Who are you my husband Chapter 242

Ninja Club.

Zhang Wei called several times in a row, but the other party did not answer,

and finally turned off.

At this time, there were large drops of sweat on his forehead.

One is that his mother is still in each other’s hands.

Second, the anaesthetic used before the severed finger on his left hand

failed, and he was in severe pain at this time.

Third, if this matter is not handled properly, not only will Charlie not rescue

his mother, it is very likely that he will be killed.

Zhang Wei was flustered when he couldn’t make the call to the other party


“How is the situation?” Charlie asked. Seeing Zhang Wei’s forehead was

sweaty, he felt that Zhang Wei should be calling there, and he also believed

that Zhang Wei would definitely not dare to do anything in front of him.

“Charlie, Brother Charlie, the other party may know that this side failed, so

they turned off the phone directly, and I only have that person’s phone.”

Zhang Wei said with a trembling voice.

“Where do you think they might be?” Charlie frowned and asked.

“I…I really don’t know.” Zhang Wei’s expression changed, and he said with

some fear.

Charlie frowned. He didn’t know where the other party was, and he didn’t

move, so he had to check it slowly or wait for the other party’s call.

However, a Mr. Mu hasn’t found it yet, and now there is another Kelvin,

which really gives him a headache.

“When Kelvin came to St. David, either he was staying in a hotel or the

villa he bought here. If he was staying in a hotel, it would be better to

check. If he bought a villa here, then It’s not easy to check.” Nick

analyzed, this is indeed a troublesome matter.

“Well, it’s mainly because they are in the dark, and we are in the light. This

is really difficult to investigate. Only when they show up again and take the

initiative to contact us.” Charlie nodded.

“I guess after they missed this time, they might no longer be anxious to

send someone to kill me. I’m just worried about whether they will do

anything to Moana and Megan and use them to threaten me.” Nick

analyzed. He had only called Megan and Noah before, and asked them to be

careful. It was also difficult for Kelvin to use them.

Whether it was Noah or the bodyguards he personally found for Megan, he

still had confidence in them.

But thinking that he hadn’t equipped Noah and others with a pistol, he felt a

little worried.

Because Kelvin’s people all have guns, Noah might not be able to protect

Moana if they don’t have guns in their hands.

Nick felt a little flustered when he thought of this. He felt that his small

mistake was likely to cause catastrophe.

He took out the phone and was about to call Noah when he received a call

from Noah.

Seeing the call, Nick’s heart jumped and hurriedly pressed the answer


“Nick, Brother Nick, I’m sorry, I didn’t protect Moana…” Noah’s

voice sounded a little weak, giving people the feeling of dying at any time.

Nick was shocked, and hurriedly asked, “Are you okay?”

“I was shot twice, one shot in the stomach, the problem is not too big, but

the other shot hit me in the chest, I felt like it was shot. The heart…” Before

Noah finished speaking, there was no sound.

Nick’s heart sank. Whatever he worries about the most, he will come.

His face was ugly to the extreme, not only because of Moana’s accident, but

also because Noah was probably sacrificed for it.

“What’s the situation?” Charlie frowned and asked.

“They took my daughter and probably killed Noah too.” Nick said in a

deep voice.

“My grass, Kelvin of dog days, if he dares to move my niece, I will kill him

by himself!” Charlie said angrily.

“Brother Charlie, or let’s go to the kindergarten to see Brother Xu now.” Hu

Biao said.

“No, it’s a bit far from the kindergarten. I called the hospital over there to

see it. Let’s go directly to the hospital.”

Nick turned around and walked outside, calling the hospital in Dadu

District as he walked.

“By the way, let the brothers be ready to fight at any time.” When he came

to the car, Nick turned his head and said to Charlie.

If Kelvin dared to hurt Moana a cold hair, even if he defeated the Zhou

family and was injured, he would still keep Kelvin in St. David forever.

“Well, I know.” Charlie nodded, without Nick speaking, he must also

know the seriousness of this situation.

Nick is a daughter like Moana, so precious, of course he understands

Nick’s mood.

He had already thought that if Kelvin really dared to hurt Moana, even if

Nick didn’t do it, he would kill Kelvin himself.

After getting in the car, Nick called Megan again to make her be careful,

but he didn’t tell her what happened to Moana.

Half an hour later, Nick and others arrived at the People’s Hospital of

Dadu District and soon found the hospital director.

“Dean Nickg, how is my friend’s situation?” Nick asked directly.

Dean Nickg is a middle-aged bald head. They met when Moana was

hospitalized here. Later, after he inherited the family property, he also

donated a sum of money to the hospital. So he called and Dean Nickg

immediately Arranged someone to go to the kindergarten and found Noah.

“The situation is not very good. It seems that he has hit the heart. But when

he arrived at the hospital, he hadn’t died. I have arranged the best doctor to

perform surgery on him. I hope he is the legendary right-hearted person.

Well, the chance of not surviving is really very small.” Dean Nickg said.

Right person?

Nick and the others sank.

The so-called right-hearted person means that the heart grows on the right

side of the chest. They have heard of such a person, but they have not seen

All organs of this kind of person grow opposite to that of a normal person.

The heart grows on the right side, so his liver will grow on the left side,

which grows like a mirror image of a normal person.

But even if Noah is a right-hearted person, and the bullet hits his left chest,

it is likely that he will also injure his liver, or it is impossible for him to

faint before finishing speaking.

But at least it is better than hitting the heart. If the liver is injured, there is

still a chance to be cured. If the heart is hit, the gods will not be able to


“Why don’t we go to the operating room to wait for the news?” Seeing that

Nick and the others were a little nervous, Dean Nickg suggested.

“Okay, then I’ll trouble Dean Nickg.” Nick nodded. He really only

wanted to know if Noah would be okay, and he also hoped to know Noah’s

situation as soon as possible.

“Well, you come with me.” Dean Nickg nodded, and led Nick and the

others towards the operating room.

There were two rows of stools specially prepared for the patient’s family

members outside the operating room. Nick and the others looked outside

the door of the operating room, and then all sat down on the stools.

With a nervous mood, after waiting for more than half an hour, everyone

saw that the door of the operating room opened, and then several doctors in

white coats walked out of it, all of them tired.


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