saw Xiao Fang at school today, Shen Yuelan was still a little surprised.

   She did not expect that Xiao Fang’s injury was not serious. She was not hospitalized like other people, but returned to school so quickly, as if she was fine.

   However, Shen Yuelan now has a much more self-confident temperament than before, and she is not afraid. What’s more, she still has Goku Tian as a shield for her. Forgive Xiao Fang for not daring to do anything to her.

   Even if she is still dead, Goku Tian will naturally clean up this **** for her!

   The reason why Xiao Fang went back to school so quickly was to keep an eye on Shen Yuelan for fear that she would run away.

   It is said that a gentleman takes revenge, it is not too late for ten years.

   But Xiao Fang is not a gentleman, she is just a little girl, and she must be compared with each other, and she must be reported!

   Brother is still lying in the hospital unconscious. She stayed up all night and stayed awake until now. Her eyes are flushing. How can she be reconciled without seeing Goku Tian and Shen Yuelan die in front of her?

   She can’t do anything with Goku Tian, ​​even if she summons all the younger brothers, she won’t be Goku Tian’s But what age is this, so what is it like to hit the wall with one punch!

   Even if it is steel and iron, can it stop modern weapons?

   The man she is looking for now is not an ordinary gangster. Not only is he quite powerful, but he also has a lot of hot weapons. He still has a few lives in his hand. To him, killing is as simple as eating!

   She can’t clean up Goku Tian, ​​but her man can! !

   Soon, the bell rang and the last class in the afternoon was over. Everyone packed up and left the classroom. Shen Yuelan also packed up and walked out of the classroom.

   and Xiao Fang followed closely behind.

   The direction Shen Yuelan was walking was naturally at the gate of the school, ready to leave the school to find Goku Tian.

   The two were walking one after the other, and suddenly a group of people came from the side. The leading boy was tall and burly, holding a basketball in his arms, and greeted Xiao Fang loudly

   “Hey! Xiao Fangfang, you are so anxious to go, where are you going?”

   Xiao Fang knew who it was when he heard this voice, and he didn’t even care about it, so he continued to move forward.

   But the boy violently threw the basketball in front of her, interrupted her footsteps, and then quickly walked over, reaching out to block her.

   “What’s the matter with your face? You don’t know. My favorite is your face, which has a special smell. How did you wrap it like this today.”


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