Who are you my husband Chapter 246

Everyone was startled, especially Zhou Zunxi, and almost sat down in

shock. They didn’t expect Nick to actually shoot.

But soon they were relieved, Nick fired, but it only hit Zhou Hu in the

“The next shot blasts your head, do you believe it or not?” Nick looked

at Zhou Hu, who was lying on the ground and holding his left leg, with a

painful expression in his eyes, with a chill in his eyes.

Zhou Hu raised his head and glanced at Nick in pain, only one glance

made his mind rout.

The murderous intent in his eyes was that he had never seen him before,

even if he had killed many people, but at this moment, Nick’s eyes

actually made him feel cold.

Something called fear that hadn’t risen in his heart for many years was

slowly spreading throughout his body.

“I don’t know if he is a real worker, but when I first saw him, his eyes were

scared. Even when I scolded him, his face turned pale.” Zhou Hu was

scared and looked at Lu Lu. Nick’s cold and merciless eyes finally

answered Nick’s question.

“You f*cking want to die, don’t you? Just because you scolded him, he

dared to attack you from behind? And took your hostage away? Are you

f*cking kidding me?” Nick shouted angrily , The gun was aimed at Zhou

“Big brother, what I said is true. I don’t know what nerves he was making. I

suddenly slapped me with a black hand. If I knew he had the courage, I shot

him down with a single shot.” Zhou Hu was crying, he A group of people

who regretted in their hearts, the boss of the underground forces in the

Central Plains was actually given a hand by a brick mover, which in itself

had already made him very embarrassed.

Nick saw that Zhou Hu’s expression didn’t seem to be fake, so he

believed him for the time being. As long as Moana didn’t fall into Rapahel

Biqing’s hands, he was relieved.

“Kelvin, if my daughter has a long and short life, I will kill you first and let

your entire Zhou family be buried with you!” Nick glanced at Kelvin

with a cold eye, then took the phone and called Xu Zuojun.

Whether it was Kelvin or those of Kelvin’s subordinates, at this moment,

Nick’s heartless words trembled.

No one would doubt Nick’s determination.

If they were Nick, they would definitely do the same.

“Xu Ju, my daughter seems to be in the hands of a construction site. It’s

about half an hour or so, at the construction site behind the old railway

station in Nickgxi. Well, I’m sorry to trouble you.” Nick put away the

phone and prepared to go to the construction site first. Take a look.

“Call them all over and look for me on the construction site.” Nick said

to Charlie, and walked to the construction site alone.

Charlie let all the others in, tied up Kelvin and others in a group, and said

“Talking about justice, you first take them all back, and show me that if

there is something wrong, I will only be you. Asked.”

Shana nodded and said “Okay.”

Then he called a group of brothers to escort Kelvin and others to the car

back to Ninja.

And Charlie took other people to the construction site to find Moana.

Of course, when they went to the construction site, they called all the forces

that could be called, no matter what method they used, even if they dug the

ground three late, they had to find Moana.

“Brother, which underground force are you from?” In the car, Kelvin asked

Shana, who was watching him personally.

Shana looked back at Kelvin, and said jokingly “Why, want to inquire

about the news?”

Kelvin smiled awkwardly, and said “Brother is suspicious, I am from

Central Plains. It’s useless to inquire about your news, right? I’m just a little

curious, why do you all listen to Nick so much?”

Shana sneered “Do you want to know the answer? I might as well tell you,

Nick and our Boss Jewel are brothers, and Nick’s real energy is not

you at all. If you can see it through, do you think that Mr. Nick is relying

on Valdoz behind him? Ha ha, let me tell you the truth, let alone you guys

from other places, even our four major families don’t dare to provoke Mr.

Nick easily. In front of them, they all have to be human with their tails

between them.”

Nick is so awesome?

When Kelvin and the others heard it, they all took a deep breath.

At this time, they knew what kind of existence they provoked.

That kid is a great figure who is completely above the four big families in

St. David.

Listening to his accent, he is a standard person from London, is he from a

big family in London?

Kelvin suddenly regretted it, but it was just a rough channel, he shouldn’t

have come to risk it.

At this time, he finally understood why the Troy Family didn’t dare to fight

Nick back to the original stone channel.

Because their Troy Family didn’t dare to provoke Nick at all.

“Damn, Homer dug a hole for James to jump, grass!” Kelvin cursed fiercely

in his heart.

He should have known that Nick could not provoke him, but at this time

it was useless to regret it. He could only pray that Nick’s daughter would

be fine, otherwise Nick said that he would kill him, and he had no


At this time, on the bus going to Mount Drake, Yu Bing was taking Moana,

preparing to send Moana back to the Borewith Lake Villa area.

This is not the rush hour and there are not many buses.

Yu Bing has been telling stories to Moana. Not long after, a smile appeared

on Moana’s face. It was obvious that she had trusted Yu Bing.

“What’s your name?” Yu Bing asked Moana.

“My name is Lu Moana.” Moana said.

“Where’s your father?” Yu Bing asked curiously, thinking of the young man

in the park who turned his head and smiled at him that night.

“My dad’s name is Nick. My dad is a big boss and rich. He often buys

me many beautiful toys.” Speaking of her dad, Moana was proud.


Is that the owner of that small supermarket?

Yu Bing was startled. He thought of a small supermarket owner who had

donated 100 million Pound during the earthquake, which became a hot

news in St. David in those few days.

At the time, the news also mentioned the owner of the small supermarket,

Nick, who was also a young man in his 20s.

“It should be him, St. David’s youngest rich man, supermarket owner, and a

young man in his 20s, also called Nick.” Yu Bing guessed in his heart.

Yu Bing was suddenly agitated. He saved Moana. He believed that Nick

would definitely thank him. He even felt that Nick might give himself a

lot of money.

“But he used to help me when I was most difficult, even if he gave me

hundreds of thousands, I couldn’t ask for the money. If he had to give it, I

Just say that he has already given it, and I won’t pay him the five thousand

dollars he gave me.” Yu Bing thought this way, and the bus arrived at the


The bus was still some distance away from Borewith Lake, and Yu Bing

had to hug Moana and walk towards Borewith Lake.

Suddenly, an A8 stopped next to Yu Bing. Before Yu Bing could react, he

saw a big man getting off the car, with a palm cut on the back of the

soldier’s neck.

Yu Bing snorted, only to look back at the big man, and he fell softly.

Then the big man hugged Moana and got on A8, then A8 started and

walked away.


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