Who are you my husband Chapter 249

“It’s okay.” Rhonda shook his head.

Nick didn’t want to worry about it, but when he saw the aggrieved look

in Rhonda’s eyes, he sighed and looked at Anthony again.

Seeing Anthony being startled by Rhonda’s beauty at this time, he felt a

little contemptuous.

“What kind of a man to use force on a woman? Does she ask you to talk

quietly?” Nick asked in a deep voice.

“Who are you? What’s the matter with you? If you don’t want to be beaten,

let Horace stay away.” Being despised by Nick, Anthony stopped doing

it immediately. He had a hot temper, and even Rhonda had to do it. Nick

was still a man.

Nick sneered and slapped Anthony’s face with a slap. Before Anthony

looked back, he grabbed Anthony by the collar and lifted him up.

“Just you little crippled man, dare you call me Horace?”

Nick snorted and slapped Anthony’s face again.

He was in a bad mood, and Anthony dared to provoke him, it was almost


Although there were not many passengers in the first-class cabin, they were

all shocked at this time and stood up to look at the dispute before them.


Before Anthony finished speaking, he received another slap in the face.

Nick no longer kept his hands this time, and the slap in the face made

the world quiet.

Anthony was completely stunned. The blood-red fingerprints on his face

made him a little dizzy.

“Why are you hitting someone?” Jacinta looked at Nick coldly and


Nick looked back at Jacinta with just a look, and immediately made

Jacinta shut his mouth obediently.

At this time Jacinta only felt cold all over, and Nick’s eyes made her

almost lost, and her face turned pale.

There are passengers

who know Anthony and Jacinta “This guy is finished

, he will definitely not be able to get off the plane.” “Why, he is so strong,

who dares to embarrass him?”

“Don’t you know, the young man who was beaten by him was called

Anthony, the son of Neil, a real estate tycoon in England Overseas Real

Estate, and the woman was called Jacinta, the daughter of the boss of the

Xia Group. He beat Anthony and threatened After Jacinta, will the Zhai Xia

family let him go?”

“Neil, that’s no wonder, that is our famous real estate agent in Darnell. I

heard that he raised a group of people to conduct demolition for him. No

one dared to provoke.”

“Well, it means that the group of people he raised is from underground

forces, and it’s lawless. That’s why I dared to conclude that this kid will

definitely take the pills after getting off the plane.”

Hearing everyone’s words, Milton’s face Shang suddenly revealed a

worried look.

He knew that Nick was not easy to follow in St. David, but if he went to

someone else’s site, it would be hard to say. He couldn’t help but persuade

“Rapahel Lu, or just forget it.”

Even Rhonda frowned. , I didn’t expect the other party to have such an

identity. As soon as she was about to persuade Nick, she heard Anthony

say coldly “Have you heard? My dad is Neil. If you don’t want to die, let

go, otherwise you will get off the plane, I… “

He mentioned James again, and Nick raised his hand and slapped it

again, “Is Neil very strong? If he is so strong, why did you give birth to this


Although the strong dragon did not suppress the snake, Nick knew in his

heart. It’s very difficult. Neil wants to deal with him, but there are two

methods, one is to rely on the government to pressure him, and the other is

to let the underground forces do him.

He didn’t care about the first method. He believed that Neil would not be

able to do so, unless Neil knew his identity. As for the second method, he

didn’t care about it.

It just so happened that he was holding back his anger and daring to

provoke him. He didn’t mind the bloodbath overwhelming the entire

Darnell underground forces.

He was slapped again by Nick, and even more disdainfully turned into

rubbish. Anthony vomited blood, but he was indeed frightened by Nick,

staring at him and stopped talking.

At this moment, they finally alarmed the police. The two police officers

dared to come over and asked loudly, “What are you doing? Why don’t you

let go?” Nick released Anthony and slapped Anthony a few times. His

anger has also vented a little, and there is no need to care about him


Anthony complained to the police officer “He intentionally wounded

people. I remember that if you were right, he intentionally wounded people

on the plane and was disqualified from the flight.” The

police officer seemed to know Anthony. , This kid violated laws and

regulations, we will never spare him lightly.”

Anthony took the tissue that Jacinta handed over, wiped the bloodshot from

the corner of his mouth, and said coldly, “Boy, I won’t play with you after

getting off the plane. My surname is not Zhai.”

Nick sat back in his seat, closed his eyes and raised his mind, how could

he care about these innocuous threats.

When everyone saw Nick’s appearance, they all shook their heads.

This kid is so arrogant, he doesn’t even give face when the police arrive, he

is looking for death.

“Take out your ID card.” The policeman was also annoyed by Nick’s

arrogance, and said in a deep voice.

“Comrade, this is just a misunderstanding…” Milton excused Nick.

“Misunderstanding? Is the face swollen, or is it a misunderstanding? Such

people must be severely punished, or who would dare to take our

company’s flight in the future.” The policeman said coldly.

“I’ll talk about it when I get off the plane, don’t bother me to rest now.”

Nick slowly opened his eyes and looked at the policeman with cold eyes.

Seeing Nick’s cold eyes, the guard was shocked, and he nodded


Everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at this scene in disbelief.

The policeman reacted, but he didn’t know why, he was still a little worried

about Nick, what he wanted to say, and finally left in shock.

Rhonda looked at Nick silently, his eyes flickering, sometimes worried,

sometimes scared, sometimes regretful, as if there was something in his

heart that kept her fighting between heaven and man.

Anthony was not reconciled. He didn’t expect that the policemen were also

afraid of Nick, causing his anger to surge again.

“After getting off the plane, if I don’t kill him, my damn name will not be

Zhai!” Anthony said angrily after sitting down.

“If you don’t get this face back, I really despise you.” Jacinta said


She doesn’t like a weak and incompetent man.

Anthony mind startled, quickly said “Jacinta do not worry, got off the

plane, that is my site, even if he is a dragon, to my site, I have to give to


“Ah, that time do not Let me down. Let me help you too. He dare to hit you

on the plane. This matter can’t be left alone. I must let the airline cancel his

eligibility for the flight.” Jacinta nodded and said .

“But the policemen were scared away by him.” Anthony said in disbelief.

Jacinta smiled jokingly and said, “My dad and the captain are good friends.

When I get off the plane, I will call my dad to prepare that guy can’t get out

of the airport.”

“Really? That’s great, first disgusting. Click on that guy, and then I’ll call

someone to take him in.”

Anthony was immediately excited.

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