Who are you my husband Chapter 241

The Zhou family is also one of the few great families in the Central Plains,

and it has a great influence. Although it is in St. David, if Kelvin is really

killed, the Zhou family will definitely not let it go.

Nick could cover the sky with one hand in St. David, but Walton

supported him.

After leaving St. David, he really couldn’t break his wrists with those real

wealthy families.

Unless it is a head-to-head fight.

However, in today’s society, head-to-head fights are only the next policy,

and the real best policy is to use the relationship between all parties and

their own deterrence to solve problems.

To put it bluntly, Nick’s foundation is still unstable.

In fact, even if his identity as the owner of Bit Tech is announced, local

tycoons like the four major families of St. David still look down on Nick

in their hearts.

In this society, it is not how much money you have that is the real boss.

The real competition is the family heritage and family relationship network.

But even the four powerful families in St. David still can’t enter the’old

money’ class.

Regardless of whether it is the Troy Family or the Nick family, there is

still a certain gap between entering the “old money”, the real top of society.

Nick had this qualification, but when his father disbanded the Walton

Family in the capital city, he became a wealthy upstart. In the eyes of those

real old money, he was just a new money.

‘Old money’ is a realm that all wealthy families are yearning to pursue.

If Nick can one day step into the realm of’old money’, then the Walton

Family he will lead in the future can be regarded as a real powerful family.

At that time, as long as Kelvin dared to provoke him, whether in St. David

or where, he would dare to easily kill Kelvin.

Because at that time, his entire family had enough ability to suppress this


But he still has a long way to go from that state.

“Well, I know.” Charlie nodded and turned to look at Zeng Xin, “Call Hu

Biao and ask when they will be back.”

Hu Biao sent Zhang Wei to the hospital. There is a hospital not far from

here. If there is no queue, it should be very fast.

This matter must not be dragged on. The other party will definitely be

vigilant after knowing that the killer has missed his hand. They must stop

the other party as soon as possible.

Then the only person they can contact Kelvin now is Zhang Wei.

At this time, Kelvin was drinking with Homer in the club opened by Zuo’s


“Brother Zhou, I think it is really irrational for you to send someone to

assassinate Nick.” Homer raised his glass and touched Kelvin.

The so-called enemy’s enemy is a friend.

Although Homer was slapped in the face by Kelvin last time, and even the

Yalbrough channel was won by Kelvin, but then Nick stepped in and

made them both have a common enemy.

That is Nick.

So the two of them smiled at each other and joined forces to deal with


“How do you say?” Kelvin asked, taking a sip of the red wine in the glass.

Homer elegantly picked up the wine bottle, poured the wine for Kelvin, and

said “You don’t know, Nick’s relationship is Walton, although we don’t

know the specific identity of Nick, but if he left in St. David Whether it

is Walton or the people behind Nick, they will definitely not give up.”

Many people in St. David are now speculating that Nick may be a

descendant of a family from London or other big places.

However, considering his relationship with Walton, both of them are

basically London accents, so more people think that Nick comes from

the Walton Family in London.

Kelvin frowned. He did not investigate Nick’s identity. If Nick’s

backstage was really Walton, it would be really troublesome.

“Also, I don’t think the people you send will necessarily kill Nick.”

Homer explained, “You haven’t heard of it. Some time ago, the Elliot

Family invited the martial arts expert Dongfang Long to come. Challenge

Nick. When everyone thought that Nick was going to lose, he didn’t

expect Nick to easily defeat Dongfanglong. Do you know what the Elliot

Family paid in the end?”

Kelvin was shocked. He didn’t expect Nick to have such a strong skill.

He had also heard of Dongfanglong’s name. He was a real martial artist, but

he did not expect to lose to Nick. That said, he The killer sent there

might not be able to kill Nick, on the contrary, he would startle the


Kelvin regretted it a bit, he had known Homer first.

“You continue talking.” Kelvin nodded and said.

“At that time, he almost broke the entire Elliot Family. Of course, this is a

bit exaggerated, but the Elliot Family was indeed miserable by him. The

economic loss on the surface was as high as 3 billion Pound, but the

reputation of the Elliot Family was added. Waiting for the loss, the Elliot

Family will lose at least nearly 5 billion, which can be described as a

serious injury. I heard that in the end Zhang Daozhong went to Nick to

seek peace. They were really scared.” After Homer finished speaking, he

was full. After drinking the wine, he elegantly placed the wine bottle on the

crystal table.

“Fuck, that kid is so cruel? And where does he have so much energy,

Walton alone can’t do it.” Kelvin said in shock.

“Brother Zhou, don’t believe me, just listen to me.”

Homer picked up the cup and touched Kelvin again, then drank half a cup

by himself before he said again “Zhangjia Group Building was taken by

him. The fire is all burned. I heard that even the confidential documents

were not taken out. At least one billion Pound was lost. The Bishuiwan

project, Zhangjia invested nearly one billion Pound, and it was all built and

renovated, but it was slammed by Nick It was razed to the ground with

the sound of’. There is also the Elliot Family’s Green Island, plus land and

construction, and future investment, which is no less than one billion

Pound, but it was overshadowed by Nick. Only these three places are

visible. Loss, is the Elliot Family going to lose 3 billion, the various losses

secretly, and the loss of the Elliot Family’s face in St. David, all these add

up, is the Elliot Family’s vitality badly hurt?”

Kelvin’s face changed greatly, unexpectedly Nick was so good, which

completely exceeded his expectations.

He had always thought that Nick was just a master stone gambler, he

would kill if he killed him, as long as he could get back the original stone


Now think about it, a person who can force the Elliot Family to admit and

avoid, can you dare to say that he is just a master stone gambler?

And he is backed by Walton.

Their Zhou family also has a backing in the capital, and their Zhou family

has also analyzed this year’s transfer.

Walton came to St. David not to be decentralized on the surface, but to be

plated with another layer of gold. As long as he did not make a mistake in

St. David, he would basically rise again after returning. Such a big man

stood behind Nick. , He actually wanted to assassinate Nick, this was

simply uncomfortable for their Zhou family.

Thinking clearly, Kelvin hurriedly called to let people cancel the

assassination of Nick.

“I hope it’s still too late.” Kelvin thought anxiously after calling.

Looking at Kelvin’s worried face, Homer smiled knowingly and said,

“Brother Zhou, I have a better way to let Nick hand over the rough

channels of our two families.”

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