Who are you my husband Chapter 247

The Kidnapper’s Conditions

“Nick, if there is something wrong with Moana, I will fight you hard!”

Outside the police station, Megan stared at Nick fiercely, his eyes almost

red from crying.

She got off work early today, thinking that she hadn’t picked up Moana for

many days, so she went to pick up Moana herself, and then she learned the

news that Moana had been taken away in the morning.

She called Nick at that time, and Nick told her the truth.

After thinking about it all day, Megan has not found her daughter yet, since

Megan is worried, she is also afraid.

All this is because of Nick. If Nick hadn’t offended someone, how

could someone have taken Moana away.

Nick was smoking a cigarette silently, feeling very upset.

After watching the traffic video, someone took Moana on the bus and went

to the Borewith Lake community.

There is no camera installed in the two kilometers of Borewith Lake Villa

area. I don’t know what happened behind.

That person Nick looked familiar, but he was anxious. He didn’t expect

that the other party was the person he had helped before.

“The one named Yu Bing has already been caught, and they are bringing

him back.” Xu Zuojun came out and lit a cigarette.

“Where is Moana, are you with him?” Nick asked excitedly.

Xu Zuojun shook his head.

Nick was a little disappointed, and he became more worried.

After Yu Bing was brought to the game, he recognized Moana, knocked out

Zhou Hu and rescued Moana and other things were all told. Hearing his

explanation, Nick knew Moana. It was indeed taken away by others.

But Yu Bing didn’t know who robbed Moana.

But this made Nick feel more uneasy.

Because he thought of Rapahel Biqing’s people, and he thought of Mr. Mu

who they had been looking for.

“I don’t care who you are, as long as I dare to hurt my daughter, I will

definitely want you to die without a place to be buried!”

Nick gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

There was nothing for a night, both the police officer and Charlie’s people

were helping to find Moana’s whereabouts.

Nick and Megan also stayed up all night.

It wasn’t until nine o’clock in the morning that Nick finally received a

strange call when he went out for breakfast.

The caller was a stranger, but he had a St. David accent.

Although the other party deliberately changed his voice, Nick could still

hear it.

“If you want to save your daughter, apply to the Poundshi Association

before one in the afternoon to represent the St. David Poundshi Association

to participate in the rock gambling competition in Darnell.” The

other party hung up the phone without even giving Nick a chance to


Rough Stone Association?

Stone betting contest?

Nick narrowed his eyes, and he thought for the first time whether

someone from the Original Stone Association kidnapped Moana.

But soon he shook his head. He didn’t believe the Rough Stone Association

could do this kind of thing.

I don’t believe they dare to do this.

This is obviously the other party’s strategy.

But what is the meaning of this?

Nick rubbed his temples, racking his brains, and didn’t think of what the

other party meant.

“Who called?” Megan asked.

“The other party,” Nick said softly.

“The one who hijacked Moana?” Megan asked hurriedly.

“Yeah.” Nick nodded.

“What do they say, how much does it cost? No matter how much money is

required, you must give it to them, have you heard!” Megan said in a deep


“They just want money.” Nick said bitterly.

If the other party asks for money, no matter if the other party wants

hundreds of millions or billions, he will not blink, but the other party wants

him to represent St. David to participate in the rock gambling contest. He

has no idea what the other party is doing.

Seeing Megan looking at himself suspiciously, Nick continued “They

want me to represent St. David to participate in the stone gambling contest

in Darnell.”

“Participating in the stone gambling contest?” Megan was also stunned.

What logic is this?

Nick nodded and sent the number to Xu Zuojun “Help me find out what

the other party’s name is and where did you call?”

Xu Zuojun in the bureau received Nick’s message and immediately

asked someone to check the number. The result came out.

It is a card number without a real-name system.

He tried to make a call, but it showed that it was turned off.

After Nick received the message from Xu Zuojun, he stopped thinking

about it. He planned to go to the original stone association. He now only did

what the other party wanted.

At ten o’clock in the morning, Nick arrived at the Rough Stone


In the Original Stone Association, Nick saw three masters, Harley,

Milton, and Lazaro. He also saw Joshua, the old man of the Troy Family,

Brian, the old man of the Elliot Family, and Liu Qifu, the old man of the

Liu family.

His eyes swept across everyone’s faces, and everyone was looking at him.

“Rapahel Lu, come, come, sit down.” Milton said somewhat unexpectedly.

They are thinking about this Darnell Poundshi event, they should send

someone to it. This is for St. David to play. The three masters know their

own strength. They can dominate the party in St. David, but they are out of

St. David. It won’t work.

So none of the three of them wanted to lose face.

Unexpectedly, Nick came to the door.

Even the two masters Harley and Lazaro, who had always been prejudiced

against Nick before, no longer had their faces tied.

“Nick, are you going to represent us in St. David in the original stone

event in England Shipping?” Liu Qifu, the old man of the Liu family,

looked at Nick expectantly.

Even though Nick was very young, but there was a big man like Walton

standing behind him, Liu Qifu didn’t dare to ask for it.

Moreover, he can’t underestimate the young man who can make the Elliot

Family almost unstoppable by himself.

The two old men Joshua and Brian were also looking at Nick, but

Brian’s eyes looked at Nick somewhat hostile.

This is not surprising, after all, Nick had previously embarrassed his

Elliot Family, losing several billions, and even vomiting blood into his

anger. It is only strange that he has a good impression of Nick.

Hearing Liu Qifu’s words, Nick narrowed his eyes slightly, wondering if

they really kidnapped Moana and then used Moana to force me to Darnell?

“If you are not afraid that I will shame the St. David Raw Stone

Association, I can play.” Nick raised his eyebrows and said.

“How come, Rapahel Lu, to tell you the truth, we were the first to think of

you when we received the invitation from the England Overseas Stone

Association.” Milton smiled excitedly.

When they received this invitation a few days ago, they had indeed thought

about asking Nick to do it.

But Harley and Lazaro were unwilling to put aside their faces and ask

Nick, Milton had no bottom in his heart, and was a little afraid of being

rejected by Nick.

After all, Liam invited him to eat Nick’s moving wine before. He

already knew that Nick was an authentic businessman, unlike them, who

had dedicated his entire life to the research of Rough Stone.

He wanted to invite Nick to the game for them, but he had no bottom in

his heart, so he didn’t call Nick.

When Liu Qifu and other three old men saw Nick agree to the battle,

their faces also showed smiles.

Nick had easily defeated Fannie, who was ranked third in the country, at

the Yalbrough antique event. Nick was willing to make a move.

Everyone saw the hope of St. David becoming famous in the first battle.

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