Who are you my husband Chapter 243

“How is it?” Dean Nickg asked first.

“The right-handed man, he is also lucky. The bullet just grazed the liver and

shot it, and he can recover for a while.” Seeing that the dean was waiting

outside in person, the attending doctor said excitedly.

“Well, it’s been hard work, you should go down and rest first.” Dean

Nickg nodded, and he was relieved.

Nick and the others also breathed a sigh of relief. If Noah died because

of this, he would also feel sad.

For Noah, he did not regard him as a general bodyguard. In his heart, Noah

was like his little brother.

Now Noah is not in danger, and Nick is greatly relieved. Now he is

waiting for Kelvin to call him.

Kelvin arrested Moana, but just wanted to use Moana to threaten him and

ask him to return the rough channel to Zhou’s family. He believed that

Kelvin would definitely not harm Moana.

Because that would only make him more angry and force him to fight the

Zhou family.

But even though he thought so in his heart, Nick was still a little


In addition to worrying that Kelvin would harm Moana, he also worried that

this incident would leave a shadow on Moana’s young mind.

The operation was very successful. Noah hadn’t woke up yet. It was not

until an hour later that Noah woke up slowly.

“Brother Nick, I’m sorry…” Noah said apologetically when he saw

Nick and others standing by the bed.

He has passed the anesthetic period at this time, not only the incision is

painful, but the whole person looks a little weak, and his face is not bloody.

“It’s fine if you are fine, Moana will be fine, don’t blame yourself, and

blame me for not being considerate. If you were equipped with a gun at that

time, you wouldn’t be injured.” Nick waved his hand and signaled Noah

Don’t blame yourself.

“I…” Noah was a little moved, and didn’t know what to say for a while.

“You take a good rest, take care of the injury first, and don’t worry about

other things. By the way, do you want to tell your parents?” Nick asked.

“Don’t, I don’t want them to worry.” Noah shook his head and said.

“Well, okay.” Nick nodded, making the old man worried.

At this moment, Nick’s phone finally rang. It was an unfamiliar phone.

The caller ID showed the number of the Central Plains area.

“Nick, right? I won’t say more nonsense. You should already know it.

Your baby girl is in my hands now. If you want to save your daughter, you

can take my Zhou family’s rough channel and Troy Family’s rough stone.

Let’s change the two contracts of the channel. By

the way, you can only bring a lawyer, don’t think about calling the police,

otherwise you will wait for your daughter to collect the body.” The other

party said directly.

Nick’s face sank, and he asked “Address?”

“NickgxiPound Old Railway Station, I know you live in Dadu District. I

will give you one hour, enough time for you to get the contract. Don’t

blame me for tearing the ticket when it expires.” Just hung up the phone.

Nick put away the phone, everyone looked at him.

“Charlie, you go get the two original stone channel contracts, we two go to

the old railway station in Nickgxi, the other people surrounded me the

old railway station, no one let me out.” Nick said in a deep voice Said.

Kelvin actually grabbed Moana and had already touched his bottom line.

Today he must teach Kelvin a profound lesson.

“Where are you waiting for me?” Charlie nodded and asked.

“Just here, it’s about 20 minutes to the old railway station, which is pretty

close,” Nick said.

“Good.” Charlie turned around and went out without saying a word.

Nick called Aron of the Sea Shore, and after making arrangements, he

said to Hu Biao and others “You also take your brothers to ambush first. Be

careful not to let them discover your traces. You should stay on the

periphery first. After Charlie and I enter, you are sneaking over.”

“Okay.” Hu Biao nodded and called on the spot to make preparations.

This is a high-level VIP ward. Several rooms are dedicated to their own

people. They are not afraid that the news will leak out.

“Brother Nick, who is the other party?” Noah moved his body and


“The jewelers in the Central Plains, I won their rough channel before, and

they came to grab the rough channel.” Nick didn’t hide it, and told Noah

of the matter.

“Yeah.” Noah nodded. He couldn’t help at this moment, and he blamed

himself even more.

Nick walked to the lobby outside his home and stood by the window. He

took out a cigarette and looked at the hot weather outside the window,

making him extremely calm.

“Kelvin asked me to take the raw stone channel of Zuo’s family. Obviously,

the two of them must have joined together in this matter. And if I didn’t

guess wrong, Zuo’s family told Kelvin which kindergarten Moana went to.

” most

Nick spit out the smoke ring, his face grew gloomy.

His reputation in St. David during this period is too strong. He believes that

besides the four major families, many others must have checked his


He was not afraid that they would find out that he was the owner of Bit

Tech, and what he worried about was that the situation of Moana and Megan

would also be found out by them.

Now it seems that Zuo Jia knows whether he is the owner of Bit Tech, it is

hard to say, but they already have a lot of information about him.

“Troy Family, it seems that I have to find time to beat them. After dealing

with Rapahel Bieling’s people, after dealing with Rapahel Bieqing’s people,

take some time to go to Zuo’s house and walk around.”

Nick thought to himself. , Took the last puff of smoke, flicked the

middle finger, and popped the cigarette butt out of the window.

Charlie’s speed was very fast, and he returned in more than 20 minutes.

After Nick asked the nurse to take care of Noah, he went downstairs.

Sitting in Charlie’s car, Charlie launched the Hummer and hurried to the old

railway station in the west of the city.

“It’s more convenient, it’s useful when it’s critical.” Charlie threw a pistol

to Nick.

As the leader of the underground forces, Charlie, of course, also bought a

few pistols and hundreds of bullets through the black market. Although he

basically can’t use it, this thing is really good at critical times. No matter

how high your martial arts, no matter how fast you are. , Can’t be faster

than the bullet, right?

Nick took the pistol and withdrew to take a look. The room was full of

bullets. He closed the magazine again and pinned it to his waist.

Everyone in Kelvin has guns, and he can’t be careless.

“Can you kill him this time?” Charlie asked.

He understands Nick, Kelvin took Moana to threaten Nick, he had

violated Nick’s bottom line, and he knew that Nick had been


If Kelvin hadn’t captured Moana, even if he sent someone to assassinate

Nick, Nick didn’t even think about killing him, but at this time the

nature was different.

“It depends on the situation, but today I must make him useless.”

Nick fell silent and said.

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