Who are you my husband Chapter 245

“Take the two brothers over to see.” Kelvin said in a deep voice when he

saw that the other party still couldn’t get through Zhou Hu’s phone.

The big man nodded, and took the two of them off the train station


“Kelvin, if there is anything wrong with my daughter, I will kill you today!”

Nick shouted in a deep voice.

“Are you threatening me?” Kelvin was a arrogant person, his face changed

when Nick threatened him.

“You can think so. I advise you to tell me where my daughter is now. If you

dare to play any tricks, I don’t mind if you shoot you.” Nick drew out his

pistol and pointed at it. On Kelvin’s head.

He vaguely felt that Moana must have had some accident again. If it fell

into the hands of other people, he could still use money or what the other

party wanted to rescue Moana.

But if it fell into Rapahel Biqing’s hands…

he didn’t dare to think anymore , the more he thought down, he only felt

cold in his hands and feet.

Seeing Nick drew his guns on Kelvin’s head, Kelvin’s men also drew

their guns at Nick and Charlie, and Charlie also drew the pistol from his


“Leave the gun down for James, otherwise James will kill him with one

shot!” Nick shouted in a deep voice.

Everyone did not dare to move a little, and they did not dare to shoot

without Kelvin’s order.

“Let them put down their guns!” Nick hit Kelvin’s forehead and shouted

in a deep voice.

Kelvin’s expression was quite ugly. He didn’t expect Nick to

preemptively stop him first.

Although he believed that Nick did not dare to kill him.

But that is usually.

At this time, Nick was worried that something would happen to his

daughter, who knew if he would make crazy moves.

“Put down all the guns.” Kelvin took a deep breath and said to the


Knowing that Nick was so decisive, he shouldn’t have been so close to

Nick. He regretted that he was just a little arrogant just now.

But what worries him even more is what happened to Zhou Hu and why he

hasn’t come after so long, and the phone can’t get through.

At this moment he was in Nick’s hands. If Nick’s daughter really

changed, he really didn’t know how to explain it.

“Is it because the Troy Family wants to eat black?” Kelvin suddenly

thought of Homer.

Homer came up with this action, and Homer also provided him with the

location of Moana kindergarten, but in the end Zuo’s family did not come

alone. When the time comes, he will spend 100 million Pound and then take

it from him. Buy the rough channel back.

Kelvin thought it was okay. As long as Moana was in his hands, he believed

that Nick would definitely give in, so he didn’t care about whether Zuo’s

family would come.

Thinking about it now, he felt as if he was being used by the Troy Family.

In fact, he thought too much.

The Troy Family was pitted by Nick several times. Whether it was

Homer or the Patriarch of the Troy Family, they already had a great shadow

on Nick. Coupled with the tragedy of the Elliot Family, it was indeed

impossible for them to do it for a rough channel. Fall out with Nick.

In order to prevent Nick from doubting, they did not dare to participate.

If Kelvin succeeded, they would rather spend 100 million from Kelvin to

buy back the rough channel instead of taking risks on Nick.

“Kick all the guns over to James.” Charlie shouted with the gun in his hand

pointed at the crowd.

Everyone looked at Kelvin, and when they saw Kelvin nodding, they all

kicked their guns over.

Charlie put away all the guns, more than a dozen in total, and then called

Hu Biao and the others so that they didn’t have to stay outside and let him

bring some people in.

Soon Hu Biao brought more than 20 brothers to the train station. Watching

so many people were killed all at once, Kelvin couldn’t help but glance at

Nick, feeling a little surprised.

He originally thought that although Nick had Walton’s backing, he

should not have anything to do with underground forces.

Charlie and the others saw that they were members of the underground

forces, and he couldn’t help but sweat.

These people apparently just ambushed them outside. Even if he got the

rough channel today, he wouldn’t want to leave St. David safely.

Under Charlie’s signal, Hu Biao and others tied up Kelvin’s men one after


“Say, where is my daughter?” Nick pressed his muzzle against Kelvin’s

forehead, and said in a deep voice.

Kelvin’s forehead was hurt by the top of his muzzle, but when he saw

Nick’s cold eyes, he still persuaded.

“I’ll take you there.” Kelvin said, spreading his hands.

At this time, the man is a knife, he is a fish, and of course he can only be at

his mercy.

Kelvin didn’t choose to take a car, but walked over. Nick believed that it

was definitely not far away, so he didn’t drive there.

With Hu Biao looking at those dozens of people, Charlie also passed by

with Nick. In

case there is any accident, they two together, it is good to have a care.

A few minutes later, the three people saw that the three people Kelvin had

called before had come with Zhou Hu.

At this time, blood still ran down Zhou Hu’s forehead.

But after the simple treatment, there is no major problem.

When the four of them saw Kelvin, who had been put a gun on their head

by Nick, their expressions suddenly changed, and they pulled out their

pistols with a bang.

This time, without Nick speaking, Kelvin hurriedly shouted, “Give me

all the guns and throw them to the ground!”

Kelvin saw that Zhou Hu was here and injured, and he knew something was


Now he fell into Nick’s hands, but Nick’s daughter was lost in his

hands. He was responsible for this matter. Maybe Nick would really kill

him with one shot.

Of course, he couldn’t let his subordinates anger Nick.

Upon hearing this, the four Zhou Hu threw their guns at their feet


“Kick here.” Charlie said coldly.

The four of them did so, and Charlie took the opportunity to put away the

four pistols.

Nick didn’t see Moana, and his heart sank to the bottom. The veins of

the hand holding the gun burst, and a strong murderous intent slowly rose.

“What’s the matter, people?” Kelvin looked at Zhou Hu with a gloomy

expression, his eyes full of anger.

Zhou Hu trembled, and took a breath before saying weakly, “Sorry, Charlie

Shao, I, for a moment, lost the hostage.”

“Trash! What’s the matter?” Kelvin shouted angrily.

Zhou Hu’s face was a little ugly and angry, and he said in embarrassment,

“I took your hostage and got into the car. Who knows that there is still a

person on the construction site. I was knocked out by him with a stick from

behind. a. ” “

waste! full of big eater! this is things that are not good, I go back to see how

close fit you! “Zhou compliance fly air rage, but for the land at this time

was the top gun in the dust on his forehead, he would rush Kick Zhou Hu


“Are you sure that the other party is really a worker on the construction

site?” Nick asked in a deep voice.

“Why the hell do I answer you, you count things?” Zhou Hu was feeling

depressed at this time about to vomit blood, and when he heard Nick’s

words, he immediately cursed.


Nick didn’t say a word, and shot him down.

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