Who are you my husband Chapter 244

When Nick and Charlie arrived at the old railway station, they saw

dozens of people taking a cold on the platform of the old railway station,

and Kelvin was among them.

But to his disappointment, there is no one in Zuo’s home.

He didn’t believe that he was wrong. He guessed that no one from the Troy

Family came. It must be the last time he took revenge on the Elliot Family,

which made the Troy Family a little jealous, so he would rather pay some

price from Kelvin’s hands and then buy back their Troy Family. The rough

channel didn’t want to fall into Nick’s hands.

“Fifty minutes, you are on time, did you bring the contract?” Kelvin got up

and walked towards Nick and Charlie, Moana was in his hands, he was

not afraid of Nick.

Nick raised the two contracts to Kelvin, and said in a deep voice,

“Where is my daughter?”

“Don’t worry, wait until I verify it.” Kelvin smiled and gestured to his


The lawyer came to Nick, took the contract in Nick’s hand, opened it

and checked it, and then returned the agreement to Nick, turning around

and nodding to Kelvin.

“Let Ahu bring people here.” Kelvin said to the big man behind him.

Hearing this, the big man took out his cell phone to make a call.

Kelvin knew that Nick was very strong, so he kept a hand and didn’t

take Moana to the old train station in the first time.

“Nick, you shouldn’t be against me, even if you have Walton’s support,

you can’t be my opponent of Kelvin.” Kelvin said jokingly.

“You know a lot.” Nick said coldly.

“Not much, I only know where your wife works.” Kelvin laughed.

Nick’s face darkened, a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

Kelvin repeatedly challenged his bottom line today, he was considering

whether to leave him in St. David forever.

“Boy, before doing anything in the future, be sure to keep your eyes open

and take a good look at who you can’t afford to provoke, otherwise it

provokes people you shouldn’t provoke, not only your safety, but also your

family. Suffer.” Kelvin laughed again.

Thinking that Nick made him lose his face in front of everyone at the

beginning, at this time Nick could only let him know, and he couldn’t

say that he was refreshed.

Nick remained silent. Before seeing his daughter, he first made Kelvin

proud. Kelvin challenged his details and could only make him more

determined to kill Kelvin.

At this time, on a construction site two kilometers away from the old

railway station, Zhou Hu received a call from Kelvin’s side, and then he

picked up Moana, whose mouth was sealed with tape and her eyes were full

of fear, from the shade. Walked out, ready to go to the old train station.

Because the weather is too hot, reaching 41 degrees Celsius, today the

construction site had to take a vacation to escape the heat.

Yu Bing was guarding the construction site today. He was resting with a fan

in the room, and vaguely heard the little girl’s whimper.

At first he thought it was an illusion and didn’t care much, but after a few

seconds, the little girl whimpered again. He was curious and walked out to

take a look.

As soon as he walked out of the construction site, he saw a big man walking

towards him holding a little girl.

“It’s a benefactor.” Although Moana’s mouth was sealed with tape, Yu Bing

recognized Moana for the first time, and he was shocked.

He still remembers that when he was helpless and wanted to cry that night,

it was this little girl who gave him a box of lunch, but the box contained

five thousand Pound, and he beat the five thousand Pound back home

before he His mother’s condition was suppressed.

He always thought that if he met the little girl and her father again, he

would have to thank him, and then return the five thousand Pound to the

family, although he knew that the other party would probably not want it.

“What to look at? Look at James to kill you.” Zhou Hu stared when he saw

Yu Bing looking at Moana in his arms curiously, and shouted angrily.

Yu Bing was shocked and turned his head hurriedly. He didn’t dare to look

back until the big man walked by him holding Moana.

The look of the big man made him a little frightened, but thinking about

Moana’s mouth sealed with tape, he immediately guessed that the other

party must have kidnapped Moana.

“Although this guy has a gangster, it is likely to kill me, but I can’t just

watch my benefactor being taken away by him. I must save the little


Yu Bing thought for a few seconds. After gritted his teeth, he turned his

head and lifted a steel pipe and quietly walked towards the back of the big

I don’t know if it is nervous or the weather is too hot, Yu Bing’s forehead is

covered with profuse sweat, and big beads of sweat are flowing down his


But his eyes were extremely firm, although his hands holding the steel pipe

were shaking.

Suddenly, Zhou Hu in front of him spotted Yu Bing who was following, and

he turned around and looked over.

Yu Bing screamed in fright, and at the same time the steel pipe in his hand

slammed on Zhou Hu’s head.

Before Zhou Hu could react, his forehead was cracked open, and blood

flowed out.

“You f*cking look for…” Zhou Hu fainted with his eyes wide before he

could finish his words.

Yu Bing breathed a sigh of relief and saw Moana fall down with Zhou Hu,

he hurriedly hugged Moana.

“Uncle, are you here to save me?” Yu Bing gently tore off the tape on

Moana’s mouth, and Moana asked.

Moana also recognized Yu Bing, it was the uncle who secretly cried when

her father asked her to send him a box of lunch.

“Yes, little benefactor, where is your home, I will take you back to find your

parents.” Yu Bing nodded and said.

“My home is in the Borewith Lake Villa area, the largest villa.” Moana said.

Yu Bing nodded, afraid that Zhou Hu would wake up, so he hugged Moana

and walked outside the construction site.

As he walked, he paid attention to the surrounding situation, and was afraid

that there would be accomplices of the kidnappers around him.

He had heard of the Borewith Lake Villa area, which was a villa that the

real rich man in St. David could afford, and he also understood why the

kidnappers wanted to kidnap Moana.

Because all the people who can live in the Borewith Lake Villa area are


At this time, at the train station, Nick and Charlie waited for half an

hour. Seeing that Kelvin’s people hadn’t sent Moana here, a bad

premonition suddenly rose in their hearts.

“It’s been half an hour, why hasn’t my daughter brought it?” Nick


Kelvin kept talking about Nick until he didn’t feel that half an hour had

passed, and he was shocked when he heard the words.

His move was only to get back the contract for the original stone channel.

Knowing that Nick was backed by Walton, he had no plans to kill


“What’s the matter, people?” Kelvin asked back.

“I’ll call again, maybe there is a traffic jam,” said the big guy who called


Kelvin nodded, and soon the big man said, “No one answered Zhou Hu’s


” Call again.” Kelvin frowned. It was only two kilometers away. He

couldn’t make it even if he didn’t believe it, and he still drove. .

He asked Nick to trade, if something went wrong, wouldn’t it embarrass

For some reason, Kelvin suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.


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