Who are you my husband Chapter 248

The fact that Nick represented St. David went to England Sea Cucumber

to return to the stone gambling competition was quickly announced by the

Rough Stone Association through the media. When Nick was

introduced, they even defeated Fannie at the Yalbrough antique event. The

thing is also said.

Suddenly, all people interested in antiques and rough stones were full of

expectations. More jewelers and antique lovers expressed their willingness

to follow to Darnell to witness Nick’s victory.

The Darnell Stone Gambling Competition started on June 20, and there

were still two days left. During these two days, Nick did not stop

looking for Moana’s whereabouts.

But Moana was like not in St. David. He used all the energy and all the

relationships without any news.

Just when he was about to set off for Darnell, he received another call from

a stranger. The other party told him that he must win the championship for

St. David this time.

Nick did not have any pressure on this. The number one player in the

national gambling platoon was Giovani, and his strength was no longer

under Giovani. He believed that Giovani would definitely not participate in

such a boring game, as long as Giovani did not make a move. , He has

absolute confidence to win the championship.

Nick immediately sent Xu Zuojun the number again, but the result was

the same as last time.

From the original stone association, Milton and Nick went to Darnell

together, but to Nick’s surprise, there was another person walking with


This person is Pamella’s best friend Rhonda.

“Boss Lu, don’t mind going to Darnell with you.” Rhonda smiled sweetly.

Nick had a stall. What does he mind, he was just curious about what

Rhonda had been doing in St. David.

Pamella’s best friend was definitely not an ordinary person. He remembered

that he saw Rhonda for the first time, and it was at Pamella’s reception for a

long time.

Of course, maybe they came to St. David for the second time, or maybe

they came to St. David to start a company for development or something, so

Nick didn’t think much.

“Master Huang, this is the ticket. Let’s get ready to board the plane.”

Rhonda took out three tickets and gave Milton and Nick the two.

Nick realized that Rhonda had booked the ticket.

He thought that all this was done by the Rough Stone Association itself.

On the plane, when Rhonda went to the bathroom, Milton explained to

Nick “This competition is sponsored by Miss Blue. Besides, as long as

we win the championship, she will also represent the Marc Family to our

Rough Stone Association. Sponsored 10 million.”

“The Marc Family is from St. David too?” Nick asked.

“No, it’s the Marc Family in Central Plains, but I heard that they seem to

want to open a jewelry store in St. David, I don’t know if it is true.” Milton

said, shaking his head.

Nick nodded. In this case, it made sense.

The Marc Family wants to come to St. David to open a jewelry store. When

the time comes, they will use the Rough Stone Association to create

momentum for them. It will definitely be more effective than they invite

stars to advertise.

After all, Milton and other three masters in the original stone association are

more famous in the original stone world than many stars.

“Let’s take a rest.” Milton said when Nick didn’t seem to want to chat.

Nick nodded, then leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes to rest.

Milton also closed his eyes to rest.

Not long after, Rhonda came out of the bathroom and found that the two

people in the row in front of Nick and Milton were talking loudly,

frowned, and said, “Excuse me, both of my friends are resting. Will you be

a little quieter when you are chatting?”

Her tone and demeanor were more polite, but the two seemed to be a little

dissatisfied with Rhonda’s sudden interruption.

In the front row of Nick were two young men, a man and a woman.

They looked like they were all children of a wealthy family.

“What does it matter to you when we chat? Who ruled that you can’t chat

on the plane? Besides, if you are too noisy, you can buy your own private

jet.” The woman is pretty pretty, but she looks a bit disgusting at this time.

She looked at Rhonda. Although Rhonda was wearing a pair of widebrimmed sunglasses, she was not wearing a big foreign brand. She suddenly

felt that Rhonda was nothing but ordinary people.

“I just want you to keep your voice down.” Rhonda continued.

The man raised his head and hit Rhonda, and asked jokingly “Is that

enough, is that enough?”

He deliberately increased his mind a little, his eyes were full of provocative


Rhonda also remained polite, but the woman stood up and stared at Rhonda

and said, “If you don’t have the ability to buy a private jet, just shut up, this

is not your nosy place.”

Rhonda frowned slightly, but the glasses were blocked, and the two of them

couldn’t see. He only heard the man sarcastically “Jacinta, you value her

too much, do you think anyone can afford a private jet? Leave her alone and

we continue to talk.

Ours .” The man’s name is Anthony. He is from Darnell. Both his family

and Jacinta’s family run companies, and their family conditions are very

good, so they look down upon others.

Moreover, he was pursuing Jacinta, and he had to act in front of Jacinta, so

of course he wouldn’t listen to Rhonda.

“Yes, what’s the strength to follow a woman? It’s boring.” Jacinta sneered,

and sat down again, not putting Rhonda in his eyes at all.

“I just hope that your voice can be a little lower when you are chatting. Is

this difficult?” Rhonda frowned.

“Is bullSh*t, believe me or not? Do you think you are a woman, I dare not

beat you?”

Anthony was immediately unhappy. He felt that Rhonda was deliberately

finding fault. What happened to them when they were chatting? Can’t chat

on the plane?

The most important thing is that he is pursuing Jacinta, how can he show a

cowardly side in front of Jacinta.

Do you think they are loud?

Isn’t this underpick?

Anthony stood up, staring at Rhonda fiercely.

Rhonda was taken aback by Anthony’s momentum, and subconsciously

stepped back two steps. In a panic, his glasses fell to the ground.

Seeing the real Rhonda, Anthony was stunned.

Although Jacinta is pretty, in front of Rhonda’s beautiful face, it is the

difference between a princess and a maid.

Of course, Rhonda is a princess, and Jacinta he pursues is a maid.

At this moment, the anger on Anthony’s face melted, and his heart was


Obviously, Rhonda has never seen a few beautiful women.

Rhonda bent down to pick up the glasses, and at this time one hand picked

up the glasses before her.

“Thank you.” Rhonda took the glasses from Nick and whispered.

“Are you okay?” Nick asked.

He didn’t want to care about this matter, and he was not in the mood to care

about it.

But Rhonda provoked the young men and women to give him and Milton a

good rest, so when the man got up and threatened Rhonda, he had to come



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